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  • The K18 U design and inspired by LXM superstar Kyle Harrison.

    Custom K18 details.

    Provides stability and versatility to meet the demands of an intermediate level player.

    Patented dual shot material process.

    Complaint under NCAA and NFHS rules.
STX does't have any duel shot heads.. and if you are looking for one at a price that won't put you in the poor house, the K18 is awesome.. This head is designed for advanced youth players or college level play on a budget. The K18 U head delivers top technology and our Pros loved the faceoff versatility and higher pocket stringing options. Solid value and good technology here for leader STX.
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good first head - 7/02/15 reply

good head for the money I use it as backup
This or Encore X superlight - 1/29/15 reply

I play SSDM and is wondering which throws better checks and can shoot and throw and pick up GBs
love it - 12/11/14 reply

i am a goalie that plays field some times and i just got this head it is really nice. the pocket throws great. i would totally let them string it for me again.
Good To Try - 9/30/14 reply

I am a high school player and got this head and strung it with ECM Regular because I did not have a lot of money. I used it on my d-pole as more of a LSM head, since it was a little wide, somewhat stiff, and still had good throws and handling. Overall, not too bad, but I would not use it as my main head for a high school or advanced player.
Not Worth It - 5/03/14 reply

This head is more directed towards beginners. You might as well pay the extra cost for a better head like a Lakota
Not worth it - 7/14/14 reply

Nike heads are made by STX. The Lakota is almost a replica of the K18 with some plastic removed on the sidewall. The Lakota is slightly lighter than the STX as a result, but not quite as stiff. Both the K18 and the Lakota have these same size specs.
(no subject) - 7/19/14 reply

The k18 and the lakota arent even in the same leauge your right nike is made by stx but the lakota is more comparable to the syx stallion trust me I have them both
(no subject) - 4/03/14 reply

The turtle is Kyle Harrison's signature logo
good for attack? - 3/28/14 reply

Is this good for a attackmen?
ya - 12/11/14 reply

its great
k18 - 2/22/14 reply

amazing no complants well worth the extra bucks for ecm, just redo the shooting strings.
dang - 11/23/13 reply

I kind off expected more from the New K18 line this year.
(no subject) - 9/07/13 reply

it looks sick
K18 - 8/31/13 reply

Why's there a turtle on the scoop?
(no subject) - 9/05/13 reply

I've noticed the turtle on my k18 shoulder pads. It must be something all k18 stuff has.
(no subject) - 10/10/13 reply

its symboic to kyle. i had camp and he was the main instructor and he has this tattoo, since k18 is kyle's he puts the turtle on it.
k18 - 12/11/14 reply

it means good luck
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