Shooting in Tight with Taylor Cummings

Dec 15, 2018

Women's lacrosse training video featuring Taylor Cummings.  Shooting in tight, especially when coming from up top, is one of the most important skills to master in women's lacrosse. With not a lot of time to react, having a quick and accurate release is imperative. UA athlete, 3x Tewarraton award winner, and US lacrosse star Taylor Cummings has three tips to help master this important practice. Check out her latest video with and be sure to check out Taylor's new YouTube channel below to see more of Taylor in action!

improving your lacrosse shot in tight for women

How To Improve Your Shot When You Get In Tight To The Goal

  1. Bring Your Stick With-In Your Shoulders

    When you get in tight to the goal there is going to be a lot of traffic. So move your stick within your shouders, close to your face, to help protect it from being checked by defenders.

  2. Keep Your Elbows Out

    Even though you are moving your stick inside your shoulders, remember to keep your elbows wide. This helps give you space to operate, follow thru and generate more power on your shot.

  3. Remember To Follow Thru

    Just like shooting on the run, your follow thru dictates where the ball is going to go. Snap your wrist and follow thru low for a nice low shot or end high aiming for that top corner.

under armour gloury complete lacrosse stick


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