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The flexible Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Pro lacrosse turf shoes lets you move comfortably on the field. Flywire cables help stabilize your foot, and a rubber outsole provides traction on a variety of surfaces.
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New Balance
The New Balance Freeze 2.0 LX Turf Shoes are now available and they are gamechangers. For players who love playing in turf shoes, these are at the top turfs available. The New Balance Freeze cleats have been one of our best sellers since the original models were released, the 2.0s were ven better, and now New Balance has built these awesome turf shoes. What our Pros really love about these turf shoes are the nubby outsoles that they are built with, as they provide amazing traction regardless of turf type. Whether you are playing on an older, carpet style turf, or newer field turf, the Freeze 2.0 Turf Shoes help give you the tractaion needed to play at your best. To go along with world class traction, the support and comfort on the New Balance Turf Shoes are unrivaled. The Fresh foam midsole gives players underfoot cushioning that is our pros among all the footwear that we offer. New Balance incorporated a new style of bootie construction to go along with an updated elastic heel when designing these turfs. The combination of the newbootie construction and the improved heel really help your foot stay in place and not move around when playing.NEW BALANCE FREEZE 2.0 LX BOX TURF SHOES NEW BALANCE FREEZE 2.0 FIELD CLEATS
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