Maverik Monster Camo Lacrosse Bags
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forest green
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royal blue
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  • Sweet new bags from Maverik!!! got em first!! Get one before they disappear.

    Dimensions: 40"H X 15"W X 15"D
The monster series bags from Maverik has been a player favorite for years. The value is in the durability and simplicity. This is a big bag for the buck.
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Team Order - 4/17/15 reply

Do y'all do customized versions of this bag for a team?
(no subject) - 8/31/14 reply

When will the navy come back cause it says coming yet it really isn't coming
(no subject) - 8/26/14 reply

can you fit an attack/middie stick in this
? - 5/30/12 reply

would this fit my goalie stuff and attack stuff i only have one helment i use for both and i can carry my stick i do hav three pairs of gloves tho help plz
(no subject) - 7/09/14 reply

actual size - 2/26/12 reply

how many toddlers/babies could i carry in this through an air port without raising suspicion
(no subject) - 10/27/11 reply

R these bags like use ful cause i know there big but whats better like warrior sppace shuttle with like 5 compartments or their with one giant compartment...please anwser
(no subject) - 8/16/11 reply

This bag is cool except it is just one compartment. and its like 42 inches long. it is really big
(no subject) - 7/13/11 reply

lol the mt saint marrys camp i was just at was selling the blue ones for 20 bucks..
(no subject) - 7/13/11 reply

lol the mt saint marrys camp i was just at was selling the blue ones for 20 bucks..
albany - 7/11/11 reply

albany had these right?
albany power - 9/15/11 reply

yea we did bro, did u do albany power
size - 5/04/11 reply

how big r they?
size - 4/06/11 reply

my dad is my coach and we can fit all of my gear as well as his stuff and have a ton of room left. GET THIS BAG!!!!!!!!!!
size - 3/29/11 reply

how big are these bags?
second - 3/29/11 reply

(no subject) - 6/01/11 reply

frikin retard change ur pic u nerd and also stop trying to be 1st and stuff on new products
(no subject) - 3/26/11 reply

wow i cant beleive for once om actualy posting just cause ill be first could have done this a million times but i chosse now to do so probably because ive been addicted to this sitefor 3 days and its that 1 in the morning bordeom setting in wat ever ya im first
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