STX Men's Deluxe Endcap Lacrosse String Supplies
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  • Cover your butt (end).
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great - 11/11/13 reply

if u put some tape on this thing, you will never need a new buttcap ever again
it's ok - 11/02/11 reply

For a shorty it's good but for D pole don't buy it get like a talen end for your D pole
Deluxe for a reason - 9/29/11 reply

its deluxe becaue this thing is hella thick and durable. it will never fall off or rip. i love it.
u can get the skull one here - 4/03/11 reply

(no subject) - 8/15/10 reply

To bulky for me. I got a sick warrior one it's a skull. They have the at sports authoriy for like 2.50$
(no subject) - 11/02/10 reply

i have the same one its sick
Deluxe - 7/30/10 reply

stx calls it deluxe b/c if u rembr their old butts the bottom of it was pretty thin and tend to rip and then go in the shaft but with this one the bottom is thicker and once its goes on the stick its virtually impossible to take off
(no subject) - 7/02/10 reply

dont waste ur money...just use
DUHHHH - 9/14/11 reply

obviously the deluxe means its better
(no subject) - 8/22/12 reply

Refs. Wont pet you use tape
These are good - 6/01/10 reply

these work well on any shaft, and i promise you they wont slip off
Maverik? - 5/18/10 reply

Where can I find some Maverik butt end caps? (Sorry if this is in the wrong place)
(no subject) - 4/02/10 reply

deluxe? wtf?
(no subject) - 2/13/10 reply

y is this more than the warrior 1? whats a deluxe butt its just a butt.
A butt is a butt - 2/14/10 reply

This is a little bit higher quality than the warrior one, I personally get really picky when it comes to butts. I love these STX ones, they almost never fall off, but if you really could care less, the warrior ones serve the purpose for less
hmmm - 2/09/10 reply

i dont use endcaps i make mine out of tape like some college players it looks alot cooler in my opinion
how???? - 4/08/10 reply

hey man how do you make these end caps outta tape? could you like tell me in detail, i seen ppl do it and its pretty nice.
(no subject) - 6/29/10 reply

check paul rabils vids on you tube. he shows you how he tapes his butt ends but he does them n the caps but you can do it on the end of the shaft.

does this work on Brine shafts cause the Brine ones are kinda bad
the warrior end does - 3/19/08 reply

I have a warrior end cap on my brine stick and even w/o tape it hasnt fallen off lik my brine one did.
(no subject) - 11/02/08 reply

my warrior butt was horrible the shaft cut right through
stx delux - 3/21/08 reply

i have it on all my shafts brine gait and stx i dont use tape(comes in some nasty cool colers
yea - 3/24/08 reply

the stopper im useing is Brine cus my STX one just cut through
wel this is way over a year - 2/06/10 reply

but i still do not have an answer for you =[ ha sorry
THIS BUTT!! - 12/12/07 reply

crack pot - 7/24/08 reply

(no subject) - 6/06/10 reply

haha, that sounded very gay
no good - 10/23/06 reply

i ordered one...and the top of it is very flimsy and it comes off very easy
(no subject) - 2/18/08 reply

tape it...
very good - 10/08/06 reply

mine never falls off worth the money
works really well - 10/03/06 reply

never fell off on my stick
NICE - 3/14/03 reply

This is the best end cap i have ever used! Get this. Some people say is cuts there hand but is does not. How could it if you were useing gloves! Get these one and no the warrior end cap because it always comes off. Don't get the STX mens powergrip end cap because you cant cradle good. GET THIS ONE!!!!!
Sweet - 12/31/02 reply

this is a really good end cap i had on for two years and i would always have to slam the butt end of my stick on the ground so my head would stay on. i have the eclipse and the Warrior Ti classic so the screw holes didn't match. and it lasted for two years until it finally broke through the two roles of thape one my butt end. i would recomend it to anyone.
this thing is nice.. - 6/14/02 reply

ive always used this. when i was playing with an F55, stole one of these from my friend. back when i started, and had aluminum, i found one and put it on my stick. now i got stx ti, and what do you think is on it? this is the best endcap ever created buy it
best endcap - 6/12/02 reply

even though it doesnt seem it would make a difference, it does... it stays on, its solid plastic, and u dont need to tape it, and if you do throw a hard shot it can hurt your hands, but how often do you shoot with no gloves on during a game????? even when u practice u should be wearing gloves!!!!!
(no subject) - 4/10/02 reply

dont get it it is so hard that it can cut your hands when you throw a hard shot i would not recommend it at all
(no subject) - 8/25/02 reply

if it cuts your hands why dont you try wearing some gloves, its better to practice with then on anyways
i take it back - 7/21/01 reply

THIS IS A PERFORMANCE ENDCAP!!! dude! its octagonal! it stays on! it doesnt constantly feel like its trying to excape your grasp! i just got a stx ti and this was on it...dude it rules! *BEST ENDCAP MADE*
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