14 H2
14 H2
Maverik H2 Lacrosse Shafts
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  • With new graphics for 2011, the H2 combines Titanium and Scandium alloys incorporating the same popular finish used on the Wonder Boy.

    Maverik's new Tactile Grip for lasting durability.

    H2 titanium Scandium is the most durable, lightweight shaft they had ever tested.

    One of the best feeling sticks on the market.

    A great option for both long poles and short sticks looking for maximum durability and performance.
The H2 is an elite level shaft priced at mid level affordability. This shaft is stronger than the ever popular Wonder Boy and offers more strength and a slightly raised and beaded grip towards the butt end. We give this shaft high marks for durability and weight. The feel is solid like a Titanium yet light like a pure scandium shaft. This shaft is a great buy for advancing youth players and high school athletes who what the top of the Maverik line.
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Shaft - 7/16/14 reply

Should I get this or the range?
king - 6/10/14 reply

Well you guys know im the king of swaggeh so..
Specifics - 5/27/14 reply

Is this a light shaft and string enough for attack but this or the Wonderboy or the nike vapor elite
(no subject) - 5/27/14 reply

Would you guys recommend this or an Easton Stealth RS Ultralite? I'm a pole by the way
Which - 5/26/14 reply

This or the vapor elite on a ceo
Setup - 5/24/14 reply

Would a CEO be better on this or the A1?
(no subject) - 6/23/14 reply

review - 2/11/14 reply

Im an all around middie and and the shaft works great especially if your a true work horse the tactile grip stays on even if you wrap tape over it the shape itself also adds a lot of feel and grip allowing you to hold the shaft tighter when you cut through traffic. its very lightweight and if it seems heavy you'll get used to the quickly and its nice because its easier to know where the shaft is in your hands since it weighs a little more. I put a few rings of tape for when i one hand cradle, shoot and take face offs i also put a gait cork end cap in it and its great.
Head fitting - 9/09/13 reply

Will the clutch elite fit on this Respond quickly
ya - 2/22/14 reply

all heads fit on all shafts but u might have to drill a new hole
(no subject) - 8/19/13 reply

Is the grip like the swizzbeat grip
(no subject) - 6/17/13 reply

the best shaft ever i would recommend it to anyone at attack or middie
(no subject) - 4/07/13 reply

As a d-pole which is better, this or the Maverik A1
(no subject) - 2/27/13 reply

does this snap easy if youre a longpole and check really hard?
grip - 2/13/13 reply

does this have sand paper grip on it
(no subject) - 9/27/12 reply

im so happy the h2 is back i thought they were gunna stop making it when they discontinued the old one
(no subject) - 12/16/12 reply

in case you guys didn't know this made out of scandium and titanium just like the sc-ti
1ST - 9/23/12 reply

(no subject) - 9/24/12 reply

(no subject) - 12/01/12 reply

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