Brine F15 Lacrosse Shafts
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  • The ultimate workhorse of lacrosse shafts with a mixture of alloys and titanium perfect for the rigors of lacrosse. The f-15 is over 10X stronger than standard aluminum with less weight. At almost a third the cost of pure titanium, it will last longer than any other shaft.
The F15 has been selling like crazy for as long as our Pros can remember. Why?? It is priced to move and is much stronger than starter shafts. This shaft ranks highest on our value scale as it provides higher durability and lower weight than most in its class.
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Does it fit - 4/05/14 reply

Does the brine Houdini x fit this shaft
(no subject) - 4/05/14 reply

Does brine Houdini x fit this shaft
eclipse - 3/28/14 reply

Never mind- read on down- thanks.
eclipse - 3/28/14 reply

will eclipse fit this shaft?
(no subject) - 3/16/14 reply

Is this a defensive shaft and will it fit on the proton u
Just dont do it - 3/06/14 reply

If you want to spend this much on a shaft, get the blackfeet Woodley d pole, it kills
Attack head - 11/02/13 reply

Would a Brine Verdict head fit on this shaft?
(no subject) - 11/03/13 reply

yes i own both
Goalie - 6/07/13 reply

Does this fit with a Warrior Voidlyte?
G - 5/04/13 reply

I got this shaft (defence) and it is pretty killer because of how light it it, and how it doesent chip. $80 seems fair for this shaft, so I would go ahead and pick one up.
I NEED TO KNOW !!!!! - 1/02/13 reply

Eclipse fit - 5/08/13 reply

it does I have that combo
great - 6/17/11 reply

ive had this shaft since my first season and i still love it the grip is ok,doesnt dent,chip and the graphics peal but its not a big deal with a good tape job this is really good,light and durable.
(no subject) - 5/08/11 reply

If you just started lacrosse get this, good & CHEAP! shaft. it is light. not to sure what heads fit on it, but should fit on alot.
(no subject) - 5/08/11 reply

If you just started lacrosse get this, good & CHEAP! shaft. it is light. not to sure what heads fit on it, but should fit on alot.
(no subject) - 5/08/11 reply

would this shaft be good for a 2nd season middie? im ok with some dents, just no bends. please only reply if you have used this shaft
amazing... for the price - 5/07/11 reply

decently light, the shape and feel is awesome, and these graphics are least 128X better than those of the new f15. Not sure how durable it is (I've only had it on my backup stick) Great for beginners who want something better than a 6000 series POS.
omg - 5/07/11 reply

I used to have this shat but now I have a swizzle which is a little bit better in my oppiun but the f15 is still so good how is 18.90
(no subject) - 1/13/11 reply

such a bad @ss shaft
(no subject) - 2/17/11 reply

not really
help - 12/01/10 reply

(no subject) - 12/01/10 reply

should i get this or the summit? and what head?
fit?? - 11/05/10 reply

do you think a warrior: evo x head would fit on this?
(no subject) - 11/26/10 reply

if your head doesn't fit, heat up some water in the microwave and stick the part of the head that goes onto the shaft in the water for a like a minute
FIt - 11/05/10 reply

does the eclipse fit on it
Good Shaft - 10/19/10 reply

I have had this shaft since the 2nd year i played and have played for 4 years and hasnt broken highly reccomended
(no subject) - 10/14/10 reply

will a Warrior: Mojo X head fit on this? newish player here so help would be great.
(no subject) - 11/01/10 reply

i think it might im new too i have a mojo x too i want the f15
(no subject) - 10/14/10 reply

would a stx proton fit on this shaft
(no subject) - 10/09/10 reply

shaft is dank! im rockin fall ball with this and the brine verdict
??? - 10/08/10 reply

* shaft
i have a question ? - 10/08/10 reply

will a warrior helix fit on this head ?
??? - 9/28/10 reply

Is this shaft good overall for a second season midi? And will the Gait Triton fit well?
Sticksss. - 9/12/10 reply

Will This Shaft Fit A Warrior: Revolution X?
Shipping - 9/07/10 reply

What The Shipping Price??
asap - 8/27/10 reply

would a warrior evolution 2.0 fit on this shaft
(no subject) - 8/29/10 reply

You have to drill a new hole for the shaft to fit all the way in the head but i made it work for mine
(no subject) - 11/01/10 reply

yes my friend has this samew setup totally
(no subject) - 8/21/10 reply

would this shaft be good with the clutch for a head?
(no subject) - 8/09/10 reply

best D shaft comes with life time warrenty if it breaks send it to Brine and you get one back
Laxitup97 - 8/02/10 reply

This head is great with the F15, i used it for the summer season and it did me well. it fits fine
(no subject) - 7/26/10 reply

this or warrior kryptolyte?
(no subject) - 7/26/10 reply

some 1 respond to this: would this be a shaft with the brine verdict i posted earlier but my spelling was crappy
well yes... - 8/01/10 reply

even if its with a brine verdict it will still be a shaft
(no subject) - 7/26/10 reply

dude wpuld this shaft be ascik combonation with the brine verdict??? or would it not fit???
(no subject) - 7/21/10 reply

Best shaft ever
(no subject) - 7/16/10 reply

had this in a D-pole for about two months now and its great, and grip is not really a problem if just tape it.
(no subject) - 7/13/10 reply

yo broskis, should i get this, f22, or platinum alloy
(no subject) - 7/14/10 reply

this or the f22. the specs arent that much different except the price....
(no subject) - 8/03/10 reply

f15 all the way !!!!!!!!
(no subject) - 7/23/10 reply

get the platinum alloy. i love it. no dents except its a little heavy but great durability.
GREAT SHFT BUT..... - 7/12/10 reply

this f22 of zirconium - 7/10/10 reply

should i get a zirconium a f22 or should i get this f15 has best ratings but im not sure
(no subject) - 7/02/10 reply

its lighter than ur mom haha shes a whale!
weight??? - 7/01/10 reply

is this shaft light?
(no subject) - 7/14/10 reply

(no subject) - 7/01/10 reply

this or f22
(no subject) - 7/01/10 reply

def this.
F15 or Kryptolite ATT - 6/23/10 reply

(no subject) - 6/22/10 reply

decent shaft.. had it for 2 seasons as dpole. decent weight doesnt dent or break easily but after awhile it starts too bend a lot.. mine looks like an s now
(no subject) - 6/22/10 reply

they should make a f 15 grip that would be a nasty stick
revo pro??? - 6/21/10 reply

will the revo pro fit on this shaft......if not will it fit on the stx vanadium???????!!!
(no subject) - 7/01/10 reply

(no subject) - 7/12/10 reply

this mos def, and i have the revo pro on an f22 and im pretty sure all brine shafts are the same, soooo yeah it will fit. but dont get the revo pro if ur an attackmen i made that mistake and it kinda sucks but it will be good for d-pole or maybe even middie
super power - 6/17/10 reply

Will the stx super power fit on this?
head? - 6/17/10 reply

whats a good head with this stick? im looking for power,accuracy, durability, and reasonable price
(no subject) - 6/17/10 reply

Get the Clutch X. its kinda expensive but well worth it. i love mine
(no subject) - 6/22/10 reply

(no subject) - 7/30/10 reply

i won this at camp and have a norm clutch on it.godly
(no subject) - 6/17/10 reply

Will a Revo pro fit on this?
(no subject) - 6/15/10 reply

I have played with this shaft all season and its really good. Its lighter than you woud expect and really strong. I got some pretty nasty dents in it but for the price its way worth it. The graphics on my long pole came off during a rain game but i really dont care its still an awesome shaft
(no subject) - 6/14/10 reply

will the maverik bazooka fit on this cuz im trying to get my friend a good beginners stick and i need to know if they fit before he buys them
Blade 2.0 - 6/09/10 reply

Will a blade 2.0 fit on this?
(no subject) - 6/09/10 reply

really want this thing for defence, herd its gr8
(no subject) - 6/06/10 reply

when are they gonna restock on the black f15s
(no subject) - 6/05/10 reply

this or gait db803?
(no subject) - 7/20/10 reply

this broski
f 15 - 6/01/10 reply

this is a great shaft its very light and looks awsome
brine f15 - 5/31/10 reply

i love the brine f15. its light and durible.i have the attack shaft. it awsome
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

hahaha just got one of these for d with my points for fun im a middie i wanted a d for fun anyone know if its good? also the ratings say its better than the kryptolyte i think is it???
Reply - 5/30/10 reply

I got this for my first shaft and it is great for the price. Havent gotten one single dent. But it dosent have much grip and its a little heavy
Yeah - 5/30/10 reply

yeah iv had this shaft for d for a while. its lighter than you would expect and just looks kick awesome too. so yeah, youve invested your points wisely.
(no subject) - 5/31/10 reply

sweet thanks guys
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

what is a good shaft for a goile
(no subject) - 6/01/10 reply

krypto pro or kryptolite or f15, not the f22 tho
f15 - 5/29/10 reply

is it a good shaft for a goile
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

whats a good crankshaft?plz helpp
Exceptional - 5/29/10 reply

I got this shaft for a d pole for my birthday. I have to say it is one of the most durable shaft that i have played with. I have it with a Clutch X it is great for D.
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

i got this shaft last week and its pretty good and the grip isnt as bad as everybody says, i like it
Tee hook - 5/26/10 reply

Both shafts arnt great i live and die by brine they make the best shafts but both aare nube sticks. i would go with the stx steel a kid has it as a back up its heavy but durable
WHY? - 5/25/10 reply

I played with this for one day and it snapped don't get it!
(no subject) - 5/24/10 reply

(no subject) - 5/23/10 reply

Does the proton power fit on this?
(no subject) - 5/22/10 reply

this?, or the STX Steel 7000?
(no subject) - 5/20/10 reply

this is a good shaft as long as you can keep it in one piece. i bent it in my second game and manged to bend it straight after that. in the third game it broke clean into two pieces were i bent it back.
good shaft? - 5/18/10 reply

im looking for a new shaft and head cuz my stick sucks would this go good with the super power?
which one - 5/16/10 reply

this or the stx vandium?
which - 5/15/10 reply

this or se7en i play attack
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

se7en cuz this is more of a d pole
Brine Answer - 5/14/10 reply

K so i have a Brine Answer on a crappy 6065, answer is plane white, should i get this shaft for it? I play attack. And which color should i get?
G22?? - 5/13/10 reply

will the G22 fit on this or only crankshaft?
(no subject) - 5/27/10 reply

only crankshaft
helpp - 5/13/10 reply

this or the Maverik Wonderboy
(no subject) - 5/15/10 reply

If you are willing to spend the extra money, the wonderboy by far
(no subject) - 5/11/10 reply

this is good extremely light but i recently traded it for a 7005 ignite shaft i think its worth it but ill miss my f15
will the tourqe fit on this? - 5/11/10 reply

Is it worth it?/ - 5/11/10 reply

Is it good on super power? from the price it looks like it sux but idk matbe its good. This or kryptolyte?
yeah - 5/13/10 reply

its a good shaft and will last you about two years
(no subject) - 6/17/10 reply

does it fit on super power?
Undecided - 5/09/10 reply

So whats better out of the three, the F15, F22, or F55?
f22 - 5/22/10 reply

nice - 5/09/10 reply

i play d and this is on my attack shaft. good nice and light. wery good if you tape certain parts
Pretty light?? - 5/09/10 reply

How does this with a revolver sound? Would it be fairly light? I can't decide if I should put a clutch or a revolver on this? Im a middie. if you could help me choose what head to get thatd be cool
Beast!!!! - 5/09/10 reply

My whole team has this sheft and the red STX Duece head. P.S. GO FORKS!!!!!!!!
ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 5/07/10 reply

shoud i get this or wonder boy
(no subject) - 5/09/10 reply

(no subject) - 5/01/10 reply

I have this shaft as a D-pole.. have had it for about 9 months. its the closet thing to titanium. I use this and the bionic one of the lightest d-poles out there with this setup
(no subject) - 5/01/10 reply

i had the d pole and it bent on the frist week and it has no grip
tape - 4/30/10 reply

Great shaft. though grip could be better. If you want this shaft I'd buy some grip tape along with it.
what color - 4/28/10 reply

what color should i get it in, it's gonna be my d pole
(no subject) - 4/28/10 reply

defanitly chrome since they are out of black unless your into blue but looks a little fruity to me.....but does the proton pwr fit on this
Super Power fits - 4/28/10 reply

It should my super power fits but im not sure if you have to drill a hole i think you might tho.
f15 - 4/26/10 reply

Does this shaft fit on a proton power??
this - 4/25/10 reply

this is great for the money, I've used it as a dpole and it's very light, not a lot of grip though
nasty - 4/24/10 reply

shaft is sick it is gr8 4 price
(no subject) - 4/20/10 reply

is this shaft good?
ARE YOU KIDDNG - 4/18/10 reply

you are gong to get this shaft because it looks cool? it's a good shaft and good weight but theres no grip you will run up the field with this shaft and it will be slding all over the place. and if you are a realy rough player than this shaft wont last you long
chill - 4/24/10 reply

get a sick tape job then. Chill bro.
(no subject) - 4/18/10 reply

shaft looks so sick im getting it as soon as they restock it
(no subject) - 4/16/10 reply

This is better than the new F55... the new F55 is too weak.. old one is amazing.. but if you're thinking of buying the new F55.. dont.. get this.
should i get it - 4/16/10 reply

i am thinking of getting the f15 with a stx bionic, will the bionc fit on it and is it good long lasting stick?
(no subject) - 4/17/10 reply

the bionic should fit on this shaft and this is a very durable stick. the f22 is a little lighter but i prefer this. great stick for the money
(no subject) - 4/16/10 reply

go for f55.
(no subject) - 4/17/10 reply

f55s are super light but they bend way too easily
i use this as - 4/13/10 reply

a dog toy for my doggies. they love it so much
SELLING on ebay - 4/11/10 reply

im selling a BRINE money head with a 40" STX vanadium shaft on ebay.. it is strung with black mesh.type in brine money and it will be the only one its in good condition no scratches on head and no dents on shaft.CHECK IT OUT!
(no subject) - 4/10/10 reply

very good
(no subject) - 4/02/10 reply

worth the money i love this series, i used a friends f15 and loved it. i now have the f55 which is awesome. obviously the f55s bettter than the f22&15 but the f15 is worth the cash for sure
grip - 3/31/10 reply

This is a great shaft but it has NO grip on it.
(no subject) - 3/30/10 reply

this head is like Zeus' lightning bolt with the stx xcalibur head. freaking sick
(no subject) - 3/29/10 reply

is this a pretty strong d pole if not let me know asap please, thanks
(no subject) - 4/15/10 reply

yes all around great shaft GET IT
this shhhhyyyyttt - 3/29/10 reply

sooooo righteoussss i loves this shaft. been through 6 of them in 1 month but i still love it hahaha
fit?? - 3/26/10 reply

will a STX Proton power fit on this?
will this fit a Gait Torque? - 3/26/10 reply

WILL IT?????
head - 3/24/10 reply

What is the best head for the f15 plz cmt
(no subject) - 3/24/10 reply

the clutch or the the answer
Reply - 3/25/10 reply

Well i put my Super power on my F15.
(no subject) - 4/17/10 reply

I have the brine edge on it and its amazing
Awesome - 3/23/10 reply

Best shaft eeeevvveeeerrrr
Retail Price: $99.99
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Style: attack
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att/mid 30"
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goalie 40"
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