Dodging Tips With Taylor Cummings

Dec 23, 2018

As one of the top players in the history of lacrosse, three-time Tewaaraton winner and Under Armour athlete Taylor Cummings has mastered many parts of the game, including one of her favorites, dodging. In's latest video with Taylor Cummings and Under Armor lacrosse, Taylor goes over her tips to be an effective dodger in women's lacrosse.

womens lacrosse dodging tips

Three Tips To Improve your Dodging In Lacrosse

  1. Focus on Spacing

    Don't try to dodge too early or too close to your opponent. Taylor suggests starting your dodge about 1-2 feet away from your defender. This way you don't give too much time and space for the other player to react and gives you just enough room to safely execute the move while avoiding contact.

  2. Pick One Effective Dodge and Commit

    She also suggests picking one dodge and doing it hard. Don't waste your time trying to juke the socks off of your defender. Pick any move; split dodge, face dodge, stutter step, or roll dodge and fully commit. That will help you quickly get by your defender and score.

  3. Accelerate After Dodge

    You do not want to approach the defender, dodge, and end at the same speed because it allows your opponent to catch up. Wait until a step after your dodge and explode toward the goal, turning your back to the defender cutting off their angle to help protect your stick.

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