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  • The Maverik Spider 17 is the new weapon Maverik has in its arsenal
    A more rounded head allows for pinpoint shooting, while the aggressive high positioned ramp makes sure you get the most velocity on your shots
    The Spider also features multiple lacing holes that let you customize your game for maximum control
Maverik's newest elite head, the Spider 17. The Spider was designed with advanced stringing options in mind. Combined with super lightweight plastic and durable sidewall ribbing, the Spider gained ground on the field this season among advanced offensive players.
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(no subject) - 11/12/13 reply

(no subject) - 5/30/13 reply

would this fit on the gait ice
(no subject) - 4/12/13 reply

I would recommend this head the H2 is a beast it forms to a great pocket and it's durable-Laxswag1
(no subject) - 2/05/13 reply

having a tough time deciding whether to get this or get the brine clutch elite. any suggestions?
(no subject) - 11/23/12 reply

Would this fit the h2?
(no subject) - 7/31/12 reply

whats the difference between this and the regular head.
(no subject) - 8/22/12 reply

the spider 17 is only legal for high school so its more pinched than the regular spider which is legal for high school and college.
(no subject) - 7/12/12 reply

it bends easly but throws great.
(no subject) - 7/11/12 reply

this head is so nice for any positio but i would recomend it for middies and attack or faceoff people
Or Clutch 2x - 6/21/12 reply

This or clutch 2x
Spider - 6/12/12 reply

As an all around middie i've used this head both offensively and defensively for a few months and it hasn't so much as cracked. I love the feel it has throwing and how accurate it is when I shoot. I played for ND and we were sponsored by Maverik and I used the Spider One all year, now in the MLL I'm using this.
doubt it - 8/08/13 reply

I highly doubt you played for ND and are in the MLL now, especially because in the MLL your only allowed to use Warrior or Brine heads and this is a Maverik......
(no subject) - 11/17/13 reply

good point
(no subject) - 6/11/12 reply

I love it
Maverik Spider 17 - 6/10/12 reply

I love this head its so light and easy to use in games although why is it illegal in NCAA?
Don't buy if you play D!!!! - 5/06/12 reply

This head may seem it's stiff and durable, but it's not! This head snapped completely in half the second game I had it..... don't waste your money
(no subject) - 4/30/12 reply

I hate the throat of this it feels weird in your hand when you cradle also this head isn't that stiff
(no subject) - 4/29/12 reply

anybody interested in a brand new spider for $75? inbox me for the deets
Spider 17 sold yet ??? - 4/23/13 reply

I was looking for a new d-pole head for my school colors and was thinking about getting this head. I have 3 questions. What color, why are you selling it, and how used is it ? Thanks for your time.
Green Spider - 4/29/12 reply

same here - 4/30/12 reply

i swear it glows in the dark.
(no subject) - 4/27/12 reply

How wide is this head compared to a clutch? Is it annoyingly wide, or a nice shape? I don't like heads as narrow as the proton power, but I don't like super wide heads either. I play middie if that makes a difference. Going to put this on a gait ice too, or if anyone has any better suggestions please tell.
Saintpat123 - 7/31/12 reply

It is wide compared to the clutch, but it is just the right pinch, for me. I face off and its great, pinch enough to be accurate and wide enough to catch easily. Great head, durable, never warps.
Maverik Spider - 4/26/12 reply

Aight guys. I got this head maybe a few months ago. Within the first month it got really dirty, cracked twice(but still legal) and bunch of scratches.It is an amazing head tho. Pinch should be more tho. Its accurate, passes well, no LIP, catches well. But breaks easy:(.Its really good for face offs. I take them for my team.I am very dissapointed with stringing holes... Not much on sidewalls and bottom holes are toobig. Hope it helped. I say Clutch and Evo and Stallion are better than this. This head is pretty up there to me tho. Dunno about STX heads.
WHICH HEAD - 4/19/12 reply

Ive been out with a concussion and I'm looking for some new gear when i get back, I've been looking at two heads, the witness x and the spider, which head and any very light shaft recommendations?
(no subject) - 4/19/12 reply

o and if helps I'm an offensive face-off middie
Which one? - 4/17/12 reply

Im an attack and i need a new head, I don't know what to pick though, i need something with the most shot speed and accuracy, i guess these are my choices, STX Super Power Warrior Swarm X Maverik Spider or what you prefer
(no subject) - 4/17/12 reply

or a Brine Witness X
(no subject) - 4/01/12 reply

What is better this or the stx super power? answer quick please!
(no subject) - 4/04/12 reply

Id say stx super power
(no subject) - 3/30/12 reply

how is this head for d/lsm?
(no subject) - 3/27/12 reply

is the neon green really that color or does it look more neon in real life.
color - 3/31/12 reply

it has a lot more color in real life
(no subject) - 3/21/12 reply

This or super power?
good for everything - 3/19/12 reply

This is literally the best and most underrated head on the market. I highly recommend. It is good for Attack, face-offs, great D-middy head and all around looks pretty damn cool. I would definitely choose this head over any other head
(no subject) - 3/30/12 reply

how is it for lsm/defense?
d vs attack/ middie - 4/08/12 reply

not good for d. but sick for offense it is to flexible for defense
... - 4/25/12 reply

Well...honestly for D you need a head that is flexible...its not that bad honestly... I've used it a couple of times...
(no subject) - 3/11/12 reply

Which is better this or the clutch slx?
(no subject) - 3/19/12 reply

This is way better. I had a clutch slx and it was not nearly as strong or in general as good. I would definitely go for this head. It is light strong and has great ball control
(no subject) - 3/11/12 reply

Will this fit on the scandium pro or the maverik phenix?
(no subject) - 3/19/12 reply

fits on everything
FO? - 3/09/12 reply

good for face offs?
yes - 3/26/12 reply

I wasn't big on face offs, I never really did them, i was attack. But then my coach puts me right smack dab in the middle of the field, face off. I'm playing veteran face offers and I beat them, again and again. Best head ever!!
(no subject) - 1/16/12 reply

I have this head and it so CRAZY light. NEON GREEN with a relentless 27 swizzle scandium is the way to go.
(no subject) - 1/08/12 reply

is this head good for D
. - 10/07/11 reply

my lax coach got this like 4 months ago...
(no subject) - 1/18/12 reply

my cash mailed this to me like 4 months ago.
(no subject) - 1/18/12 reply

strike that, cash = coach
cool - 10/06/11 reply

reminds me of the super power...mav needs to make a good d head tho.
(no subject) - 10/07/11 reply

Most of their heads are a lot wider in person than they appear in the pics. I used a Bull for a summer league head and it was great, nice wide face to it, the juice is fairly wide too. Obviously not as much as a proton or edge but still gets the job done...
first!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/06/11 reply

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