The Importance Of Having A Back Up Stick For Lacrosse

May 24, 2017
  Here at we sell lacrosse equipment, you know that.  So when we tell you that you are completely nuts to show up at practice or, even worse, to game day without a backup lacrosse stick, it isn't because we want to sell you more gear.  Even Paul Rabil mentions in the video above how important it is to have a back up stick at every game and every practice.  He carries three.  Take a look inside his game bag in the video above.   Don't let your fellow teammates down.  By showing up without a playable back up stick you could just be doing that.   What if  you snap a shaft on a great ride - now what?  What are you going to do if you bust a top-string in a draw control or ground ball?  You have to scour the sidelines and quickly find a stick to borrow, and botch the next fast break cause you whip your pass into the dirt.  Or the ball went the other way and is now headed at your goalkeepers off-hip at 92 MPH.  So listen up - here are  some of  the main reasons you NEED to have a backup lacrosse stick in your bag.   1) You practice way too hard to let something like a backup stick ruin your day, week or season.  Seriously, think about the time you put in.  Even if you buy a cheaper COMBO stick on SALE, you can string it up and use it enough to get you out of a pinch.   2) Your teammates practice way too hard to have you let them down.  Think of all the sprints, hard work and sacrifice your team puts in.  And then you skyball a clear because you were too lazy to dial up a backup? Come on – you owe the guys or girls on your team more than that.   3) Your parents and friends are watching.  Ok so this may be a little harsh, but why embarrass yourself.  They took the time and effort (and in most cases money) to get you there -  step up and play your best.  There really is no excuse for not being prepared.   complete   4) Any coach worth anything will bench you immediately for not being prepared.  Most big time programs REQUIRE you to be prepared.  No mouth guard, hit the pine.  No backup, sit down.  Be sure you are prepared so you can play the best you can, for every situation.   So check out these affordable backups and combos that will ensure that you will alway be prepared.  At the VERY least, dig up an old head and shaft and restring it with some quality stringing supplies just in case you get caught in a bind.  Something usually breaks in almost every game.  Don’t be that player looking around for a screwdriver when your middie-line is in the box.  Who knows, the kid that is prepared is gonna be in that box instead of you, and that may be their big shot.   Trust us - It’s not worth it.  Invest in a backup stick that will keep you on the field, since that is what you have worked so hard for!   To learn more about men's lacrosse equipment checkout these other blog posts:   Best Lacrosse Heads For Attack   Best Lacrosse Heads For Middies   Best Lacrosse Heads For Defense & LSM   Five Things You Need To Be Ready For Lacrosse Season     To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List: offers a wide variety of men’s lacrosse equipment for every players ability. If you have any questions about what might be for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855-255-5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability and position. Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there and you will also gain access to the newest gear as soon as it hits the market. See you on the fields! The Pro Staff Where Players Get Their Gear  

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