East Coast Mesh East Coast Fade 15mm Lacrosse String Supplies
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neon pink/black
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  • Greatest and latest mesh on the market.

    Water proof.

    Fast break in.

    Superior hold.
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shipping - 1/25/14 reply

I ordered this 25 days ago and i still have not go it
great mesh - 8/06/13 reply

i have ecm on 2 of my heads and is by far my favorite mesh because it is water proof and doesnt flake now im going to use ecm for all my heads because of how great the mesh is but lax.com should stalk all diffrent types of ecm because there is not a lot to pick from other than the fades and the white but overall best mesh i have ever used. like the volt mesh its by far one of the most favorite types of ecm.
Hmmm - 6/11/13 reply

You think thats bad you should try shipping to QLD Australia. cost me heapz!
(no subject) - 3/28/13 reply

add black 2 white because i dont want to order from 2 different places cuz i live in Canada and shipping is a bummer
(no subject) - 4/12/13 reply

w3rd son bummer canada i know how that is
Great - 2/22/13 reply

The only mesh I use nowadays. Great hold, stays normal in the rain, and is very easy to string with. I dont know what the other guys are talking about in the earlier comments. Great mesh
I like it, but 1 problem - 2/09/13 reply

I like it, but the first time i used it racked up so much dirt. It's pretty good tho
(no subject) - 4/12/13 reply

tthat is 111111110000000000000% your fault poopy face
Garbage - 2/08/13 reply

This mesh is by far the worst out of any of the wax meshes, I bought some a while ago from ECM's website. I was utterly disgusted by what it felt like just a over waxy and over sticky. I also tried the white and had the same results. pure garbage.
(no subject) - 4/12/13 reply

ehhh shut up
ECM - 7/15/13 reply

East Coast Mesh actually used to be horrible, when I first got it I was amazed by the flaking. They have recently changed the formula and now it doesn't flake at all. Now it's the best mesh out there.
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