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The Blueprint line of heads is modeled after the Clutch Line. Many consider it the "clutch killer" because of the similarity in design and the lower price point.
This is a great choice for players looking for a high end head design without the high end price tag.
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Awsome - 4/08/13 reply

great head super light goes great with a krypto pro to make some insanely fast shots
(no subject) - 6/19/12 reply

My friend offered me to trade a blue print for my proton power... I play defense is it worth it?
GREAT HEAD - 6/08/12 reply

very flexible and wont break for anything good for attack
good dpole head - 4/13/12 reply

is this a good dpole head i play lsm too and if its not good can someone tall me wut is good
its a mehh head... - 4/07/12 reply

bought this because i wanted a clutch and all they had in stock was clutchs that were not white (at my loval lacrosse store) and all i can say i don't like it but i don't hate it
its ok - 4/02/12 reply

had this for like 4 months then it started warping but its pretty good for attack
(no subject) - 5/19/12 reply

i used it for attack also but mine pinched, didnt warp at all
(no subject) - 12/29/11 reply

This or the stx revolver? I am looking for an accurate and stiff head for both defensive middie and some D.
(no subject) - 3/14/12 reply

GET THE REVOLVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this head is pretty bad
awsome - 10/10/11 reply

best head especially for attack i have this the evo 3 and the proton power this and the evo3 whoop the proton power
(no subject) - 7/27/11 reply

horrible head worst head i hav evr seen
(no subject) - 11/11/11 reply

key word, "seen," but have you had it??? No; therefore, don't judge a book bu its cover.
(no subject) - 12/05/11 reply

i have it and its extremely underrated, preety much a cheaper not as good more durable brine clutch, its good in all aspects
(no subject) - 7/21/11 reply

hey u guys im going in to high school and i wanted to know if this head was good for Attack im looking for some thing like a clutch but some thing cheaper
yes - 5/19/12 reply

i play hs lacrosse and as an attackman this is a great head
(no subject) - 6/08/12 reply

yeah its great for attack
(no subject) - 7/16/11 reply

t use this for d its awsome and yea its basically the exact same thing exept the cluth is a little bit more pinched the blueprint is stiffer and cheaper thats it
??? - 7/09/11 reply

I have allways boughhtingg the clutch and the one i had just broke last week... i dont have alot of cash and was wondering if this was bout the same?
(no subject) - 5/19/12 reply

these things dont break, almost as good as a clutch
(no subject) - 6/20/11 reply

is this head good for lsm and d
(no subject) - 7/06/11 reply

i have it and it is great. i have played a whole season with it and it has not broken
(no subject) - 7/27/11 reply

(no subject) - 6/19/11 reply

is this head worth buying???
(no subject) - 12/05/11 reply

for the low price yeah
(no subject) - 6/15/11 reply

will this head fit on a warrior krypto pro
(no subject) - 7/27/11 reply

yes but don't get itt
(no subject) - 6/13/11 reply

its lighter and more pinch
(no subject) - 6/13/11 reply

(no subject) - 6/13/11 reply

this or blueprint x?
(no subject) - 6/13/11 reply

wats better for d and lsm this or gospel
(no subject) - 12/05/11 reply

this for lsm
(no subject) - 6/13/11 reply

should i get this or the gospel
(no subject) - 6/09/11 reply

this one - 6/13/11 reply

i use this one and love it
(no subject) - 12/05/11 reply

blueprint x
which one??? - 6/07/11 reply

which is a better buy? this or the viper2
(no subject) - 6/09/11 reply

Blueprint, bro, It will make ur dreams come true...
(no subject) - 7/06/11 reply

this all the way
(no subject) - 5/19/12 reply

helpp - 5/26/11 reply

whats a good defensive head
whats a good head - 5/26/11 reply

whats the best defense head under 135 dollars i need to no fast
(no subject) - 5/25/11 reply

how is this compared to a clutch?
less pinch, less stiffness - 6/11/11 reply

Less of a pinch, and less stiffness on the throat.
just ordered one - 5/16/11 reply

i just ordered a green one and a kryptolyte 9 in chrome cant wait !
(no subject) - 5/08/11 reply

does this fit on a mav wonderboy?
need backup! - 5/07/11 reply

This, Answer pro or the Brine Franchise!?!?!?!?
this - 5/16/11 reply

Faceoffs - 5/05/11 reply

this of clutch for faceoff NEED to kno ASAP
(no subject) - 5/04/11 reply

how is this compared to clutch or superpower? I know that that the clutch and Superpower will probably be better, but I need a back up head and I need something cheaper.
(no subject) - 5/02/11 reply

mine broke in a week !
Which head? - 5/01/11 reply

This or the franchise for attack?
Which head? - 5/01/11 reply

This or the franchise for attack?
(no subject) - 4/25/11 reply

is this head good for box lax
(no subject) - 4/26/11 reply

Yeah its pretty good i use it in box and it takes a good amount of beatings
(no subject) - 4/21/11 reply

hows this head for ground balls?
(no subject) - 12/05/11 reply

hellllll yes
this - 4/12/11 reply

? - 4/10/11 reply

I play attack and i need a new head. i had a super power and it got a crack and was worped out of shape. I am not sure what head 2 buy but i need it to be under $100. please help me out. if it hepls i have a headstrong swizle shaft and i have played 4 6 years.
(no subject) - 4/17/11 reply

proton power
(no subject) - 5/02/11 reply

get cobra and spend the extra $10 to get a great head
(no subject) - 12/05/11 reply

this wont warp, get this
(no subject) - 4/10/11 reply

i broke mine in a month and i barely used it cuz cobra and evos r so much better a total waste of money
BUY BUY BUY - 4/09/11 reply

best head ever .....quick realease fast light and smooth
(no subject) - 4/08/11 reply

just orderd this for d getting it in green with carolina blue mesh and green shooters gonna be sick
(no subject) - 4/03/11 reply

anything that is X or X6 is colledge regulation and isnt leagal for highschool games thats the only difference
(no subject) - 4/13/11 reply

x means that it is legal for both hs and ncaa.
(no subject) - 4/03/11 reply

anything that is X or X6 is colledge regulation and isnt leagal for highschool games thats the only difference
clutch - 3/30/11 reply

clutch or this?
(no subject) - 3/29/11 reply

i got this head and it is pretty nice. not that stiff but pretty light. great value at only 65 bucks
(no subject) - 3/26/11 reply

If any, what are the differences between this and the BlueprintX?
(no subject) - 3/19/11 reply

should i get the nike elite head or this
(no subject) - 3/20/11 reply

get this in neon green - it is beast!
get this - 3/18/11 reply

this head is beast
defensive head? - 3/18/11 reply

I need a d head and it needs to be pretty stiff and is this good cause a lot of defense men on my team use this. please help
clutch or this - 3/09/11 reply

nedd some help i have a proton power as my stater but need another stick should i get this or clutch
clutch or this - 3/09/11 reply

nedd some help i have a proton power as my stater but need another stick should i get this or clutch
clutch or this - 3/09/11 reply

nedd some help i have a proton power as my stater but need another stick should i get this or clutch
clutch or this - 3/09/11 reply

nedd some help i have a proton power as my stater but need another stick should i get this or clutch
Sickest head - 3/09/11 reply

this is by far the sickest head i have ever owned..get it
Defense? - 2/27/11 reply

I'm just getting a back up stick this year. I play lsm and defense. Would this work?
(no subject) - 3/05/11 reply

bro just drill a hole in it
sick - 2/24/11 reply

this is thee sickest head ive ever played with its like sex..
VIDEO - 2/24/11 reply

Someone make a vid of this head
ya ill try - 3/09/11 reply

this or proton power - 2/15/11 reply

I play attack and im looking for a head that isnt too flexible but has some spring to it and i have a clutch 2 that i love and i need a cheaper practice head cuz i cant afford it if that one breaks in practice so i cant use it ine games my budgets $80 recommendations are apreciated
(no subject) - 2/17/11 reply

personally i like the proton power more, but if you like the clutch i'd go with this
(no subject) - 2/17/11 reply

thanks, what about the helix though my friends selling one for cheap
(no subject) - 2/17/11 reply

or cobra
i guess kinda good - 2/08/11 reply

guy below me is rite bt this is a lot less stiff as clutch had 1 and it was basically as stiff as helix. if u like stiff head guess ucould try this but it broke in 3 month and i warps just like clutch but little bit faster!!! overall i would just get clutch
(no subject) - 2/01/11 reply

this is basically the same as clutch but cheaper. Look at this head next to a clutch it is the same except that the channel of head stops sooner but clutches channel is longer so it a cheaper less advanced verson of clutch
(no subject) - 1/27/11 reply

Does this head fit the stx scandium pro 10
Gotta Get - 1/18/11 reply

This head is basically a hybrid of the STX Super Power with a similar design. This head has an average width throat, but with good stringing this baby will be able to rip the ball!
(no subject) - 1/12/11 reply

is this better than clutch midi-
yes - 6/05/11 reply

in my opinion yes but it is your chose but dont get the clutch 2x
(no subject) - 1/11/11 reply

didnt get it yet but i ordered it fluorescent green with the stringing kit just like it looks like in custom stringing from sports stop
(no subject) - 1/16/11 reply

let us no how this head is!!
(no subject) - 1/02/11 reply

is it good
Sick - 12/27/10 reply

I think I'm getting this really soon.. Is it durable?? And what shaft is good with it??
Nice - 12/24/10 reply

want to get this head in pink with a yellow mesh,
(no subject) - 12/24/10 reply

this or a revolver for attack?
(no subject) - 1/21/11 reply

I would go with this my revolver snapped after a season.
(no subject) - 11/29/10 reply

wnat to get this head fluresent green with white mesh and the fluresent wonderboy
(no subject) - 1/04/11 reply

thats what i have and its sick
(no subject) - 2/27/11 reply

wont fit on a wonderboy
just got this - 11/26/10 reply

just got this. great
Good Head - 11/25/10 reply

Got it a couple of weeks ago and its been working really well.
retard - 11/25/10 reply

this head looks like a old muffin
(no subject) - 11/30/10 reply

virginia is awesome and muffins are good
sick - 11/18/10 reply

??? - 11/08/10 reply

y is it called the blue print if its pink
????? - 12/07/10 reply

Are you kidding me? It has many different colors and it's not called a blueprint after it's color.....DUHHH
DUHHHH - 12/29/10 reply

No crap i was being stupid
(no subject) - 12/22/10 reply

dude your a retard!!!!!!!!!!
(no subject) - 11/03/10 reply

is it good 4 face
shafts - 10/31/10 reply

does this head fit on the stx scandium pro 10 shaft???
(no subject) - 10/01/10 reply

cool colors::::)))))
(no subject) - 9/22/10 reply

so many 1st posts
(no subject) - 12/29/10 reply

Not any more sucker im first now
(no subject) - 10/30/11 reply

no me
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