Top Five Men's Lacrosse Heads For Fall 2016

Nov 11, 2016
Here is a list of the top five men's lacrosse heads that your player may want. 1)        Nike CEO – you just can’t go wrong buying this head for an advanced youth or high school player.  Our #1 best-seller for three years running.  Do yourself a favor and get the custom ProStrung option in StringKing 3S or 3X or ECD Hero mesh.  Our Pro stringers have strung literally thousands of these and are trusted by some of the top collegiate guys in the nation because they deliver you a perfect, game ready pocket every time. NIKE CEO LACROSSE HEADS 2)       The all new East Coast Dyes Mirage – created by stringers, for players. The guys at East Coast Dyes had one of the most successful new head launches of the year with the Mirage. We love this all purpose head for advancing youth players that want dialed in accuracy and performance that will help get their game to the next level. A stiff and durable head, built to get through the season. ECD MIRAGE 3)       The new STX Stallion 700. If you are shopping for the collegiate or high school player that appreciates the best fit and finish in the game - look no further. This head will be used by the top offensive players in the nation this season. STX has simply dominated for the past four years and real players appreciate the simplistic, refined shape and performance of these new STX Stallion 700 heads. STX STALLION 700 4)       Maverik Tactik – between the STX Stallion 700 and the Maverik Tactik – the higher-end of men's lacrosse heads got a serious facelift in the last six months. The Maverik Tactik climbed our best-sellers list quickly and is a favorite among the middies and mid-pocket enthuasiasts. It’s all about the science - the scoop and offset line up perfectly to channel those step down shots like laser beams. Try one of these with Stringking 3X or Hero Striker mesh and get ready to rip. MAVERIK TACTIK LACROSSE HEAD 5)       Warrior Noz 2 Limited Edition – want the lightest head in the game for 5 years running? Top in the best-sellers list for four years running, known nationwide by all serious players that understand that plastic infused with air equals better ball handling and feel.  Attach this head on one of the new feather light weight shafts like the Maverik Hyperlite or a StringKing Metal 2 135 grams and you will have the lightest sword in the fight. NOZ 2 LACROSSE HEAD These are just a few of our picks. offers a wide variety of men's lacrosse heads for every players ability.  Be sure to check out the top-sellers list on the left hand side of the men's lacrosse heads page for all the latest and greatest, which is updated weekly. If you have any questions regarding the best men's lacrosse heads, old or new, and what is right for you or your player, give one of our Pro's a call at 855-255-5294.   Here is a tip.  Do yourself a favor and just get your head strung by one of the gurus here at Our Pro stringers have been trusted for over a decade by the top high school and collegiate players in the nation. If you want the real deal - look no further. We take our time and do it right so your head will come custom to your preferences and be game-ready upon delivery.   Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there and you will also gain access to the newest gear as soon as it hits the market.   See you on the fields! The Pro Staff Where Players Get Their Gear