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  • Put the Hammer down on your opponents.

    Engineered for strength and stability for the advanced defender.

    C Channel technology along bottom rail and scoop provides extra strength for checking and stability on ground balls.

    Three sidewall braces provide extra stability on ground balls.

    Bottom rail designed for specifically for high pocket placement.

    Four-chambered throat design removes unnecessary material and keeps head lightweight.
What sets the STX Hammer apart from most defensive heads, is its lightweight yet stiff design. This head can also take an absolute beating and maintain its shape due to the new C-Channel technology.The Hammer is designed to make it through a hard season of checks and rough play with no problem. A true defenseman's head, which we recommend for any level of play. This head is priced at the top of the spectrum, but a must have for any D-pole who wants to play with the best.
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DO NOT GET THIS - 7/24/15 reply

I had this head for 2 tournaments and it has already warped beyond fixing. The sides of it have completely hourglassed and I can't catch with it, and I leave a softball in it after every game. If you like to throw poke checks, this is not for you. I would personally recommend the brine cyber for poke checks.
Same problem (basically) - 7/30/15 reply

So bromego I ordered this and I was expecting a sledge hammer... they just sent me this pice of plastic like imma sue basically
(no subject) - 6/16/15 reply

Great head very stiff
hammer or tank - 6/02/15 reply

I currently have the hammer and i am pretty satisfied with it, but im getting a new head and should i get another hammer or the Tank or should i get a different head.
(no subject) - 6/03/15 reply

I own both, and in my experience, the tank is smoother on ground balls than the hammer, but other than that there aren't many difference in performance between the heads
(no subject) - 6/12/15 reply

the tank is way better have both heads and tank is very stiff and picks up ground ball perfectly
Forest Green Hammer - 2/06/15 reply

Is it just me that sees that only the Forest Green Hammer is only 29.99 and all the other heads are regular price?
(no subject) - 2/09/15 reply

Greens are $70 cheaper right now probably based on stock...I picked one up
(no subject) - 11/28/14 reply

(no subject) - 10/07/14 reply

But the Grey looks super dirty
(no subject) - 10/07/14 reply

I bought this head lightley used for 35 bucks and an STX Professor. It was worth it. I like the head, But after 2 seasons of hard use it is very warped and losing its stiffness. I would not reccomend it for its price. go for the Tank or Revo 3X.
good but.... - 8/19/14 reply

I tried this head during summer league. Excellent for ground balls, OK stiffness for checks, absolute crap for carrying the ball up field (zero pinch).
Review - 8/18/14 reply

I have this head and have gone through 2 of them. This is is very good at first and I was very in love. I used this for my high school season. I also then used these heads in the summer with my club team. Let me just say that they are both destroyed. They are both very flimsy and very much warped. I would recommend this head if it was durable enough to play with in the heat. I mean most heads a re going to get ruined in the head but this head is bad. I am currently considering the stallion u, metrik u, optik u, or i am gonna hold off for that Tank ( I've heard amazing things).
Warping - 6/25/14 reply

I have this head and it is great beside the fact that it completely warped to one side. Now I don't know if it was because I was unaware that you were supposed to put screws in both holes but it didn't warp until after a whole spring season and a few days in summer league. I'm gonna try the Brine Cyber X next because it's cheaper and looks like a great head.
(no subject) - 5/18/14 reply

how would this head do on attack??
bad - 6/10/14 reply

it is more of a defense head so you wouldn't want it on attack
(no subject) - 7/27/14 reply

I dont think good at all a lot of turnovers
Great Head - 5/11/14 reply

Great lacrosse head, i have had it for a season and it has held up very well. the scoop hasn't flattened, hasn't warped, and throws a solid check. Very durable too, my dad accidentally ran it over with his jeep and it was perfectly fine and i was throwing with it 30 minutes later.
LSM - 4/28/14 reply

Some people say that this isn't good for LSM, but I love, it throws a nice check, wins all GBs and has a good catching area for a long pole.
it isn't realy - 7/13/15 reply

if you play lsm go with the cyber or the nike alpha u
(no subject) - 4/17/14 reply

Is the head able to pinch without messing with the integrity I play midfield and attack and a friend of mine is wanting to sell it to me
How is the custom stringing - 4/16/14 reply

Hammer - 4/08/14 reply

Is this a good defense head or not, what else is comparable?
(no subject) - 4/01/14 reply

x10 is garbage use the hammer i have two that is use all the time. best defensive head out there
(no subject) - 3/29/14 reply

This the stallion or warrior evo for defense?
(no subject) - 4/06/14 reply

If you plan on poke checking then I suggest the hammer. But if you are just planning on playing lsm or not poke checking then get the stallion ( but I suggest the surgeon instead ) and if you are just looking for a cheap decent head the evo would do fine.
Awesome head - 2/27/14 reply

I got this head a few weeks ago and strung it up with a String King H1 pocket, best head and pocket I've ever used. I would recommend this head to every defensemen. I'd also recommend the String King pocket. It's awesome!
(no subject) - 12/04/13 reply

Used the hammer for the first week of practice in college. Scoop is completely flattened from poke checks and it is starting to warp to one side. Wouldn't recommend it if you like to poke or throw hard checks.
Pinches Easily - 11/30/13 reply

It does pinch in easily. My friend has one and the bottom sidewall (the one with the holes) got very pinched. A ball wont come out if it is upside down. I know nothing about the Cyber X or Revo 3, but if you poke a lot I wouldn't really recommend this. Kind of disappointed in STX for this one. Hope that helped.
(no subject) - 11/18/13 reply

This head is defnpinitely better than the cyber. My brother has the cyber and I have the hammer so I have compared the two. The hammer is definitely more stiffer.
Durability - 1/22/14 reply

How have the two held up? I'm deciding between the Hammer U and the Cyber. I'm worried that the Hammer will warp.
(no subject) - 1/22/14 reply

How are the two holding up? I'm worried that the Hammer isn't very durable. Not sure which one I should get.
hammer u? - 8/27/13 reply

i need to know which one is better, there are only good comments o. the cyber x, but there is good and bad comments on the hammer u, and there is no comments on the revo 3. which one is better?!?!
Revo 3 - 10/03/13 reply

I would go with the revo 3. I had two hammers and one warped after the first poke check. I have an evo 4x right now and I love it. The evo 4x looks pretty similar to the revo 3. I don't know anything about the cyber x. Hope this helps.
Defense - 6/23/13 reply

This or brine cyber x or revo x
(no subject) - 7/17/13 reply

I was pleased with the hammer for the most part, but I think it pinches in to easily. I'm a defender that likes to poke and lift a lot and I feel like that causes the head to pinch in.
(no subject) - 2/14/14 reply

Revo 3x. I used it for my winter league and no matter the stress or pressure put on it it went right back to shape. Its also the lightest of the three.
ok - 6/22/13 reply

good head. i poke check really hard and to be honest i was a little disappointed with this head. It lost a lot of its stiffness after 3 practices and a tournament. And sometime it will bend after a big poke check and when you go to then scoop the ball you can't because the head is tilted and you have to tilt it back. But overall i still do love this head!
. - 6/22/13 reply

Good for an attackman that plays x
Hammer vs. X10 vs. Proton U - 6/10/13 reply

This, x10, or proton U?
If you got reall skills...... - 6/07/13 reply

....You can use any head at any position. They shouldn't make sticks that are legal in high school and illegal in the NCAA. The rules should be uniform.
should pinch if an attack - 6/03/13 reply

u should pinch this head if you are an attack did it played in tournament and did beast for a defense head played attack fyi
head is beast - 6/02/13 reply

got this head for bday and is awesome strung it with carolina east coast mesh,carolina and navy shooting strings and navy sidewall spools used in tournament and did awesome
Which one - 5/20/13 reply

Hammer or proton u for d
Hammer - 5/27/13 reply

I don't play defence but every defensive player on my team either has or is getting a hammer....
(no subject) - 5/31/13 reply

Hammer, the proton u gets flimsy after a while.
(no subject) - 6/03/13 reply

Thanks guy will get hammer
right bro? - 5/09/13 reply

This is the best head for attack, right guys?
(no subject) - 5/10/13 reply

Please don't make completely irrelevant posts like that. Also, it's way too wide for attack.
(no subject) - 6/02/13 reply

come down dude
(no subject) - 4/29/13 reply

Got this head because it was really stiff, which it is. The only problem I have with it is that the top scoop is kinda sharp and is awful for picking up ground balls because it gets stuck it the ground unless you get really low with it which isn't good for a d-pole. I'd go with the x10 any day
c-channel - 4/18/13 reply

looks like they made a head for all positions with it. i play goalie so i use the shield, but they have the hammer for D, proton for attack, the stallion for middie, and the shield for goalie. i think that's pretty cool that they're including all positions with it.
(no subject) - 5/27/13 reply

Proton is for D. The Super Power for attack.
(no subject) - 9/15/13 reply

That is very debateable. I have a sp and a proton. I play mid field... its all just preference. Also it would make more sense that since the super power is a wider head, you should use it for d. also the sp is the same exact thing as the proton, except they changed the face shape to make it college legal.
(no subject) - 4/06/13 reply

is it good for face offs?
Face off and LSM - 6/24/13 reply

This is prob too stiff for face, and for LSM, I would recommend the Stallion
Good For LSM - 4/06/13 reply

is this a good lsm head
Which one? - 4/06/13 reply

This or warrior Revolution /revo pro/X, STX X10, or Brine E3? Please answer.
(no subject) - 5/05/13 reply

great head - 4/05/13 reply

I bought this for this season. been practicing for a few weeks and I love it. Strung it with a sweet mid-low pocket. great control. I have it on a gait ice defense shaft
AMAZING - 4/05/13 reply

i love this head. i thought it was to wide at first but if you get ninja mesh with a low pocket you'll have alot of control
(no subject) - 4/01/13 reply

the head is really easy to have the ball knocked out if you aren't that good with cradling. i wouldn't use it for anything other than D pole or maybe lsm.
Yes or no? - 3/26/13 reply

Can you get a nice low pocket in this?
yes - 4/04/13 reply

i have a really nice low pocket on this head
(no subject) - 3/25/13 reply

i need a LSM head plz respond fast
rabil or hammer - 3/18/13 reply

which is a better head the rabilx or the hammer
(no subject) - 3/22/13 reply

the rabil x or the hammer? are we deciding between middie and defense here? you're a scrub come to Idaho to see some real lax #juniorandleadingscoreronjv
(no subject) - 3/28/13 reply

for a middie
Nice Try... - 4/24/13 reply

Idaho Lax? Foothill High School from California was just out there this season and went undefeated against Idaho, Utah, and Oregon. Keep playing hard Idaho, but better luck next time... #CaliLax
Whoa... - 5/13/13 reply

Who is this? I play for Foothill right now. It's Conor Sullivan.
(no subject) - 5/06/13 reply

how cute
(no subject) - 8/10/13 reply

haha idaho lacrosse......
what school - 6/20/14 reply

I live in meridian, what team do you play for?
Not a good question.. - 4/03/13 reply

I have the Rabil X and i love it but its not a good question. Hammer is for D, Rabil is for middie or attack.
(no subject) - 4/04/13 reply

so for lsm the rabil x
(no subject) - 3/14/13 reply

no debate, best attack head on the market. I scored like a hat trick in practice in jv. I bet you all suck. Idaho lacrosse is coming in hot for you east coast losers. #potatoelitelax
(no subject) - 3/14/13 reply

amen Billy! IDAHO lax is sick. Me and Billy here play for Potato Elite 2014 and we only lost to West Coast Starz u13 by like 11. #Idaholaxisraw
(no subject) - 3/14/13 reply

u guys suck my team would destroy you guys am i right people
(no subject) - 3/26/13 reply

yall should all be happpy you dont play texas teams cuz we would whip yalls buts
(no subject) - 3/27/13 reply

im 12 yrs old and on team philadelphia. we havnt lost a tournament yet. GO PYLA!!!!
(no subject) - 4/18/13 reply

You play Dukes lacrosse yet?
(no subject) - 3/16/13 reply

lol you guys are juniors and lost to u13 kids
(no subject) - 3/23/13 reply

East coast is so much better than Idaho. My club team only lost to the #3 team in the country by 4
(no subject) - 5/14/13 reply

Play any team in Baltimore area and you would lose
(no subject) - 4/18/13 reply

Dude Idaho lax? LOL come to the east coast you're a bunch of scubs.
(no subject) - 5/02/13 reply

The Hammer's a D head
(no subject) - 12/13/13 reply

too funny these east coast clowns are getting all butt hurt over you trolling them
Amazing - 3/11/13 reply

I ordered an orange pro strung and it was awesome shot great right out of the box just wish they would have put a u shooting string to hold the ball alittle better but gbs are insanely easy with this head its all most unfair
(no subject) - 3/14/13 reply

how do u pick which pro strings it if so can get paol rabbil
Great head! - 3/08/13 reply

The only bad thing to say about this head is that its a bit too wide! But it's a great defensive head! Stiff and it will really hurt when you lay the hammer down! :D
(no subject) - 3/14/13 reply

good pun ESSAY!
Wideness - 11/05/13 reply

Finally, someone else who agrees with me. The hammer is a bit too wide. It just seems like the ball would pop out whenever I run it down the field. ( I'm a defender )
(no subject) - 12/13/13 reply

bjorn is that you/ celts lax..?
(no subject) - 2/25/13 reply

would this work for face offs I face with a pole, please help
(no subject) - 2/27/13 reply

no this is why to stiff to face off.
must have - 1/28/13 reply

the hammer is a sick head. it keeps its stiffness and doesn't warp as easy as the x10 or xcalibur. good on ground balls and definitely worth the money
(no subject) - 12/15/12 reply

hammer, x10, or edge
HAMMER - 12/15/12 reply

get the hammer, to me its an updated version of the x10 and the edge is kinda gross compared to the hammer so get the hammer its amazing
(no subject) - 12/08/12 reply

Just got this head and it took me by surprise the wall is actually pretty wide which I like. It has the double screw design so it will fit almost any lacrosse shaft. really nice. It is also fairly light.
(no subject) - 12/07/12 reply

I like the double screw design
(no subject) - 11/27/12 reply

I still use my deBeer Wizard, and nothing compares to that defenseman's best friend. It puts this and any other 'defensive-minded' poser heads out there to SHAME...
(no subject) - 3/06/13 reply

I had one of those bad boys for a while until it broke.
I play attack - 11/25/12 reply

Suggestions - 11/25/12 reply

Looking for a head designed for low pocket placement. Any suggestions? I like the pocket at the throat of the head.
(no subject) - 11/20/12 reply

Do yall think I should use this head as a mid?
(no subject) - 12/22/12 reply

You may want a more pinched head for mid. This head is pretty wide
(no subject) - 10/20/12 reply

how much does this weigh?
like a brick... - 11/13/12 reply

it weighs about 5 and 3/4 ounces
(no subject) - 10/15/12 reply

This with the talon beast is the greatest thing ive ever owned. strang it my self ill post a video on youtube of it soon
hammer - 10/15/12 reply

perfect deffensive head amazing on ground balls really stiff on the sides just got it string it with a high pocket and it has amzing hold. absolutly love it and i comes in a flat black and its not glossy and looks awesome. wide head must have for every deffender
(no subject) - 10/14/12 reply

Does anyone have a review on the hammer u yet???
yea - 11/06/12 reply

(no subject) - 10/10/12 reply

just ordered one.. prayin to god its a good head
(no subject) - 10/09/12 reply

(no subject) - 10/06/12 reply

is this durable?
(no subject) - 9/24/12 reply

(no subject) - 11/02/12 reply

ooooh first...thats so cute
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