3 Tips From Our Pros About How To String A Lacrosse Head

Oct 6, 2017
lacrosse stringing tips from east coast dyes ecd  

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  Our Pro Stringers at Lax.com’s have this professional advice so that your lacrosse stick is strung like a Pro.  They offer these tips as part of their elite level stringing tips that will dial your pocket down in the same way they string lacrosse heads up for the best high school and collegiate players in the nation.  Use these three simple tips to make a BIG difference in that way your pocket will perform, come game time.  
    1) It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that your shooting strings are laying TOTALLY FLAT against your mesh for a smooth consistent release.  The shooters are the last piece of the pocket to get strung, and we see so many novices just whipping through the final stage and not taking the proper time to have those shooters un-twisted and flat against the mesh!   Shooting string Lacrosse Stringing tip   2) The tension of your shooting strings is crucial.  Keeping the tension in this part of the head somewhat loose for the best release.  As we discussed before, the best shooters setup is 2 shooter and 1 nylon at the top.  The looser the shooters the more whip and power generated from the later release.   3) The top string where the mesh meets the head - tie this first and make it as tight as possible without warping the head. The top string acts as the spine to the pocket.  A tight top string, tied correctly, will maintain durability and accuracy.  It also greatly eliminates the need to alter your pocket over time.   Top String Lacrosse Stringing tip   Add these three simple tips to your growing arsenal of "how to a lacrosse head", like the Pros at Lax.com.  Here at Lax.com, most of the best players in the country opt for East Coast Dyes mesh over all others.  We dropped a few of the other manufacturers along the way as a result.  Be sure to tune into our live stringing tutorials on our Lax.com Instagram account on Friday afternoons around 3PM EST.  We provide live stringing tips and offer giveaways.  Feel free to call us anytime, 855-255-5294, if you need advice on which mesh is best for you age, ability and position.  We have the FASTEST SHIPPING IN LACROSSE as well as the LOWEST GUARANTEED PRICES.  See you on the fields – Lax.com is Where REAL PLAYERS Get Their Gear    
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