Lowest Price Guarantee



Everyone in lacrosse knows that LAX.com has been committed to providing the best prices on the latest and greatest lacrosse gear for over two decades - guaranteed.


To see if an item qualifies for our lowest price guarantee, simply send the URL from the competitors website to questions@lax.com.  At that point the item will be reviewed by our purchasing manager to see if it qualifies for the price match*.  If it does, you will receive an email back from us stating that we have verified the item and you will receive the price match, plus an additional 10% off of the lower price.  At that point, simply place your order, then send your order number to questions@lax.com and we will issue a credit to the form of payment used for purchase within 72 hours.  No other discounts can be applied once a price has been approved.  We can not combine discount codes with a price match.

As an example if Lax.com is selling an item for $100 and a competitor is selling the exact same item for $90, we would price match and give an additional 10% off of the $90, or $9.  So the purchase price would be $81 and you would receive a $19 credit.  ($100 - $81 = $19 credit)


If you have any questions regarding our pricing or would like further knowledge or assistance regarding any of our products, please feel free to call us 855-255-5294, or send an email to questions@lax.com.


*Lacrosse Balls are excluded from the price match guarantee due to supply chain and shipping price increases. ***Used items on other sites, eBay, SidelineSwap and similar auction sites are not eligible. LAX.com reserves the right to verify the validity of any vendor before refunding money.  The vendor must be an authorized dealer of lacrosse equipment. We don't match prices on Amazon. The item must be exactly the same, other sites lisitng outdated versions, models or graphics are not eligible. We only sell the latest and greatest. Otherwise... we mark the items as 'Clearance' and drop the prices to give you the greatest deals!