Nike Vapor Elite 2 Lacrosse Glove Deals
46 Vapor Elite 2 Lacrosse Glove
46 Vapor Elite 2 Lacrosse Glove
Nike Vapor Elite 2 Lacrosse Glove Lacrosse Gloves
royal blue/white
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  • Designed for advanced players, the Vapor Elite has a low profile fit and is very flexible.

    The palm is made of three different materials that deliver a combo of stick feel, grip and breath ability.

    A four part cuff creates wrist mobility.

    A Dri-FIT liner controls moisture keeping your hands cool and dry.
The Vapor Elite II is Nike's premium offering for 2015. Two of our players here chose these for their own gloves over the most expensive class on the market. These gloves are solid construction and simply designed, but the fit and finish are world class. The cuff and palm stitching are premium. These are elite level gloves that are favored by confident offensive minded players that are gonna get knocked around a bit going to the cage... but will keep coming back for more.
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sizing - 4/07/15 reply

im 5`8 145 lbs, am I a 12 or a 13 glove
Sizing - 4/12/15 reply

I would go 13 because im 5'4" and 100lbs and i use 13's so im guessing you should too
these vs cell 3s - 4/07/15 reply

(no subject) - 5/18/15 reply

good question...I went with the Cell III.
Sizing? - 3/13/15 reply

Do these run big or small?
(no subject) - 1/20/15 reply

Protection - 11/06/14 reply

I don't care about any other finger but my thumb. With that being said on a scale of 1-10 with Brine King 4's being a 9 what kind of protection do these have on the thumb?
(no subject) - 10/07/14 reply

these are used as currency in gloveworld
These or brine uprising 2? - 10/06/14 reply

these - 9/12/15 reply

these. normally sell for like over 150. Great deal for 90
(no subject) - 9/12/14 reply

Do these come fairly broken in?
(no subject) - 9/06/14 reply

This or Rome nxt
(no subject) - 9/06/14 reply

This or regulators
Best Gloves - 7/29/14 reply

Used these gloves for my first year of DII college ball, by far the best gloves I've ever used. I'm 5'6, 145 (if that gives you any indication of hand size) and the 12" fit snug at first, then loosened up to fit perfectly. The grip on these is great, no holes in palms after I used them for the whole season. They're super comfortable and flexible, can't wait to get them again for 2015 season.
(no subject) - 7/07/14 reply

is the thumb protection good in these iv broke my thumb a couple times so i need the protection there?
Grip - 6/26/14 reply

Can someone give me a review on the grip of the gloves?
HAPPY - 5/29/14 reply

the nike vapor elite gloves are the best, i get a alot of commments about them!!
stx surgeon - 4/26/14 reply

will these fit my stx surgeon
(no subject) - 6/09/14 reply

thats like asking...will this sock fit in this shoe.
(no subject) - 1/20/15 reply

yes, but you need to get the screw and the screw is sold separately
(no subject) - 6/27/15 reply

Just no
Shield Pro - 4/26/14 reply

I'm guessing you're a goalie so I would go with Shield Pro's because these aren't gonna do much against a hard shot. I would also recommend the King IV goalies.
stx shield pro vs. this - 4/03/14 reply

should i get this or the stx shield pro im in a cast right now from taking a hard shot to the thumb and i dont need that happening again
(no subject) - 3/25/14 reply

Top notch glove, literally I feel like I am not wearing anything. The one problem is that they are very slippery if you don't have any sort of grip on your shaft. This is minor though since most shafts do already, and if not tape fixes the problem. Not to mention they have great protection. way better than stallions and cheaper too. You can't go wrong with this glove for any position. O ya and they look dope also...
durability - 3/18/14 reply

how long would this glove last me, is it durable? I am somewhat of a vigorous player and I tape my stick.
gloves - 5/12/14 reply

it sort of is I am goalie and I use tape, the palm starts to fray but wont do much else just cut or burn it
Which ones? - 3/18/14 reply

Should I get the Maverik Rome NXT gloves, or these?
Help - 3/10/14 reply

Should i get these or stx stingers? They are both great gloves and I cant choose. Personally I think the stjngers are better but i still cant choose.
(no subject) - 3/17/14 reply

these gloves are more advanced than the stingers and more comfortable as well
Sarcasm - 3/18/14 reply

I don't think you caught his sarcasm lol
(no subject) - 2/26/14 reply

is there a big difference between these and the regular vapors?
Super Nice - 2/05/14 reply

These feel like you are wearing wide receiver gloves
That's not very helpful - 11/02/14 reply

Even though I have. Most of the other people on here probably haven't played football. So they wouldn't know what that feels like.
Which is best? - 1/04/14 reply

Romes Macdaddy 4s Triumph 2s Vapor elite 2s Regulator 2s
which ones? - 12/25/13 reply

should i get these or the maverick romes NXT
Color- Navy - 12/17/13 reply

does anyone know what the navy/white ones look in real life? the ones on total lacrosse (same new model) look like actual navy while these look more like royal with no shine
color - 5/06/14 reply

they look like navy and white, my buddy has them, they don't look like they are in the picture
Which ones?! - 11/16/13 reply

Should I get these or the Lakota gloves???
Lakota Gloves??? - 12/15/13 reply

What do you mean lakota gloves? What are you even talking about
Are you kidding? - 1/02/14 reply

There's no such thing as Lakota gloves
I WISH - 7/03/13 reply

When do these drop in price??
(no subject) - 9/17/13 reply

These are the newer ones so the price isn't going to drop anytime soon
Id avoid these - 6/14/13 reply

Dont get me wrong these are the sickest looking gloves out there. but the palm tears up so fast. I had these for a season and the stitching came out in the thumb to my thumb pops out of the thumb hole alot, the grip is like all gone, and the mesh on the fingers have holes all over. Good while they lasted nice protection and flexibility just not held together well
(no subject) - 9/17/13 reply

I believe you are talking about the older gloves these ones have an improved palm
red - 5/30/13 reply

i got the red in 13" before they were discontinued. they are amazing. get these for sure.
(no subject) - 9/17/13 reply

You are talking about the previous vapor elites. Theses are the newer ones that have not been discontinued.
Which ones? - 4/23/13 reply

Warrior regulators or Nike Vapor Elites?
Regulators - 6/17/13 reply

I have a pair of the regulators, they are in my opinion, the best glove out there
Regulators - 10/27/13 reply

I also have the regulators. I've had them for about 2 years and the palms are just starting to stiffen up a little, but it goes away as soon as you start playing. They are by far the best glove, and the new ones just came out.
Help - 4/07/13 reply

these, stx cell 2s or shadows
Help - 3/05/13 reply

These or maverik missions?
Help - 12/15/12 reply

These, stx cell2s or king 4s?
gloves - 12/15/12 reply

get these or king 4s dont get cell2s the palms ripped out in mine
(no subject) - 12/17/12 reply

what about nike vapors?
(no subject) - 12/26/12 reply

get these
big/small? - 10/24/12 reply

how the sizing on these?
(no subject) - 10/21/12 reply

are these good for attack
? - 11/01/12 reply

That's like asking is a stick for lacrosse
... - 3/02/13 reply

Wait what? I've been using a mop
(no subject) - 7/20/13 reply

Swifter wet jets for a stick is the way to go if you play attack
(no subject) - 10/13/12 reply

these or mac daddy 4s???
reply - 3/11/13 reply

MacDaddys are pretty cool but I think you'll appreciate these more if you don't have hands like godzilla
(no subject) - 10/08/12 reply

they look great but i dont think im looking to spend that much for gloves
Cheap - 10/27/13 reply

These are cheap for how good they are...
(no subject) - 10/07/12 reply

best glove i've ever worn by far. great ventilation and protection.
(no subject) - 10/07/12 reply

about time started selling nike stuff
(no subject) - 6/29/14 reply

how do these gloves fit? if i get a medium would it be to small?
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