VKTRY Performance Insoles Used By Myles Jones

Feb 16, 2017
Our Pro’s at LAX.com could not believe this until they saw it, in person.  They thought, there is no way, an insert, in my lacrosse cleat, can possibly increase my athletic performance.  But they were wrong.  When they tried them, they jumped higher, ran faster and exploded from the standing broad jump.  The ​VKTRY Performance Insoles (aka VKs) are the world’s first carbon fiber insoles proven to help athletes run faster and jump higher, while reducing the chance of injuries. VKs are currently being used by athletes at over 65 college and pro teams. “Dodging defenders and being able to create separation is a big part of my game. VK Insoles help me to apply more force into the ground, making me more explosive. I also feel like I have more bounce and fresher legs late in the game because of VKs.”Myles Jones, 3X All-American and #1 overall pick of the MLL.  Watch what he has to say.   VKs were specially designed to increase ground force and energy return to the athlete. 3rd party testing has proven that VKTRY Insoles increase peak explosiveness by +12%, helping athletes improve their vertical by an average of +1.6" and their 40 time by up to 0.12 seconds.   How do VKs work? Most sports insoles are made from foam and plastic and provide virtually no energy return. VKs return energy back to the athlete because of the unique and patented shape, the full-length carbon fiber base, and the specially engineered construction. VKs are made in different degrees of flexibility (“Pro” Levels) based on athlete size (weight and foot size) in order to provide customized & optimized athletic performance. The harder you can push against the ground, the faster you can run, and the higher you can jump.   The heel-to-toe carbon fiber base also helps protect against injuries (like turf toe and plantar fasciitis) and aids in recovery. The comfortable foam top cover provides additional shock absorption.    
  • “The VK is the best combination of shock absorption and stability that I have ever seen. I have worn a lot of custom orthotics and none have felt as good as VKs.” - Gary Vitti, Head Trainer of the LA Lakers for 32 years.
  • “We keep players healthy and in the game with VKs.”LSU’s Athletic Trainer Jack Marucci, who has been testing VK Insoles across multiple sports for the last two years.
  • "The VK is truly the only insole I have ever seen bridge both performance improvement and injury protection." - Mike Barwis, Strength & Conditioning Expert, NY Mets
  VK’s come with a 30-day money-back guarantee – so absolutely no risk to try.  If you want to dodge defenders, explode down the field, and improve your performance, no question, these insoles, in a new pair of lacrosse cleats, can do that. Still not sure?  Talk to one of our Pro’s at 855.255.5294.    

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