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Nike Vapor Lacrosse Heads
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  • The Nike Vapor has a sleek, lightweight design that is still durable and stiff.

    Gradual offset provides optimal balance between catching area and ball retention.

    Bottom rail designed for quick and smooth release when shooting and feeding.

    Multiple stringing holes allow for unlimited pocket options.

    Aggressive and bold design stands out from the crowd.

    Complaint for NFHS play only .
When we got the Nike Vapor, two Pros here kept these for themselves on the first shipment. Bottom line, these are simply awesome. The Nike Vapor has Super lightweight construction. The vapor is stiff and durable. This head should be priced at the elite level of $100, but at $85 it explains why this head is a top choice.
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(no subject) - 2/26/15 reply

I love this head i use it on my pole and it works amazing! its a lot easier to get ground balls now that I'm using it!
Quality Head - 2/22/15 reply

Really good head for a midfielder I've found. used it for quite a while and lasted the longest of any head that I've taken face-offs with. I would still use it now if it wasn't just high school legal
Pro strung - 2/15/15 reply

The pro strung actually made me nauseous on this head
HS LAX - 10/02/14 reply

Best head ever! I'm surprised this head isn't as popular as others. If you are a high school offensive player GET THIS HEAD!!! Good for everything between face off x to X. Would not recommend for defense, get a M4 or something
(no subject) - 7/24/14 reply

I wouldn't really recommend either but between those 2 i would pick the vapor. IF your really looking for a good defensive head, try the stallion, hammer, revo 3, edge, or evo 4x.
(no subject) - 7/12/14 reply

I play defense and play lsm I like to take it up alot should I get this or the x10
Vapor vs Lakota - 6/09/14 reply

Both are sick heads that you won't go wrong with. I prefer the lakota for midfield but the vapor is good for attack/midfield too. The Lakota is slightly lighter buy just a few tenths of an ounce. They really arnt that different. It really all comes down to preference.
Fit - 5/22/14 reply

Does this fit on a Maverik Wounderboy plus?
Fit - 5/22/14 reply

Does this fit on a Maverik Wonderboy ? If it doesnt than what head does?
Which head Vapor or Lakota? - 3/29/14 reply

I play midfield and am not sure if I am going to take face offs this year (probably not) but which head should I get the Lakota or the Vapor?
Eric - 6/09/14 reply

Sorry dude ment to send a reply to you but it's at the top ????
(no subject) - 3/15/14 reply

I play defense and this head rocks. It is stiff but also really light weight. The open face shape allows easy passing and catching. Only downside is if you play LSM and take face offs it will warp quickly. But i recommend a million times to any defensive player!
(no subject) - 11/04/13 reply

I play attack and I bought this last year, warps really easily especially if you're playing in the summer. Otherwise its a solid head, not to hard to string but hard to get a nice pocket on it because it is pretty wide so it lets the ball move a little bit
(no subject) - 10/04/13 reply

I play attack should I get this or the Brine Clutch
(no subject) - 8/17/13 reply

Can you string this to use a girls head , rather than a guys head ?
Buy it. - 8/10/13 reply

If you loved the lakota, this head is even better. It is the fixed/remade version that improves everything that was wrong with the lakota. It has a larger face face, making everything easier. it has the same hold if not better than the Lakota.
this head sucks - 7/18/13 reply

its not pinched at all, it warps easily, and its hard to string even though it has a lot of holes
(no subject) - 8/10/13 reply

Nike suggested not to face off with the head because of the stiffness. Any head can be fixed by putting it in 200ish degree water for 10 minutes. Plastic has amazing memory. And you can string any pocket in this head as i have done it without a problem. And not all good heads are pinched.
(no subject) - 7/14/13 reply

This or the Lakota? I play middie.
(no subject) - 7/22/13 reply

lakota definitely i play middie and it has a really good face shape, a lot of string holes so it is super easy to string
This - 8/10/13 reply

Use this head. Amazing for any middie
(no subject) - 6/18/13 reply

the head isn't even pinched
(no subject) - 7/09/13 reply

It doesn't have to be pinched... There are plenty other heads that are not pinched
first impressoins - 6/01/13 reply

I just got theis head at my local store, and the scoop is amazing. The bottom rail looks like it could be easily breakable given the size of the sidewall holes. Looks like a sick head though. The employee at the store said that this and the Stallion are pretty much the same thing. (i couldnt decide between stallion and vapor)
Which one? - 5/30/13 reply

This or the Nike Lakota? I play crease attack.
this probably - 6/28/13 reply

The Vapor is wider, so it would probably be nice for crease attack.
pro stinging - 5/26/13 reply

if I get this head prostrung will it be hard mesh or soft mesh?
lsm head? - 5/19/13 reply

Would this be stiff enough for lam?
(no subject) - 2/24/14 reply

Yeah dude this is a pretty stiff head.
(no subject) - 4/28/13 reply

This or the Lakota i play attack and some middie.
(no subject) - 4/21/13 reply

This or Lakota I play attack
(no subject) - 4/20/13 reply

So this is for college play only?
Not only for attack - 4/20/13 reply

This head isn't only good for attack. This head is almost identical to the lakota and is great for most positions besides face offs.
this head - 1/11/13 reply

this head is an attackmen head it fits a low pocket placement so its actually a lot different than the lakota or stallion fits a different purpose.
(no subject) - 1/09/13 reply

This head is sick. just got it at a local store with kelly green nike signs, strung it with a mid high pocket. i do faceoffs so i need to know if this will b ok for that
(no subject) - 12/29/12 reply

Anyone know if this can take a faceoff
(no subject) - 11/25/12 reply

I think the sidewall shape on this is different than the Lakota and would favor a lower sitting pocket better than the Lakota but correct me if I'm wrong.
(no subject) - 11/25/12 reply

Does a very low pocket sit well in this?
(no subject) - 12/01/12 reply

its more of a mid or high pocket. it has more of the stallion head design
Heads - 12/06/12 reply

Any good heads with a rail designed for low pocket placement?
Vapor - 11/22/12 reply

Looks like the top rail would break easy
(no subject) - 11/14/12 reply

is this a metal head?
(no subject) - 11/20/12 reply

hahaha no it just has a matte finish on the color, like the noz x
(no subject) - 12/28/12 reply

It actually doesn't have a matte finish. I was kind of disappointed when I figured that out.
sweet - 11/10/12 reply

looks pretty sick
(no subject) - 11/09/12 reply

why isn't the swoosh white on the black head? that design is sick
(no subject) - 11/09/12 reply

Actually it looks just like the Lakota
(no subject) - 11/18/12 reply

my thoughts exactly
(no subject) - 11/09/12 reply

Actually it looks just like the Lakota
(no subject) - 11/07/12 reply

this looks exactly like the stx stallion...
First - 11/05/12 reply

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