Warranty Disclaimer:

LAX.com has agreements with all of its manufacturers to take care of any warranty issues directly with any of our customers. If the product you purchased breaks or is defective you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for a replacement. Let them know you made your purchase from LAX.com and what happened.  As long as the product is under warranty, an exchange should not be a problem. Most manufacturers request an original receipt, we can provide this for you! Here are some links and phone numbers to the manufacturers we work with:

Bow Net: 866.950.6387

Brine: http://brine.com/warranty-and-returns/ or contact by phone 800.227.2722

CascadeAll Cascade  men’s and women’s helmets carry a 1 year warranty. Cascade Eyewear carries a 2 year warranty. If your Cascade Lacrosse product is under warranty you can contact Customer Service at 1-800-537-1702,   or send your request to helmets@cascadehelmets.com,  to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number.  All returns must be issued an RA number to be received and processed. To obtain an RA number you will need the serial number from the helmet so please remember to have your helmet and/or receipt nearby when you call.  The serial number can be found under the left ear pad. If your Cascade product is outside of warranty, it is likely you should contact a certified reconditioner.  A list of approved reconditioners can be furnished upon request. 

Debeer: http://www.debeerlacrosse.com/products/warranty.php

ECD Lacrosse :  Vist https://ecdlax.com/pages/warranty or contact sales@ECDLAX.com.

Epoch: Email warranty@epochlacrosse.com or https://www.epochlacrosse.com/warranty/

Gait: Does not allow defective/warrantied items to be shipped back to retailers.  All broken or defective items within the warrantied timeframe need to be sent back to their customer service department. Contact phone: 800.833.3535

Gait: http://gaitlaxofficial.com/warranty/

Maverik: All Maverik heads and shafts carry a 6-month warranty and all Maverik protective, bags, and apparel, carries a 30-day warranty. If your Maverik Lacrosse product is under warranty  you can contact Customer Service at 1-800-537-1702,  or send your request to customerservice@cascademaverik.com, to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number.  All returns must be issued an RA number to be received and processed. To obtain an RA number you will need proof of date of purchase so please remember to have your receipt nearby when you call. 


Nike/STX:  STX has a warranty period of 60 days from the date of purchase. For R&D purposes STX/Nike has asked that our customers return the broken equipment back to them directly and they will replace it to you. STX will nee the receipt to issue the claim. https://www.stx.com/static/frontend/Gauge/stx/en_US/Gauge_LegalWarrantyPage/documents/STX_Consumer_Warranty_Lacrosse_and_Field_Hockey_UPDATED-4_26.pdf

Nike Footwear1-800-379-6453. Support is available 5am – 10pm PT 7 days a week

Rage Cage: 410.672.0282

Shock Doctor: 800.233.6956

StringKinghttps://stringking.com/support/warranty/ Contact us at returns@stringking.com or (310) 795-4424 

Tapout Mouthguard: 402.884.7600

Under Armour:  http://underarmour.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1211/~/u.s.-return-%26-exchange-policy

Warrior: 800.968.7845 or https://www.warrior.com/customer-service-returns-warranty.html

All items purchased from LAX.com are accompanied by a manufacturer warranty, unless indicated otherwise. You acknowledge that any warranty in connection with all products or services offered on our site is solely provided by the manufacturer or supplier of that product or service.There are no cash or credit refunds for items covered under the manufacturer's warranties. This covers most heads, shafts and pads.  All warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer, not LAX.com.There is no exchange or swapping of items under the manufacturers warranty.  If you want something else, please contact the manufacturer directly.  We can not swap items on their behalf.  Only the manufacturer can do that.There is no warranty for items sold under closeout sales or special discount sales.  Most of these items will not be available for replacement and the manufacturer will not warranty them.Let us know if you have any further questions about your warranty item.