RageCage Net Visor Backstop Lacrosse Goals and Nets
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  • Only fits on Ragecage goals.
Stop losing your ammo and wasting time shagging balls. Yup we said it - shagging balls. This is a quality offering designed to take years of abuse. Top quality construction backed by Rage Cage. We sell tons of these and narry a complaint.
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Good idea, could be improved - 7/07/14 reply

This is good for younger players. HS players and above will rip holes in it. We've had it for less than a month and have already put about four holes in it. The mesh is not very tight and you can even sometimes shoot right through it even without ripping it if you shoot hard. The other things that could improve it are if they made it slightly bigger, and if they made the side wings able to bend forward on an angle for shooting from the side. This really only works if you are shooting straight on the goal.
(no subject) - 5/08/14 reply

just the net artard
(no subject) - 6/01/11 reply

does this come with the goal and net or just the net
(no subject) - 7/17/11 reply

doesn't come with the actual goal, but i have something similar on my cage at home and it really works well
(no subject) - 3/29/12 reply

just the net
backstop only - 4/10/12 reply

it only comes with the back stop
(no subject) - 5/08/11 reply

does it work good?
FIRST!!!! - 4/21/11 reply

ok this looks sick... but i dont know if it will fit on a brine backyard goal though
(no subject) - 5/08/11 reply

It wont.. I have the same goal, and had to write and complain which is why they changed the page to say "Fits rage cage products" Its designed to bolt through the rage cage pipes.. however this website sucks at returns so I used some zip ties and net quick ties and its standing strong
fitting - 3/23/12 reply

how exactly does it fit how many ties do i need is it worth it even though it wont fit correctly?
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