STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Protective Padding Line

Oct 3, 2017
The STX Cell 4 protective lacrosse padding line will provide dependable and affordable protection with some of the best technology in the game -  all with that soft, supple and flexible platform that has made this lacrosse padding line a best seller in lacrosse time and time again.  Let’s check out this lacrosse protective padding line.   STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Protective Pads    

STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Gloves

  The first thing we noticed was the lower profile cuff that STX put on these gloves.  Slipping them on, there is that same, signature, broken-in feel right off the bat.  The new cuff lets you roll your wrist back even further for maximum mobility.  The palm here is one of the best in collegiate lacrosse.  Great control and feel through the suede and good breathability throughout.  The biggest story here, as always, is the protection.  As many of the other manufacturers have gone towards super tight fitting, slimmer models, STX has kept it soft and mobile, but very, very protective. Built for players that want the combination of best feel and the confidence that their glove is going to work as hard as they do.  Priced at $149 these are our highest quality youth, high school and collegiate glove.   STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Gloves    

STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Arm Guards

  These attack arm guards are recommend for any youth player up through high school.  If you are younger, you need the protection of a good arm guard as you progress. The high school and college guys already know all about the STX Cell arm guard lines -  they are simply the best in the game.  Sold in three sizes, the arm guard has a free floating plastic elbow cap and high tricep protection that offensive players want.  Interior rubber patches keep the pad high on the arm when it starts to get sweaty. Priced at $99 these are best in class and ready for play at all levels and ages.   STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Arm Gaurd    

STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Arm Pads

  The STX Cell arm pads are recommended for upper level middies and younger defenseman that want all the protection, but are willing to cut down on the length and bulk of arm guards.  These do not have the plastic cap and allow greater mobility, especially for guys who are mostly shooting on the run.  You will see these and the older Cell 3 pads on most every single field in the nation.  At $79 these pads are durable, can be used for years and are the perfect LSM, midfield and youth defender pad.   STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Arm Pads    

STX Cell 4  Lacrosse Elbow Pads

  Turn on the TV on Saturday and you don’t have to look any further.  Pretty much every single big program collegiate defender is wearing these elbow pads. Same in high school. Low profile, comfortable, flexible and protective.  $49 gets you the best of the best.  These pads are also worn everywhere by youth goalies that are required to have elbow pads.  They are the most flexible and comfortable in the game.   STX Cell 4 Lacrosse elbow pads    

STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

  The best part of the Cell 4 shoulder pads are the flex zones - there are lots of them.  Unlike others, these pads have multiple hinge points that are put together with flexible straps that allow the pad to move when your body does.  No riding up in the throat, no twisting against your shoulder and neck. These pads stay where they are supposed to.  The Cell 4 shoulder pads are our #1 best recommendation for any position in youth lacrosse.  Soft, protective and mobile!  That’s why these hit the top of the best sellers list every year.  At $129 we realize these are an investment, but there really is no better pad out there in our opinion.   STX Cell 4 Lacrosse shoulder pads    

STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Liners

  These shoulder pad liners are designed for high school and collegiate players who want to free up the arms and strip down the bulk… without totally sacrificing protection. For a while it was deemed “cool” to be taking field in the smallest, skimpiest pads possible.  What was not cool was getting so banged up you had to miss games or couldn’t play well because you were so sore that you could barely move. With the lighter and stronger D poles on the market, the older guys are looking for more protection, so if you wanna be a tough guy, look somewhere else.  These are the go to pad for most of the collegiate middies and D poles in the nation.  $109   STX Cell 4 Lacrosse shoulder pads liner

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