Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Stick Review

Feb 21, 2017
The Evo Warp Next complete lacrosse stick is the most innovative beginner complete stick to ever hit the market.  The Warp Next stick has a Kevlar infused pocket is soft and consistent in most any weather.  Here are the three primary reasons that many coaches are really excited about this product and the growth of lacrosse.   Warrior Warp Next Complete   1) Consistency -  With the Evo Warp, the coaches can teach proper technique and the players can practice without the effect of having the pocket dictate how the player develops.  Every pocket is the same for every player… every single time.  This means that every shooting drill, every session on the pitch back and basically everything a new player does will be a function of their technique and not a function of the stick they are using.   2) Bad habits will immediately get flushed out and corrected!!  Because the pockets are all the same, players that consistently have issues will get flagged early.  Throwing to high, shooting underhand, one handed cradling will all get addressed with the Warp Next.  There is no hiding from these pockets and the accuracy and playability they deliver.   Evo Warp Complete Beginner   3) Price Point – for $100 you will be hard pressed to get a more durable starter stick.  The $30 and $40 models at the local lacrosse store and Big Box chains just can’t keep up.  If you want to get off to the right start, you need to get an Evo Warp or one of Lax.com’s Hand Crafted Complete Sticks ( only $85 )   So the Warrior Evo Warp will hit the ground running in 2017 and we already have serious youth programs lining up to buy these for training purposes.  If you have any questions, drop us a line at 855-255-5294 and we can get you answers to help your newer players succeed.   See you on the fields ~ Lax.com   STAY UP TO DATE WITH LAX.COM!

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