Top Women's Lacrosse Complete Sticks for 2020

Feb 3, 2020

Our top picks for the best women's complete lacrosse sticks for 2020.  But, here is the deal with women’s complete lacrosse sticks. PLAYING WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN A TOP END POCKET AFTER YOUR FIRST STARTER STICK PUTS FEMALE PLAYERS AT A SEVERE DISADVANTAGE AND SLOWS DOWN THEIR LEARNING CURVE!

The women’s game is changing rapidly and major advancements in pocket technology have made it easier than ever for advancing youth players to get their game to the next level quickly. If your player wants to advance in the game, she should not be playing with a starter stick, because of the advanced technology that is now available in complete sticks.  With the introduction of mesh pockets, younger players can now learn how to catch and shoot quicker and more precise. Also, the introduction of degree technology allows for higher powered shots, more accurate passes, and superior draw control.     

Here is our Pro's list of the top women's complete lacrosse sticks for 2020:

  1. Maverik Ascent Complete Stick With Mesh 

    If there ever was a head and shaft combo that bridged the gap between elite and advancing youth - it would be the Ascent. Advanced mesh pocket technology coupled with a bit wider design, and a 22 Degree Release Angle, makes it easier for players to catch and throw.  This is a great stick for any player looking to break into the mesh pocket & highest degree technology game.

    Maverik Ascent Complete Stick With Mesh

  3. Epoch Purpose 15 Degree Complete Stick With Ladder Pocket
  4. The Epoch Purpose is being seeded with some of the best collegiate and high school players in the nation. The Ladder pocket really whips the ball around nicely while still affording great control. The Purpose carbon lacrosse shaft is available in two diameters, to fit everyone's hands.

    Epoch Purpose 15 Degree Complete Stick With Ladder Pocket

  5. STX Crux 600
  6. The Crux 600 has been around for a couple of years and offers an elite level pocket for high school and collegiate players that want that softer, high pocket feel and the quick release of 10-degree technology. You will see the Crux 600 in the hands of more advanced youth, high school and collegiate players than any other stick because it was the first stick on the market with degree technology.

    STX Crux 600

  7. Gait Whip Complete Stick
  8. The Gait Whip is one of the most anticipated releases of the Gait brand. Our pros think the Curved Offset is one of the key features that sets this stick apart. The ball drops faster into the sweet spot than any other head, providing incredible feel, control, and power. The double-wall feature, debuted on the Gait Draw, keeps the channel narrow further adding additional control. You will leave the competition in the dust on ground balls with the new scoop shape and angle.

    Gait Whip Complete Stick

  9. ECD Infinity Complete Stick
  10. The ECD Lacrosse Infinity women's complete stick is an ELITE Setup and is made for a new generation of lacrosse players. ECD Lacrosse is a leader in making innovative products in men's lacrosse and this is their introduction into the women's game. This complete stick is made for the tough, the fierce, and the fearless and is one of our Pro's top picks for women's lacrosse sticks for 2020. This complete stick is made for players that want to push creativity and make other player's jaws drop. ECD spent the last two years developing this ELITE Setup. This complete stick features the Infinity head, a Venom Mesh Runner and the Infinity carbon fiber shaft. The ELITE Setup gives players the power, control and finesses they need to change the game. The Flex 5 in the high quality, insanely light carbon fiber lacrosse shaft provides a uniform kick point for power shots. The Infinity head features an aggressive lightweight design, a full offset, and a perfect launch angle giving you control and power like you have never felt. The Infinity lacrosse head was built for you to change the game! Our Pro's took this on the field for a test drive and simply ripped their shots. The mesh perfectly holds the ball in the sweet spot. This complete stick is perfect for advancing youth up to the elite level of play.

    ECD Infinity Complete Stick


  • STX Fortress 600
  • This is a specialty stick developed for easy ground balls and open field running and passing. Used by the collegiate and high school girls, this is a D-middy and defender's dream stick. Wider and more forgiving, but absolutely a ball hog in the right hands. Advanced and elite-level defensive players only, please.

  • Nike Lunar Fly Complete Stick
  • The Nike Lunar Fly women's complete lacrosse stick is one of the best complete sticks in the game that is strung with mesh. Our Pro's think this is best stick that Nike has to date.


The best women's lacrosse rail pockets and custom mesh stringing in the game is done at For two decades, the best high school and collegiate players in the nation have trusted us to custom string their sticks. We look at other companies backward knots, low pockets, and terrible release points and are amazed at how little these stringers know. If you are looking for the best and most experienced pockets and stringing in the game, trust to deliver. 

These are just a few of our picks. offers a wide variety of women's lacrosse complete sticks for every player's ability. If you have any questions about what might be right for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855-255-5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability and position.


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