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  • NFHS and NCAA approved game balls.

    White, yellow and orange balls are NOCSAE certified !!
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It's A BALL - 10/08/15 reply

Its a lacrosse ball if I can bar down with it its good and I can all balls are the same...seriously come on
(no subject) - 8/20/15 reply

Will this work with my d pole
whip - 5/23/15 reply

do these have whip if i get them with custom stringing
much wow. such new - 4/29/15 reply

You can use a legal lacrosse ball for anything and any stick.(except ministicks).
Practice - 3/25/15 reply

Can you use theses balls for practice, at a sement type of place, I'm kind of new to lacrosse.
cement - 4/10/15 reply

(no subject) - 11/28/14 reply

Will this fit in the Rabil 2X?
Pretty Much - 1/26/15 reply

Yes. They will most likely fit any stick cept the mini ones.
(no subject) - 7/02/14 reply

Are these grippy or slick?
BAllS - 6/02/14 reply

If they're $2.25 each, how much would 1 ball cost, also are these good for bounce shots on semi- wet grass? You know some dirt spots and stuff?
Points - 4/19/14 reply

How many points is the lacrosse ball to get it for free?
(no subject) - 3/20/14 reply

Y does anyone care there BALLS!!!!!????????????????
It's a ball! - 4/02/13 reply

A ball is a ball! They are all the same and it doesn't matter if its a gram heavier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trolls... - 8/11/12 reply

Trolls everywhere!
suggestions - 8/11/12 reply

i play attack and i want a really light combo i have the surgeon and the wonderboy do you think that this would go well with those or should i get the stx neon green one instead
(no subject) - 8/11/12 reply

it doesnt matter bro its a ball
good combo? - 5/15/12 reply

does this and an xcalibur make a good combo. reply quickly
BALLZ!?!?!?!?!? - 5/05/12 reply

Are these good for playing lacrosse
(no subject) - 8/11/12 reply

no never play lacrosse with these i use mine to hunt rabbits!!!
(no subject) - 12/14/14 reply

hahahahahaha no use them to play tennis
BALLS!!!!!! - 4/30/12 reply

i have three
O_o - 8/11/12 reply

i have nine!
cool - 6/08/14 reply

i have 120
(no subject) - 12/14/14 reply

i have two
(no subject) - 3/25/12 reply

Does this come with custom stringing?
Lax Balls - 2/12/12 reply

Why so expensive??? Didn't they used to be like $1...
(no subject) - 2/12/12 reply

Balls Seem to be the talk of Finally were im accepted as a person HAHAHAHA JK
(no subject) - 12/17/11 reply

its just a ball its like no other bal
49. isnt going to kill you - 8/05/11 reply

chill out its 49 cents and it you want a lot of balls there is a case only a few spaces higher
WHY SO MANY REVEIWS?????? - 6/30/11 reply

They are lacrosse balls! There is no reason for every single person here to ask so stupid question because they think they're funny!!!
(no subject) - 7/03/11 reply

why do you care?
question - 6/24/11 reply

are these balls good for playing attack????/
(no subject) - 1/10/12 reply

no theyre only good 4 defense
question - 6/20/11 reply

would this be good to use for lacrosse? im a narp and have no clue. need some help please.
BAWLS - 4/20/11 reply

BAAALLLLLS!!! - 3/18/11 reply

I LOVE BALLS! specialy maveriks because of paul rabil's mass flow
(no subject) - 11/10/10 reply

Its a ball. It bounces. Its for lacrosse. Enough said?
(no subject) - 4/03/11 reply

no, not enough said. Explain more please
(no subject) - 10/30/10 reply

dont ask questions about lax balls. there balls! what is there to ask? someone asked if they were good for d
shipping - 10/21/10 reply

do you have to pay shipping if you buy these with lax points?
(no subject) - 11/12/10 reply

Yeah you do. LAX points don't cover shipping on any items.
Not Warrior balls... - 6/14/10 reply

....not that it matters, but they're either Brine for neon and STX for white, yellow, and orange.
(no subject) - 10/18/10 reply

warrior makes them all but has contracts with the other companies so most if not all balls r warrior
(no subject) - 3/26/10 reply

there balls, who cares
I'm trying to get free ship - 2/06/10 reply

ok well I'm getting a few other things and I need a few lax balls but I want to know how much they weigh because I need a total of 10 lbs?
(no subject) - 4/07/10 reply

they weigh like 6 ounces each
aahahahaha - 6/27/10 reply

the picture of these balls - 6/06/09 reply

the picture of the yellow, orange and white balls are shamrock balls but it says that there warrior balls
(no subject) - 5/27/10 reply

(no subject) - 11/12/10 reply

They're al Warrior balls dude. It has the warrior symbol on all of them.
(no subject) - 4/26/09 reply

i agree
(no subject) - 4/12/11 reply

i dont
(no subject) - 4/12/11 reply

i dont
wow - 4/07/09 reply

its a lax ball. who cares what the brand is
(no subject) - 8/07/10 reply

in the MLL they use orange textured balls
u r wrong - 3/26/09 reply

some balls r difrent like some have more grip than others which changes how u throw alot and if your not color blind like the average person they r diffrent colors
Orange - 4/30/08 reply

If these are warrior why does the Orange example have a shamrock label on it?
Ahhh Haaa - 11/26/08 reply

Very good young grasshopper.
3 more - 1/13/09 reply

orange white and yellow all have shamrocks on them maby its all they had?
yo - 4/12/08 reply

if you freeze a ball over night it will have like 2wice the bounce than it normally had. it only works for so long though
(no subject) - 5/27/10 reply

congratulations man, you must feel boss
maverick - 3/02/08 reply

i think maverick makes the best balls
HAHHAHAHA - 11/16/08 reply

Mabey if you could spell maverik right! you noob.
Yah Sure - 12/30/08 reply

Maverik doesn't even make balls idiot
(no subject) - 4/12/09 reply

yes they do...
dumb ass - 2/23/10 reply

yes they do you idiot there just hard to find. mike springer gave me a whole case of them.
? - 3/03/10 reply

obvioulsy your the idiot because they do.......
(no subject) - 5/27/10 reply

obvioulsy your the idiot because you care...
hi - 3/02/08 reply

this thing has great release. i just strung it up with some six diamond mesh and it works great
HOW MANY - 2/09/08 reply

is it just one ball or half a dozen
just one..$2 for a dozen? - 3/09/08 reply

balls - 5/07/08 reply

i think it's just one ball
balls - 5/07/08 reply

i think it's just one ball
balls - 1/01/07 reply

just wondering... does anyone else think these balls are more bouncy than other balls... i compared these to my stx and brine balls and they had a bit more bounce
flourescent green ball - 12/11/06 reply

Just a little bit advice before you buy a flourescent green ball from this site. It really isnt a flourescent green, it is more like a normal green. If you are looking for a bright ball, get something like a pink ball or even a plain yellow ball.
all balls aren't the same - 12/08/06 reply

a ball can really make a player great. If you dont have a ball you like then good luck. The ball you play with is probaly the most important thing on the field. Personally i like warrrior balls, there great.
yellow - 10/25/06 reply

the yellow in the picture looks bad but when i got it it looked nice. like banana yellow
shamrock - 10/07/06 reply

if they are labeled under warrior accessories, then it should be made by warrior.
For all you people - 1/27/05 reply

Just so you guys know if you notice the title it says Warrior: Balls that doesnt mean they are made by Warrior it means the name of the balls are Warrior they are made by Shamrock and you guys thought that would rip you guys off pshhh... read carefully next time
sweeet - 1/24/05 reply

these balls are so cool, i cant wait for warrior to come out with the new players club balls you can buy a dozen for $75
(no subject) - 6/11/03 reply

they are just balls
not shamrock - 4/13/03 reply

they arent shamrock, theyre warriors, so y does everyone say they are! besides, a ball is a ball, there is no difference!!!!!!!!!
awesome!!!!!!! - 11/08/02 reply

this is the single greatest product ive ever seen!!!! its not just a ball it is going to revolutionize the game imean look at it its beatiful i think u guys have no imagination about what this ball will do for the game of lacrosse lol, peace
lol - 4/10/03 reply

that was funny...
ALL BALLS R THE SAME!!!! - 8/16/02 reply

Y does it matter if it is warrior or not i mean all balls r the same a lax ball is a lax ball i mean come on ppl!!
ur missing the point - 6/12/03 reply

ur missing the point here - if its a ball and u need a ball u get it - whatever you see first, nobody's specifically choosing warrior also color and price...
AMEN - 10/16/06 reply

Balls are pure rubber (no difference)
Balls - 6/18/02 reply

Well, you gotta have balls to play lacrosse.
!?! - 10/18/03 reply

true that - 12/30/06 reply

that is funny and true man
These are awesome - 6/01/02 reply

these are definately the best balls i have ever played with they are sooooo awesome, one time in a game i played with one of these and i scored a goal whooooooooo they are awesome order 30 of em.
He's kidding! - 10/23/03 reply

Dude, can't you sense sarcasm? He is joking.
lol - 4/10/03 reply

ur funny too
lol - 10/18/03 reply

U KIDDIN!!!! - 4/28/02 reply

!@#!@@# - 4/26/02 reply

Its a F@#$%^ ball why is there reviews. stupid
NLL Balls - 1/04/02 reply

This is the official ball of the NLL. Thats great for shamrock and hopefully they will come out with some nice heads next year.
balls cool - 4/04/03 reply

i just started but it sounds to me all balls r the same but some bounce and some dont but personally i like orange balls they r easy to see in the grass.!!
Whoopdy Doo! - 10/23/03 reply

Who cares if they are the "official ball of the NLL"?! Really, what the hell difference does it make. I mean, they MUST be better than all other balls since the NLL uses them! They're all the same!
nll???? - 5/21/09 reply

wats the nll
MLL! - 2/12/12 reply

its MLL stupid
false - 2/19/12 reply

Nice balls! - 12/24/01 reply

These are some great balls! I'll tell you what!
balls - 5/26/02 reply

Immature - 10/23/03 reply

Listen to yourselves. I don't care how old you are, if you are posting here, try to minimalize the stupid juvinelle humore.
(no subject) - 11/09/03 reply

i agree with u but i thoughtu would want to know MINIMALIZE is not a word i think wut u were trying to say is minimize. just a friendly tip for next time u write an english paper
Your both wrong - 12/05/06 reply

The comment that LAXturtle made was extremely humurous and i laughed for a good 20 minutes. Nice one LAXturtle!!
AGREED - 3/02/08 reply

I agree me and my pals had a good laugh about this one.
wow u should do stand up - 3/26/09 reply

kool - 11/04/01 reply

these balls are the best to play with but i like black dont see much of them i like black balls blue balls are cool too
ur gay - 5/28/02 reply

ur gay......all; balls are the same and white are the easiest to see
i agree man - 12/19/01 reply

shamrock sux - 6/17/02 reply

i have yet to see a descent product come from shamrock...except for these balls which i hope are as good as warrior's and STX's, but not brine's, i hate brine balls they don't bounc for $hit and they're stupid. o yeah and quit reviewing balls damn
you have none - 7/12/02 reply

no balls
agreed - 4/10/03 reply

wow..... - 9/23/06 reply

you guys are pretty dumb. IT HAS THE WARRIOR SIGN ON THE BALL. next time you post a comment make sure its true.
(no subject) - 3/23/08 reply

orange=shamrock. look at the pic.
(no subject) - 11/10/08 reply

yeah just look
warrior... - 10/18/03 reply

(no subject) - 4/16/08 reply

the white orange and yellow ball pictures have a shamrock
(no subject) - 2/02/08 reply

there not shamrock ball retard!
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

hey retard their is a shamrok ball u fukin retard
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