Understanding The New Epoch Lacrosse Shaft Shape

Jan 10, 2017
What is the difference between the best-selling Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly 8 lacrosse shaft shapes, you may ask? The Dragonfly 8 series of shafts are the lightest ever produced by Epoch, and feature their “Torque Box 2” and “Reload” technology to maximize energy transfer during a pass or shot, and are the main reasons these handles are flying off the shelf. Equally important is the grip, and Epoch has options that let you pick which best fits your personal style of play. Let’s look at the makeup of the four shaft shapes and what type of grip and feel you can expect from these elite level lacrosse shafts.    

The four options for shape on the Epoch Dragonfly 8 lacrosse shaft are C, E, X and F.

  Epoch Dragonfly 8 Lacrosse Shapes  

The F Shape

Specifically designed for the face-off guys that love to use the motorcycle grip. It features a triangular shape and sharper angles near the head of the stick, creating a better feel and more surface area to generate torque and a powerful clamp. The shape here is designed to angle perfectly into your front knuckles, allowing you to get the full weight and force of a stalemate clamp to come out in your favor. You will see the signature grey business end of this shaft all over the best high school and collegiate teams this season. The bottom half of the shaft features the traditional concave “C” shape for when you win the draw and scoop up the ground ball, you can feed the point on the fast break or take it to the net yourself.   epoch Dragonfly 8 7 f30 lacrosse shaft  

The X Shape

This shape is designed for the outside shooters who want the most feel and grip. The Dragonfly 7 shafts naturally have a bit of a gritty feel to the carbon fiber, but this shape lends mostly to those who want the full force of their body and arm torque to follow into the shaft without any slippage. If you like finger-tip feel when you dodge or shoot this is your shaft.   epoch Dragonfly 8 7 x30 lacrosse shaft  

The E Shape

The E shape was designed with an ergonomic shape that fits well in the palm of your hand. It features an indentation on each side of the shaft as well as a having the topside of the shaft a bit wider than the underneath. This has the effect of seating the bigger, rounder edge into your palm and allowing your fingers and knuckles to wrap around the skinnier bottom rail. At the same time, your thumb will naturally find that long channel. This has a great feel when dodging one handed. Shifty hands.. speed dodgers with change of direction.. one handed drives.. this is your shaft.   epoch Dragonfly 8 7 e30 lacrosse shaft  

The C Shape

This is the most popular selling shape because it has a traditional concave geometry and makes for an easy transition for players who want to upgrade from their alloy handles. Epoch has changed the lacrosse industry with their Dragonfly C30 and with the new Dragonfly 7 technology, this is a must for your season. New for 2017, Epoch has introduced a refined C shape for their defense handles, the C60 and C60XL, allowing defenders to get a true C shape while getting the performance they love of a Dragonfly. No dings, no dents and backed by their industry best 1-year warranty. The Dragonfly 7 is a must for advanced players looking to upgrade their game this season.   epoch Dragonfly 8 7 c30 lacrosse shaft   So, that’s the scoop on one of the hottest names in lacrosse shaft technology right now. Be sure to pick up a friend’s Dragonfly on the sidelines soon and see what all the buzz is about. All of these Epoch shafts are sold at Lax.com for the GUARENTED LOWEST PRICES anywhere in lacrosse. If you need any help picking out the best shaft for your age, ability and skill level, just give us a ring and we will put you on with a collegiate all-american who can give you some excellent options. See you on the fields!   To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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