The New STX Crux 600 Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick

May 22, 2017

The STX Crux 600 women's complete lacrosse stick is the best women’s complete stick on the market for advanced youth, high school and collegiate players that understand the distinct advantage that 10 degree technology affords them. The STX Crux 600 complete lacrosse stick is redesigned on the heels of the stick that literally changed the women’s game of lacrosse for good, the STX Crux 500. Basically, the ball control shot speeds and release times on these heads with 10 degree technology have made the girls game just as fast, if not faster than the boys.  

10 degree technology, boasts a softer pocket style with a runner that holds the ball much higher in the pocket than a traditional stick. The results are lightning release and the ability to ball handle like one of the guys. For the ladies, in the upper levels of the sport, there really is no comparison.   You can learn more from this video, and blog post, about the difference between ten degree and straight women's lacrosse shafts.    

Other specifications of the STX Crux 600 complete lacrosse stick are the redesigned handle which features a seamless head to handle connection.  There is also a built in end cap with soft edge for added control. The Crux 600 is a few grams lighter than the 500, but you can feel it immediately when you pick them up.     The biggest story of the STX Crux 600 is the top stringing and ball pocket. STX put a new runner in these pockets that gives you that infamous whip with the snap of the wrist on shots, but also added a small resting place for the ball right under the throw strings. While dodging or feeding, the ball just nestles into this spot and is ready for release. It is really amazing technology that will further turbo charge the girls ability to handle the ball. They combined this with "DROP RAIL" technology which has to do with the way the sidewalls are strung and further pushes the ball into the sweet spot.   The initial reviews from the collegiate crowd "Can I keep this one?” and “I would use this in my playoff game tomorrow.” These sticks are just that good. So if you are a high school or collegiate player you might not want to get left behind on this one. Well worth an upgrade from the older Crux series sticks into the game changing Crux 600 complete sticks! Learn how to shoot even better with your new STX Crux 600 complete stick by watching Kayla Treanor and her essential shooting tip video. Or learn how to out dodge your opponent with Taylor Cummings by watching her video: Dodging Tips with Taylor Cummings.     

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