How To String A Face-Off STX Duel Lacrosse Head

Nov 20, 2017
lacrosse stringing tips from east coast dyes ecd The STX Duel remains the best face-off head in lacrosse for 2018.  From collegiate levels, where the Duel is the #1 best seller, right down to the youth game, the technology in the STX Duel gives you a definitive advantage at the X.  The biggest technological design advantage of the STX Duel face-off lacrosse head is the ability to get your top hand closer to the ball than your opponent.  STX stripped down the plastic in the throat and uses a two and three screw fastening system to anchor the head to the shaft.   STX Duel Best Face off Lacrosse Head   STX has also recently released the new Duel Enduraform Head. This is a limited edition release, only 500 produced, and is specifically designed for faceoffs in warmer weather or extreme cold as the plastic composition is more uniform than the original Duel. The STX marking at the top of the head in RED denotes that you are using the Enduraform version. Many collegiate guys are asking for these for the beginning and end of their seasons as the conditions where they play can change dramatically between the start and end of the season and how they travel. If you are really serious about your FOGO game, you will get one as back-up or go to for when the conditions dictate a little more consistency in flex and performance.   Duel Enduraform Lacrosse head Face off   The second advantage does not come from the manufacturer - it’s’s knowledge from All-American stringer Brandon Butler.  Watch his tips and tricks in the video below.  

Important takeaways.

String the STX Duel lacrosse head with little to no whip. This is better for ground balls and quick passing after the face-off.   Use a quality mesh like East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 Semi Soft   Put the 9 diamonds side of the mesh at the scoop   Use the exact knot pattern below for a mid-low pocket.   THE KNOTS NEED TO GO ON THE INSIDE OF THE HEAD - THIS WILL GRAB THE BALL BETTER DURING THE PINCH, POP & CLAMP!   Use shooters for the bottom string and 2nd top strings which provides better pocket placement.

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