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The Difference Between Composite and Metal Lacrosse Shafts

September 9, 2016

As a lacrosse player you might ask, which is better – a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft of a metal lacrosse shaft? Watch our Product Manager, Brandon Butler break down the main points of difference between your typical metal lacrosse shaft and a composite lacrosse shaft.





First of all, lets break down the carbon composite lacrosse handle market.  The majority of these handles are advanced carbon fiber technology that deliver a superior strength to weight ratio and can perform in almost any weather condition.  The biggest players in the carbon composite lacrosse shaft market and have hit our best sellers list are:


Epoch Lacrosse

Epoch Dragonfly 8 best carbon composite lacrosse shaft

Offers the pinnacle in carbon lacrosse shafts.  The new Dragonfly 8 series out Now! Epoch is one of our best selling Carbon Composite Shafts and has the best technology. Players hooting over 85 MPH should choose IQ5 flex and other players should have the IQ9. The “C” shape is the most popular.comes


East Coast Dyes

ecd carbon pro best composite lacrosse shaft

ECD Lacrosse and their extensive carbon shaft varieties are top choices for high school players.


Maverik Hyperlite Series

Maverik hyperlite grit carbon composite best lacrosse shaft
Maverik hyperlite matte carbon composite best lacrosse shaft
The hottest selling carbon shaft release of 2018 sold in GRIT GRIP or SMOOTH MATTE FINISH.


STX Alliance VFT

STX Alliance VFT Best Carbon composite Lacrosse Shaft
The choice of most of the big STX collegiate teams. Step down shooting power with little to no wobble in the shaft.


Why a carbon composite shaft?  All carbon composite shafts provide the ability to “reload energy” as you shoot the ball.  Essentially, the shaft flexes with the ball in the head when you start your shooting motion, and then this power is delivered into the speed of the release as the ball comes out.  The good news is that with the right flex, you will shoot the ball harder, the bad news is that you may sacrifice some accuracy as the shaft snaps back. Carbon shafts are primarily favored by step down middies that want that extra few MPH blow by power when shooting from the outside.  They are gonna put the ball on cage, and let the sheer speed of their shots overpower the goalie.


Carbon composite shafts come in different flex points and your ability to shoot the ball certain speeds will determine how stiff you may want your shaft.  If you are not shooting fast enough to flex the shaft you are using properly, then you are not utilizing the technology.  If you shoot too fast, and overpower the shaft, you will see a definite drop in accuracy as you have over flexed the shaft and it will get a bit wild on the snap back.


One of the other huge advantages of most carbon shafts is that they have a natural, fine grainy texture.  This means that tape weight can be eliminated as most of them have just enough grip to give you that feel on the stick in wet weather or if your hands are sweaty. The exception to the rule here is the Maverik Hyperlite Matte Grip, which is coated with a special finish to make the shaft as smooth as silk.



Metal lacrosse shafts come in 4 basic configurations with regards to their mixtures of metals.








Krypto Alloy



The manufacturers essentially mix many of these metals together to achieve different strength to weight ratios, as well as price points.  The shafts that have the most expensive materials, like titanium and scandium, deliver the best in class weight and strength that elite level players demand.  Some of the other aluminum mixes come out a bit heavier, and are suitable for newer players who don’t want to make that big investment yet.


As a general rule of thumb… ask any coach or serious player… and they will advise you to get the LIGHTEST POSSIBLE SHAFT YOU CAN AFFORD THAT WILL STAND UP TO THE LEVEL OF PLAY FOR YOUR AGE AND ABILITY.


This rule holds mostly true for those advancing youth players.  You want the entire stick to be as light as possible to foster easier ball handling… and that always starts with the shaft.  The good news is that in recent years, many manufacturers have come out with a host of ultra-light shafts that won’t break the bank.  Here is the short list of the 5 best lacrosse shafts for advancing youth players.



Maverik A1 Best Metal lacrosse shaft
$94 – The best of the best of youth shafts.  Only 5 oz. With a slightly sandy finish. Ultra light and perfect for offensive players.


Nike Vandal Lacrosse Shaft

Nike Vandal Best Metal Lacrosse Shaft

$70 – Comes in a wide variety of colors


Maverik Mission Blank Shaft

maverik mission blank best metal lacrosse shaft
$104 – Offered in black, silver and grey


STX Surgeon Scandium

stx surgeon scandium best metal lacrosse shaft
No frills graphics let their play do the talking. STX is known for the lightest and most durable shafts on the market.


Warrior Burn Pro

warrior burn best lacrosse metal shaft
Kryptolyte technology is a mix of metals that has made Warrior a top name for years. The Burn series come sin at just over 5 oz. And is a great choice for advancing youth players at the price point.


So the question is carbon or metal?  Here at we believe that most advancing youth players will benefit from the light-weight consistency of metal shafts.  Once you start to shoot over 80 MPH, its time to explore carbon and see if it fits your game.  Most defensive players opt for the strength and stiffness of metal, but those who tend to bend a lot of metal poles will revert to carbon as it it does not bend, it only snaps.

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