The Difference Between Ten Degree and Straight Women's Lacrosse Shafts

Apr 5, 2017
The Difference Between Women's Lacrosse Shafts -  10 Degree vs. Straight   So what is 10 Degree technology and why has it become the high school and collegiate standard in women’s lacrosse?  10 Degree refers to a sharp 10-degree bend in the angle of the shaft where it fits on to a women’s lacrosse head.  ( NOTE: ONLY 10 DEGREE SHAFTS WILL FIT ON 10 DEGREE HEADS AND VICE VERSA ) This has the effect of tilting the head slightly backwards.  When a ball is then placed in the head, the ball will naturally roll to a “sweet spot” up towards the scoop/top of the head where it nestles against the top throw strings.   The 10 Degree sweet spot is also where the ball naturally ends up when the player is cradling, as opposed to the ball being carried much lower in the pocket by the throat of the shaft, which is the case with a straight stick.  Essentially 10 Degree technology moves the ball up in the women’s pocket and straight technology holds the ball much lower in the pocket.  So why is this important and what is the difference?   When more advanced players are dodging, feeding and shooting - they want the quickest release possible. Also, newer players will immediately feel the difference in these softer, 10 Degree pockets as their game develops.  So the ball sitting up in the top of the pocket, right against the throw strings allows players to simply flick their wrists and get the ball out much quicker and faster than having the ball travel all the way up the runway of a straight pocket and then releasing.  This small adjustment has literally changed the game of women’s lacrosse in the last 3 years.   Because of this technology, the college and high school girls have nearly as much control as the boys do.  The 10 Degree technology in women's lacrosse shafts and heads has dramatically increased shot speeds, decreased the time it takes to get the ball out of the pocket and allowed the girls to dodge and move through traffic like the boys.  Just look on most any high school or collegiate fields and you will see STX 10 Degree sticks being carried by 80%-90% of the players.   For advancing youth, it is this simple, if you are playing without 10 Degree technology you are at a SEVERE disadvantage to the other girls.  There really is no middle ground.  The good news is that once you invest in one of these sticks, newer players usually get 2 full seasons of play before they need a new one.  Buying a cheaper complete stick may save you $30-$40 today, but your player will certainly thank you later if you get 10 Degree technology to start with.   A younger players skills will develop much,  much faster when the ball is seated higher in that softer, more forgiving, yet faster pocket.   The best options for 10 Degree Technology Complete Sticks are as follows:   STX Crux 600 – This is the best seller out of all the 10 Degree technology complete sticks.  Perfect all around shape used by high school, collegiate and youth players in all positions.  You really can not go wrong with this complete women's lacrosse stick.  -  $219 STX Fortress 600 – This is a wider version of the above and specially designed for defensive high school and collegiate specialists.  Easier ground balls and quick clears, yet less accurate on close in shots  -  $179 STX Exult 500  – This is most narrow of the three and designed specifically for attack minded players that want the fastest shooting and most accurate stick on the market.  Simply lethal when used by those advanced level offensive ladies that really know what they are doing  - $189   Nike Lunar Elite – actually made by STX for Nike, these pockets are slightly firmer and favoured by those women that like to feel the ball rolling out of the pocket a bit more.  Not as much of a sweet spot up under those throw strings.  (personal preference really) $159   We know that the 10 Degree technology complete lacrosse shafts are almost double the prices of the other women’s complete stick options - but they are worth it.  If you have a 1st to 3rd-year player,  but your still not sure if they are ready to make the jump up to the next level, there are a few options available to upgrade their beginner sticks and not break the bank. STX Crux 300 Complete Stick – soft pocket, the most forgiving straight stick out there and designed for any offensive player.  - $109 STX Fortress 300 Complete Stick – a little wider, designed for the more defensive minded player who loves to eat up the ground balls.  - $89 If you have any questions about women's complete lacrosse sticks, give one of our collegiate pros a call at 855.255.5294 or email us a Also, be sure to download the free mobile app. We offer some amazing deals and you will have access or our everyday specials like free shipping on most heads. Where Players Get Their Gear 855.255.5294         To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:

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