Best Lacrosse Shafts For Midfielders

Sep 8, 2017
The best lacrosse shaft for a midfielder, or middies, may differ a bit by age, but needs to be a tough all-field performer that can both shoot on the run, pile through ground balls and cross-check someone down the ally.  While offensive players opt for the lightest weights, the best of high school and college players know that they simply need more strength to play their position correctly.  

Here is the list of best lacrosse shafts for midfield players, which will be sorted by age and specialty:


  We will start with the college level shafts first.  These are the strongest of the bunch and include three carbon lacrosse shaft options that can take the heat that the big boys put on them.   Maverik Union – Weighing in at 6 ounces,  the Union is the workhorse of the Maverik lacrosse shaft line.  Sturdy pipe that hits hard and takes abuse.  This is really designed for defensive middies or guys big enough that they really don’t care about an extra ounce of weight.  $139 and a favorite with the bigger college guys.   STX Stallion Sc-Ti Ocs – 5.6 ounces and sturdy enough for the biggest names in college lacrosse.  This is what all the STX teams will be using this season.  Initial reviews coming back are very good.  Our Pro's like the balance and feel - sturdy enough to receive and most importantly, deliver big hits. $119   Epoch Dragonfly 8 shafts – The king of all carbon technology.  Best sellers for guys in the know.  Choose the Epoch lacrosse shaft that has a flex point 5 (called iQ5) if you are collegiate level.  Favored by shoot on the run guys looking for that extra few MPH from the carbon loading up on release.  (Coming Soon!)  
  The best shafts for high school middies are a bit lighter and offensive minded but can still hold up at the high levels of play.   East Coast Dyes Carbon PRO – New last year and at $139 it was our best seller the entire season.  Under 5 oz. and boasting exceptional stiffness that wont twist on shots.  This keeps the ball on target.  Slightly gritty grip keeps the tape weight down.  No changes this year - it’s a winner - will be a best seller again for sure.   Maverik Blank – These are the value minded, no frills, let your play do the talking lacrosse shafts.  This is a tougher version of the blank metal shafts that came out from smaller manufacturers two years back.  These are stronger and come with the patented ABE  - Adjustable Butt End.  Maverik is dominating the shaft market while other ancillary manufacturers have metal shafts snapping all over the place.  $104   Maverik Apollo – at $119 these basically fall between the Blank and the Carbon.  If you are a bigger high school player and want just a little less than the Union, get the Apollo.  No frills graphics, 5.3 oz, smooth finish and ABE.  This also has the Maverik speed shape (see below) more grip for guys who like their thumbs to rest in that groove.   Nike Vapor Elite 2 – the lightest of the high school choices that is still tough enough to give offensive minded players confidence.  Remember those Gait Ice shafts that guys would by 2 or 3 of for the season.  Same concept, but a bit stronger.  Feels paper light in your hands – offensive minded shaft. 5 oz. $109   STX Alliance VFT – a new carbon member of the STX team that also really belongs in the collegiate list.  We put this in the hands of our fastest shooter here at world HQ.  Very impressive.  This guy is an All-America player and he simply said “I’m keeping this.”  No one really argued.  The thing just loads up and the snaps balls out like no other.  If you shoot over 85 MPH you will be saying the same thing!  (Coming Soon!)  
  The best of the rest.  These shafts are all high school worthy of elite players as well but are more specialized for ultralight weight and for players still shooting under 90 MPH.   Maverik Hyperlite Grit Grip – 4.8 ounces – Light with a sandy grip.  Players will sacrifice some strength for the lightest on the market. Hyperlite-grit   Maverik Hyperlite Matte Grip – 4.8 ounces – Lightest hollow carbon lacrosse shaft on the market with a smooth grip. Hyperlite-grit   Nike Vapor Carbon  $100 -  NEW! Textured and flex – Shooting 70MPH plus is the sweet spot. Nike-Vapor-Carbon-Composite
  The best lacrosse shafts for middies list is really the best of the best for the sport of lacrosse this season.  Other blogs you might be interested in:   Will My Lacrosse Head Fit On Any Lacrosse Shaft   The Difference Between Composite And Metal Lacrosse Shafts   If you have any questions regarding which lacrosse shaft is right for your player, give us a call at 855-255-5294 and speak to a real pro that can help.  Also be sure to check out the mobile app.  We post amazing deals here, and once you load in your contact information, you can check out lightning fast and get access to some amazing deals FIRST!  See you on the fields.     To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List: - Where Players Get Their Gear 855.2555294 Lowest Prices - Guaranteed Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50