Lax.com is known for the fastest delivery in lacrosse! If you order by 2:00 PM EST, we ship that very same day. We provide tracking and delivery confirmation which can be accessed via your account page. Lax.com is located in Norwalk, CT, so if you live on the East coast, most packages are delivered to your doorstep the very next business day. If you live in South East or the Mid West you will typically receive your order in 2 business days. If you live on the West coast it is typically 4 business days. Helmets, bulky or heavy orders may take a little longer to the Midwest and West regions.

Lax.com offers many different forms of shipping options.  Our free shipping option is offered on orders within the continetal US.  This excludes goals, nets, balls.  Learn more about the other shipping options by clicking here

Simply add a unstrung head to your cart and then add a custom stringing option.  There will then be two items in your cart. Here are the options that we offer.

PREMIERE CUSTOM STRINGING is a one-on-one, personalized stringing experience unlike any other in lacrosse.  You may think you know how to string a head, or your friend on your team does a pretty good job... but you will never unleash the true potential of your game unless you get a setup that is specifically dialed to your ability, playing style and position. You can pick any mesh, any colors and any setup that you want.  Simply add an unstrung head to your cart and then add premier custom stringing.  Take your game to the next level!

The Lax.com Rewards Points Program lets you accumulate points with every purchase. Those points can then be redeemed for free gear!

• Every $1 spent = 1 Lax.com reward point earned.

• All lax points are accrued to a registered Lax.com account when the package has shipped.  You need to be logged into your account to accrue points. 

• Promo codes and Lax points can not be used in the same transaction.

• The number of points necessary to get an item for free is listed next to all of the individual products.

• Points can't be applied to one item in an order, they must be applied to the entire order. 

How To Place An Order Using Points: If you are trying to place an order and use your lax points you need to have enough points in your account to cover the whole value of every item that is in your cart, including shipping.  You also need to be logged into your account.  If you do qualify to use lax points on your order, you can do so at step 4 in the checkout process.  This is where you would normally enter your CC number.  There will be a box for you to check so you can apply the lax points towards your order. 

Our Return Policy:
Returns for new, unused products are never a problem at Lax.com.  Items must be in their original packaging, to be returned.  To learn more visit our shipping and returns page.

Our Exchange Policy:
Lax.com does not offer an exchange policy.  We suggest you follow the return policy steps for the items you wish to exchange and go to our home page to submit a new order for your new items.  That way your new items will arrive quickly and you can start using them right away. 

We have a state of the art showroom, at our warehouse, if you would like to check out some of the latest gear in lacrosse.  
345 Wilson Avenue (For GPS put in: 20 Sheehan Ave, Norwalk CT)
Norwalk, CT 06854
203-588-9861 (local)
855-255-5294 (toll free)
questions@lax.com (E-Commerce Questions)
teamsales@lax.com (Team Sale Questions)
To set up an appointment with a Pro email: questions@lax.com.
Showroom Hours:
M/F - 8:30AM - 5PM
We are open on the weekends during season.  If you need something from our showroom we are happy to assist you.  Just email questions@lax.com and we can assist.  

Lax.com has agreements with all of its manufacturers to take care of any warranty issues directly with any of our customers. If the product you purchased breaks or is defective you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for a replacement. Learn more about warranties and how they work.

Here is a general sizing chart for pads and gloves:

  • XS = Under the age of 5, under 80lbs, glove size 8"
  • S = Ages 6 to 8, 81 - 105lbs, glove size 10"
  • M = Ages 9 - 13, 106 - 150lbs, glove size 12"
  • L = Ages 14+, 151+ lbs, glove size 13"