Top Five Lacrosse Shafts of 2016

Jun 10, 2016, the lacrosse superstore, is always interested in educating our customers about the products that we sell. If you are new to the game, buying lacrosse equipment can be an overwhelming experience. Our Pros at do not want you to purchase the wrong equipment for your player, so we offer these recommendations if you are considering the purchase of a new men's/youth lacrosse shaft. Our Product Manger, Brandon Butler, will walk you through what we feel are the top five lacrosse shafts sold at These shafts were selected based on playability, technology advancement and purchase history. Here is the list: 1vandal

Nike Vandal Lacrosse Shaft Product Description

  The Nike Vandal shaft is built from high-strength 7075 series alloy for ultra-lightweight performance. Unique profile combines smooth edges and grooves for enhanced control and comfort. Mild sandblast texture offers great feel. Aggressive and bold design stands out from the crowd. 2metal

Stringking Metal Lacrosse Shaft Product Description

StringKing Metal is light. And when we say light, we mean light. This shaft was designed to play fast - really, really fast. And for this price point, you can't go wrong. It is only 130 grams and the lightest attack shaft on the market. It is designed for ultimate performance, giving players faster hands, quicker releases, and the confidence to play fast. This shaft is perfect for attack and midfield players. The metal feels great in your hands and has a non-uniform wall thickness allowing the shaft to be extremely light and still very durable. The Metal is made with custom high-grade Aluminum Alloy and manufactured with extremely tight tolerances to guarantee consistency in every shaft. Included with purchase: Metal shaft, Butt end, End cap, Lacrosse tape, Head screw. 3apollo

Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft Product Description

  Pure speed. The Apollo is the lightest shaft in the Maverik family weighing in at 6.oz and delivering maximum shot velocity. SHAPE: Speed Shape MATERIAL: Scandium-Titanium Alloy GRIP: Bead Blasted Finish TECHNOLOGY: DWT - Dynamic Wall Taper | ABE - Adjustable Butt-end 4surgeonscan

STX Surgeon Scandium Lacrosse Shaft Product Description

  The new STX Surgeon Scandium lacrosse shaft is amazing competition for the best selling Nike Vapor 2 attack shaft. Lightweight and unbelievably well prices, this scandium offering is perfect for advancing youth players up through high school elite. It can take a pounding but is light enough to be on the top of the list for advanced attackman. 5carbonpro

East Coast Dye Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shaft Product Description

The East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro is an elite composite lacrosse shaft. This new handle is the most technically advanced composite shaft in the Carbon line. Each Carbon Pro features kick point technology. Lacrosse Shafts are an essential part of the game and can effect a players ability to play. Have more questions? Please feel free to reach out to one of our Pro's at or call 855-255-5294. has an educated customer service team that wants to outfit your next lacrosse equipment purchase.

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