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We only buy the best stuff...this is the best lacrosse tape in the game. Wide and strong.. rips well and good solid hold. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the big box junk and stuff they sell at the local lacrosse store... we only buy from the best hockey tape distributor in the good old U.S. of A. If you want to save 50 cents and be running around with junk... we are not your guys.
... Prime Tape
Getting the perfect grip is an important part of every lacrosse player’s game. However, if you’re into the ½” knob at the top or a candy cane design that would make Santa Claus proud, you’ve probably run into the problem of having to split a perfectly good roll of tape in half to make it happen.
MWrap Pre Taping Foam<div class="item image-zoom"><a href=""> <img alt="Need Help? Complete Lacrosse Guide And Sizing Chart" src="" title="Need Help? Complete Lacrosse Guide And Sizing Chart" width="100%" /></a></div>
Lacrosse tape pre-wrap that is used by most every trainer in the game on ankles, hammy and quads. Basically if there is hair anywhere near by, this goes on first to form a base before you put on the athletic tape. This is the good stuff that the pros use... not the economy stuff that tears all the time.
Shock Doctor Core Pre Wrap 2ct
Shock Doctor Kinesiology Tape is the good stuff used by professional athletes to support tired or strained muscles. You will see this stuff all over pro athletes when the hit the locker rooms. Used by college and high school trainers everywhere. Shock Doctor is the good quality tape.. not the cheap stuff that tears.