• The STX Goalmaster is now 17% stiffer than last year's Goalmaster a large improvement on the most popular goalie stick in lacrosse for the last 15 years.

    The Goalmaster is excellent for beginner goalies through collegiate level play.
The Goalmaster is a best selling club and youth program head for both boys and girls. Its durability and old school shape makes is a head that can be used for years. The goalmaster is an exceptional value at his price point.
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Best - 8/24/15 reply

As team towel boy this head is good for holding the sweaty towels and my girlfriend thinks it's hot.
GOALMASTER - 6/03/15 reply

Personally as my teams FOGO, I love this head. This thing is feather light, and has a super amount of flex. I have never lost a faceoff with this head. As an elite veteran player I recommend this head to any players.
(no subject) - 8/14/13 reply

i used this for attack and middie and it has really good pinch, a lot of string holes and is really light
(no subject) - 9/15/13 reply

are u retarded
Goalmaster - 5/08/13 reply

My old coach used this over the eclipse for stiffness
get it! - 5/01/12 reply

Best goalie head ever Lax bro 4 life!
Holds up well - 4/19/12 reply

This is a great stick for beginners. if you are anywhere from 3rd to 4th season i would upgrade to a eclipse but for begginers it is a good start out stick.
(no subject) - 1/05/12 reply

This with free monster mesh custom lax.com stringing for goofing off in backyard and what not?
(no subject) - 8/22/11 reply

has great clamps for faceoffs ya no
(no subject) - 5/26/11 reply

I've been using this since i was 8 and now im the starting attackman for my varsity lacrosse team, and i still use it
(no subject) - 12/11/11 reply

why r u using a goalie head if your an attackman ?
(no subject) - 2/24/13 reply

i agree with u bro i get mad goals with it duh its in the name
(no subject) - 5/14/11 reply

its not too bad, my whole team uses the same one because we have like 3 goalies not including me, and i would say it holds up almost as good as any other goalie head, but of course ive only used this
.... - 4/13/11 reply

this is OK for bigginers. i got this head from my coach for my first season. its not that heavy, it dostn have open sidewalls so its not as arodynamic. its good for a first year.
training - 4/02/11 reply

its a good training goalie head, thats what my lax team uses but not too good in a game
Good beginner - 3/08/11 reply

Used it my first year, good for new guys trying to goalify. Teaches good basics, but the stock mesh SUCKS. Cant get a half way decient pocket and needs to be restrung anway. Go for a nemi or eclipse f you want something good and go for either monster mesh or 17d deppending on your prefferance.
(no subject) - 5/29/14 reply

your spelling is painful to read
(no subject) - 8/08/10 reply

good backup head, a bit of a pain to string, but worth it for stiffness
(no subject) - 7/27/10 reply

Never bye this
funny - 5/27/10 reply

the biggest joke ever
under estimated - 5/18/10 reply

this head is a bit on the heavy side, but its got a decent stiffness, good clamp and scoop, and its really easy to string and form a perfect pocket with its somewhat triangular shape. cheap and pretty good in my book. theres better tho
wow - 5/01/10 reply

this head is ok for begginers, but otherwise dont buy. even for begginers, youll end up buying another head in like a year, so go with the eclipse. this is soooo heavy, thats why its so durable. dont waste your money.
SELLING on ebay - 4/10/10 reply

im selling a BRINE money head with a 40" STX vanadium shaft on ebay.. it is strung with black mesh.type in brine money and it will be the only one there.bid its in good condition no scratches on head and no dents on shaft.CHECK IT OUT!
looks - 6/08/09 reply

this head looks kinda stupid but it gets the job done and is more durable then a lot of the more expensive goalie heads out there
the okist - 7/27/09 reply

ive had it for 4 years and its actully good
Great head - 5/23/09 reply

I've had the goalmaster for about 2 months. Its very durable. Its a little on the heavy side compared to other heads, i would advise putting it on a lighter shaft. i put mine on one of my old attack sticks. You also might have some trouble with throwing, its hard to get a straight throw with it, its more of a lob throw, but its still accurate. I also hear alot of story's about it breaking, although mine hasn't broke yet, at the price i paid for it it wouldnt be a big deal. If you break the eclipse, you gota dish out around $70-90 to replace it, with the master its only around $50 I would highly recommend this stick to any goalie new and old.
my friend has had his for 4 yr - 6/10/09 reply

it is still his starter
It's aight - 3/12/09 reply

This was my first head, and it's not bad. I played pretty well with it, but for me it had terrible durability and i had to throw side-arm to get good accuracy out of it. It's a good way to start off goalie-ing, but you should look for a replacement soon-ish
GOOD 4 NOOBS - 8/18/08 reply

its good - 6/26/08 reply

(no subject) - 6/26/08 reply

its ok the mesh might break if u try to break in da pocket to much but its good
question - 6/01/08 reply

i am buying this for my friend. he doesnt play organized lax so it doesnt need to legal. can u fit a goalie head on a attack shaft just for fooling around wit?
Yep - 6/07/08 reply

Yea you can. the only problem is it might be a bit wobbly. but you can just put some tape around the neck of the head.
(no subject) - 6/25/08 reply

sur it is better than a d pole
good for beginners but... - 5/27/08 reply

i had this head and it was a good introduction to goalie sticks but the first shot i took on the sidewall of the stick that are supposed to make it "stiffer" and the thing snaps. brine eraser all the way
(no subject) - 5/04/08 reply

its preety good actully light and durible if u agree with me ur a true GOALIE
(no subject) - 5/25/08 reply

I agree, this head isnt flimsy so it's much easier to scoop on rough ground were a normal head would fold. Over all i love it
please respond!!!!!!!!! - 1/25/07 reply

does it fit on an attack shaft???? please answer
yeah - 3/16/08 reply

yeah all heads fit on all shafts doesnt matter wat pos. personally i wud just get a good goalie shaft cuz an attack shaft is a little bit to short but thats just my opinion
post back - 11/09/06 reply

what does it matter for shot speed as goalie? dont u usually bomb it? u dont need speed to bomb it
Well - 5/25/08 reply

I know my team/coach hate it when i gilman it (bombing) we try to hit and open D man or middie. The faster your throw the less chance of it being intercepted
scooping - 11/07/06 reply

i hate scooping wit this because every time i scoop it weres out the top wall strings and than if i catch a ball there is snaps other then that its a good head
neh, goalmaster all the way - 10/17/06 reply

ive got about 5 of these (only bought 1, the others were given to me by school/ other people) and there all amazing, never had a durability problem although after five continuous seasons my starting head is starting to soften up a bit. i have an eclipse, money, nemesis, and guardian...the eclipse i felt was way too flexible when scooping...money isnt bac surprisingly except for that goofy dollar sign, nemesis was a little heavy, as was the guardian...goalmaster is cheap and works well
yup - 2/22/08 reply

i bought this head and love it
fooze. - 10/17/06 reply

i love the rigid scoop on this, its really helpful in the crease. it takes some time to get used to picking up balls outside the crease tho. thats my opinion.
(no subject) - 4/24/03 reply

I have used the goalmaster for 3 years and i have never had a problem. I think it is way better than the eclipse.
Question!! - 4/03/03 reply

tell me if the hard mesh goalmaster head comes with that cool pocket PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!! A.S.A.P!!!!!!!!!!
QUESTION!! - 4/03/03 reply

does anyone no if the hard mesh thing come with that cool pocket. any goalmaster owners PLEASE ANSWER!!
No - 5/25/08 reply

Mine came with about a 1/2 inch pocket
goalmaster or nemesis - 3/26/03 reply

I use the goal master as my game stick and I am think about getting a new goalie head. Should I get the nemesis or stick with the Goalmaster?
nemisis - 5/20/03 reply

well the Nemisis is a lot better than the goal master
goalmaster - 11/07/03 reply

ive had a goalmaster for nine years and it still hasnt broke
meh..... - 10/17/06 reply

i think sumwhere in between nemisis and goalmaster theres like.... THE PERFECT STICK?? prolly not, but nemisis is lighter, but goalmaster has amazing durability. i'd say, if ur a beginner, go for the goalmaster. if your a more experienced player, go for the nemisis. UNLESS you'd rather have a lighter stick for beginners, altho i'd pic a more durable, average weight stick for beginners.
nemisis - 4/30/08 reply

ive never tried the gaol master but wen i tried the nemisis it was a big diffance
ive got both heads - 5/02/08 reply

dude, dont go to th nemisis. its really crappy and isnt stiff. go with the eclipse. its cheaper than th nemi to.
ECLIPSE OR SENTINAL - 6/04/09 reply

Step up to the eclipse its cheap and amazing The sentinal is amazing as well but harder to find
as good as the player - 2/23/03 reply

Lacrosse players need to stop blaming "the stick". Yes, a stick can suck, but it's usually not a fault of the stick itself as much as it is the stringing job. Other than that, the fault comes from the player. Once a goalie comes to grips with these sometimes harsh realities, he/she can start to improve. If you're giving up alot of rebounds, learn to have softer hands and catch the ball in the bottom of the head (practice with a field stick). If your throwing off of the sidewalls, stop throwing side arm or learn to settle the ball before you do (maybe you need a bigger bag). Goal tending is a mind game and the more excuses you make, the more time you're going to spend fishing balls out of the back of the cage. A little advice from a veteran. Goalmaster, Eclipse, Abyss, The Web, whatever you get; It will do the trick. I happen to prefer old school.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! - 10/21/02 reply

ok in this stick with hard mesh does it come with the cool pocket it shows in the pick. PLEASE RESPOND
not always - 4/01/04 reply

if i were u, i would try and go foer a nemisis with monster mesh. like virginia's goalie
tip for this head - 9/10/02 reply

if u round the top off like pinching but just the top to rounf it off iff u do this it throws awsome.
abyss eclipse goalimaster - 9/10/02 reply

well the goalmaster is a great head i used it my first year as goalie. It has to be strung to perfection bc it the lip on top it throws down. Abyss is just like the goaliemaster there like excactly the same almost. I find it that the abyss is strung good it throws awsome. if you string it right ball control is good like the goalimaster. Eclipse is the best throwing stick there is (so far). It gives up repounds but if strung right and used properly not many rebounds. as for the breaking easily i dont no These are the 3 best sticks i say. But each goalie does better or worse with a certain stick
(no subject) - 6/20/02 reply

cuse goalie jay pfefier was a freshman and lead cuse to win the championship so maybe sum say he just had a really good d but he was also all tournament so think watever but i thought he did pretty good
awsome - 6/19/02 reply

this is my favorite goalie head. its worth buying. way better then big nasty abyss and eclipse.
Cuse goalie - 6/18/02 reply

The goalie from Syracuse uses this apparently. It's fun making fun of him because he's bad.
? - 8/03/02 reply

like ur any better? plus j pfifer is mad good
you've gotta be kidding... - 11/10/02 reply

dude, are you kidding? Pfifer is ridiculous! did you see him in the finals against princeton in 2001? he's sick! you shouldn't be allowed to talk any more. ~J~
are you drunk - 12/01/02 reply

any goalie that makes it into any d1 school and starts is unbelievable. and to say that j phif is bad is rediculus
r u serious!!!!!! - 9/29/03 reply

dude, someone needs to slap u silly boy!!!!!! all the division 1 goalies r superb!!!!!! i'd like to see u play in d1!!!!!!
definatly for newbs - 5/08/02 reply

i have an eclips and theres really not alot of difference except the ball control after a shot is greatly decresed with this head
just as good as the eclipse - 4/08/02 reply

i have a goalmaster and i borrowed my backups eclipse for a game, and honestly, i couldnt find a difference, the eclipse throws slightly better but i thought they were the same.
i agree - 6/03/02 reply

i agree i have both and i think they are exactly the same except that the eclipse throws a little bit better than the goalmaster. and the goalmaster was the first goalie stick ever oldschool rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's O.K. - 4/05/02 reply

I strung the head myself, and found that it was hard to get the throwing strings tight enough. There is not much control in this stuck, its great for lob passes, but a "line drive" pass is nearly impossible. At first I thought it was my subpar string job, by my coach, who played D-1 in college, fixed it, but still wasn't thrilled with it. For the money, however, it is definately worth it. For the first-timer looking for a "workhorse," this is definately that.
(no subject) - 7/29/01 reply

but monster mesh in this stick it is butter
(no subject) - 7/15/01 reply

I have played with the goalmaster for five years. It had never let me down. It has great reliability and accuracy (properly strung). The eclipse is just as awesome, but tends to break a littl easier
its good for first timers - 6/02/01 reply

its a great stick but its smarter to steep up to the eclipse
not necessarily... - 11/24/02 reply

the goalmaster and the eclipse are almost the same thing. There's a little less air resistance w/ the eclipse, but it's close to unnoticable. Plus, there are a lot more goalmasters currently in use by college and pro goalies than there are eclipses. If it's good enough for the top players, it's good enough for the rest of us. ~J~
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