Cascade Vent Stripes Lacrosse Helmet Accessories
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  • Available in a variety of colors.

    Removable adhesive decals.
Give your helmet some personality or show some team spirit.
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(no subject) - 6/13/14 reply

are you sure that they dont fit the cs
same thing right? - 6/01/14 reply

the cpv is the cpv-r so yes it fits ther cpv-r or thats from how i understant it. there is no plain cpv on cascades site atleast
CPV Helmet Decals - 10/29/13 reply

These are the CPV helmet vent decals. They do not fit other models.
cpvr - 8/29/13 reply

do these fit on the cpr
cpvr? - 8/29/13 reply

do these fit on the cpvr
(no subject) - 5/08/13 reply

can these fit on an cpv?
CPX-R - 11/30/12 reply

Would this thoroughly fit the CPX-R helmet?
(no subject) - 12/05/12 reply

just buy the cpxr one
(no subject) - 1/26/12 reply

does this fit on a cascade CS
(no subject) - 6/30/12 reply

that and CLH2
clh2 - 6/14/11 reply

made 4 clh2 my friends little bro has them on his
(no subject) - 1/13/11 reply

will these fit a cpx-2?
(no subject) - 12/10/10 reply

They look really cool
(no subject) - 10/29/10 reply

where do you get the sticker for the back of your helmet
? - 7/28/10 reply

? - 6/24/10 reply

do these go on the Cascade CPV
??????? - 4/30/10 reply

does this go on the ridell helmet
??? - 4/24/10 reply

what do these do, just add a little more style to your helmet
Get in stock!!! - 4/15/10 reply

please get these back in stock! i got the last twelve of them and need alot more!
(no subject) - 5/29/09 reply

COMMON get these in stock - 4/21/09 reply

are the white ones out of stock or discontinued?
ya i got a question - 3/04/09 reply

ok so how do i find these for a brian triumph i mean i know duke has them so its not impossible
(no subject) - 3/29/09 reply

ive never seen them before duke prolle has them custom made
ya i got a question - 3/04/09 reply

Do these work wit the pro 7??? - 4/03/08 reply

please, need to buy quickly!!
yes - 5/13/08 reply

no. the vent on the pro 7 are - 5/30/08 reply

on my helment - 3/21/08 reply

i have just stripes but these look asome in gunna ask my coach if we can get some these look bad a
cpx - 1/05/07 reply

does this wqork on a cpx cuz cpx dominates cpro
nope - 1/18/07 reply

naa dude it doesnt work on cpx. only on cpro.clh.and clh2.
CPX - 1/19/07 reply

These do work on CPX, i have them on mine.
at least it's possible - 12/20/07 reply

you can put them on your cpx. i have them on mine. but they do not fit a 100%. little to short, but it's alright. looks really good
????cpx - 1/05/07 reply

better than regular helmet stripes - 7/06/02 reply

Vent stripes look 100% better than the regular helmet stripes. And plus, since they are down in the vents, they won't get messed by checks. My friend has some regular stripes and they're all screwed up from all the hits he takes to the head. but my vent stripes are still nice a scratch-free. Plus, they look way cooler. so get vent stripes. they cost practically the same anyway.
vent strips - 3/30/02 reply

what do they do and where do they go?
vent stripes - 5/30/02 reply

on your helemet's vents, dumbface
LOL - 5/30/02 reply

These go on top of your helmet, where there are vent holes...duh
(no subject) - 11/27/06 reply

its a serious question, don't get rude about it.
(no subject) - 2/12/09 reply

way to stick up for your butt buddy
vent stripes - 3/28/02 reply

my cats breath smells like cat food
(no subject) - 3/25/02 reply

i like helmet stripes more
Tyte - 12/24/01 reply

these make the CPro's look 10x better then they already are. Get a sheet of a color you want you wont regret it lata
true - 3/09/02 reply

my team i have a cpro and my team has two colar stripes the outside of the are yellow and the insides are blue
(no subject) - 12/01/02 reply

how and where u get custom clor ones????
vent stripes - 12/21/01 reply

they are fresh
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