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All new women's lacrosse helmets have been mandated in Florida and we expect many other states to follow shortly. The Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Helmet is a holistic girl's headgear solution with an integrated goggle that meets the new ASTM standard for goggles and headgear. This women's lacrosse helmet was specifically designed for the girls lacrosse game by Cascade. This women's lacrosse helmet offers a customizable fit system, and has a lightweight, ventilated design that makes it easy to increase the level of protected on the field. To learn more about women's lacrosse helmets and headgear read our blog post.At the moment there are only the basic color patterns available from Cascade for these girl's helmets. We expect them to have the ability to be customized at a point in the future when they can catch up with demand.
New to the scene is the Hummingbird women's lacrosse helmet. These are soft shelled girl's helmets that are not incorporated with a goggle. The stand alone helmets have a one size fits all adjustment mechanism in the back which dials up and down to size. Hummingbird is ASTM approved and the company utilizes Windpact's Crash Cloud Technology.LEARN MORE: HUMMINGBIRD TECHNOLOGY WEBSITEWe are already seeing teams on Long Island wearing these and expect more and more girls to start wearing head protection this season. These helmets have 18 separate vents and a pony tail opening for maximum comfort. The company states that sizing is as follows: Small/Medium andndash; fits head size 18-21.5andPrime; , Large andndash; fits head size 21.5andPrime; and up.