Glove Dogs Lacrosse Accessories
  • Get the stink out of your rancid gloves with these puppies. Simply insert into the mouth of the glove and the Glove Dog's chemically treated cedar chips will act like a dehumidifier and deodorizer. Magic.
Knock the stank out - will last two seasons and dry out your gloves ( and shoes too !!)
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(no subject) - 2/12/14 reply

these are great. they don't make them smell good but they take that awful stench away and then it just smells like nothing so they work well enough for me!
y buy these? - 1/11/12 reply

y buy these wen u could just spray them with axe!?!?!
(no subject) - 2/11/12 reply

good one :)
(no subject) - 2/12/14 reply

i hope you are kidding
(no subject) - 8/29/10 reply

i put these on my dog.he didnt like them too much...
lol - 10/27/10 reply

You probably aren't doing it right
reuseable - 6/17/10 reply

i got them, i used them probably 20 times. their great!
Reusable - 6/15/10 reply

How long do they last
Reusable??? - 5/26/10 reply

Are they reusable?
(no subject) - 5/31/10 reply

y would they not be?
(no subject) - 5/23/10 reply

my kings 2's smell horrible, i really need to get these
haha - 5/22/10 reply

not going to lie, who ever came up this. goodjob lmfao
Awesome - 4/17/10 reply

these are the Best
(no subject) - 4/11/10 reply

they work! i use them with maverick gloves, work fine.
(no subject) - 4/08/10 reply

just ordered.. ill let you know!
more!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/18/09 reply

pleze order more
(no subject) - 8/19/09 reply

please order some more!
Reusable? - 4/26/08 reply

awesome - 4/10/08 reply

i love this glove product so much, they taste so good
taste so good??? - 8/21/10 reply

buy these! - 1/27/08 reply

i am so buying this. it is sooo awsome.
yeah - 1/16/08 reply

These are the best thing since sliced bread.
get moree - 12/23/07 reply

i want
seriously - 12/04/04 reply

charle23 probably has some crappy all cloth Brine tridents or something so dude when you do get leather gloves... its not good to put them in the washing machine... but anyways... these tthings are the coolest and seriously take the smell out of ur gloves... pick some up
to charles23 - 9/29/03 reply

If you want to ruin your gloves in the washing machine, go ahead. Personally, i dont wanna waste my Warrior Mercury Prostars, i like them quite a bit.
awesome - 8/20/03 reply

these are awesome. they actually work. now my gloves dont smell anymore. these are the best
rightttt - 3/06/03 reply

who would be stupid enough to waste ten dollars on sum things that u can put in your gloves when u have a washing machine.
well - 10/15/07 reply

its 9.90... which in the end is less expensive then using the energy of your washing machine. this also wont ruin your gloves; i used to lick my superfreaks for grip and then in the winter when i didnt use them they got mold all over them, so i put it in the washer and my gloves are ruined completely
haha. - 5/05/08 reply

we all lick our just depends on whether you lick them before or after the mold comes.
preference - 11/28/10 reply

i prefer to lick after mold because it tends to give it more flavor.
brilliant - 1/25/03 reply

brilliant invention thank you to who made it
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