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  • The STX Surgeon 10 is built to NCAA specifications, based on 2010 NCAA rule changes, for the college player. Featuring ACP (All Climate Performance) technology that maintains head shape and form regardless of climate. Pointed and stiffer scoop provides quicker release and pin-point accuracy. Longer, contoured throat for enhanced control when cradling. Strategically placed stringing holes make stringing the desired pocket simple and effective.
The STX Surgeon 10 is the head used by the best collegiate attackmen in the game. The stiffness of the ACP heads allows the big boys to rip corners and provided game ready consistency day in and day out. This is a top of the line head from STX which encompass the best of their 2013 technology.
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This fo D - 1/08/14 reply

Is this head good for close D. I scoop tons of GBs and check a lot. I'm in middle school
(no subject) - 3/27/14 reply

It's illegal unless you're in college.
Price - 12/18/13 reply

Why is this posted as on sale?
this or stallion - 7/29/13 reply

this or the stallion?
Best head i've ever used - 6/06/13 reply

these pictures don't do the face shape justice. super easy to string, and the ACP actually works - this head doesn't warp. however, i don't take face-offs
(no subject) - 4/12/13 reply

Haha its funny how they string an NCAA head illegal for NCAA
(no subject) - 4/23/13 reply

Best comment I have seen about this! Its so true. You think they would catch on.
(no subject) - 4/24/13 reply

this is built to meet 2010 specs for head dimensions they arnt gonna restring already strung ones to meet the rules for 3 yrs later learn business
unreal for lsm - 3/16/13 reply

I strung up one of these for a friend and it's absolutely insane. great for GB's and is nice and stiff.
Stiff - 3/13/13 reply

It is so stiff that it broke at the neck, this has happened to me twice and my friend once. Don't waste you money!
(no subject) - 3/11/13 reply

this head is great for defense, it is a monster on ground balls and its great if you like to push in transition, if ur used to a wide head like the hammer it may take some time to get use to, my only complaint is it needs more sidewall holes
Surgeon 10 - 2/10/13 reply

Great head for D. Maybe one of the best out there.
surgeon 10 - 12/05/12 reply

best head in the world stiff and an awesome head for defense
(no subject) - 10/31/12 reply

superpowers are way better and 5 dollars less
(no subject) - 8/22/12 reply

this or super power
d? - 7/23/12 reply

this any good for d? i have the revo 2.0 and its really warped... is this anything like it? i have an h2 shaft, will this fit on it?
Hammer or Edge - 7/01/13 reply

The revo x was sapossed to be warrior "best ever defensive head" the revo 2.0 was never meant for defense and neither was this and im not saying this is bad for defense it was just not engineered for the lsm or defender i play lsm and the only two heads i use for defense are the Edge and the Hammer i prefer the Brine Edge because its cheaper and hold up longer so so Edge and Hammer and the two best for dpole but that's just me opinion
(no subject) - 7/13/12 reply

This or the super power on the STX force shaft?
(no subject) - 7/09/12 reply

(no subject) - 7/09/12 reply

does this head fit on a swizzle
D? - 6/17/12 reply

is this a good d head. I play d and i really don't like wide heads and my brine gospel just broke should i get this or the encore
(no subject) - 5/08/12 reply

should i get this or cobra x
(no subject) - 6/12/12 reply

Depends on position. I really really really like my cobra x. I got it because I play LSM and I can't stand really wide heads b/c I used to play O middi. But it sucks for D, while the surgeon 10 is really stiff.
(no subject) - 7/09/12 reply

(no subject) - 5/01/12 reply

Im getting this even though its college only, and i play youth ( 8th grade), ref never check your heads
(no subject) - 5/29/12 reply

thats stupid, there allowed for college for a reason - less power, im pretty sure you are going to want more power right?
power? - 9/03/12 reply

what is power turd face?
(no subject) - 11/12/12 reply

why get this? get the regular surgeon. its better unless you need a college head for some reason.
durability - 4/29/12 reply

these break a ton my friend is on his second after only having it for 2 months
(no subject) - 4/29/12 reply

do u live in wilton ct? so do i!
(no subject) - 5/25/12 reply

i live in new canaan haha thats close tho
faceoff - 4/26/12 reply

best head on the market for facingoff on the market today?????
(no subject) - 4/29/12 reply

hard to find one, but the gait nuclear is awesome for face offs
durability - 4/12/12 reply

I've heard a lot about these breaking, any truth to that?
(no subject) - 4/21/12 reply

Yes....I play attack and it broke before I had it for a month
(no subject) - 4/09/12 reply

I need a face-off head that is either Universal of just NCAA legal.
(no subject) - 4/02/12 reply

I need a sturdy head that is great for face offs is this a good head or is their a better head out their
reply - 4/05/12 reply

dont get this if u face off!!!!
(no subject) - 6/12/12 reply

Noz X is supposed to be really really good! I love mine but I'm not a big faceoff guy
(no subject) - 3/19/12 reply

Well this fit a Maverik Boost?
(no subject) - 3/01/12 reply

Why do some of the colors look different strung or unstrung? Like carolina strung looks brighter than carolina unstrung...i want to get a red one, but i like the "darker" one better than teh lighter one..which color is it actually?
(no subject) - 3/21/12 reply

my friend got the regular surgeon in red and it looked like the darker color so my guess is that itll come lookin like the darker red
(no subject) - 3/24/12 reply

It's the lighting. If u used the same lighting you wouldn't be able to c the pocket or shooters
(no subject) - 2/26/12 reply

Does this head make me a good player? i heard if you suck and have a good stick it makes you better.
(no subject) - 2/26/12 reply

trolling at its best
(no subject) - 2/22/12 reply

how will the refs find out this is illegal in high school? because my friend has a surgeon 10 and he uses it every game
faceoff - 2/10/12 reply

surgeon or professor for faceoff
(no subject) - 2/26/12 reply

neither. Profesor snaps easy but is great before that and surgeon will just snap. Get super power and boil it for 30 min.
(no subject) - 1/31/12 reply

Surgeon 10 and Maverik H2
(no subject) - 1/31/12 reply

whats is the best attack head and shaft?
(no subject) - 1/31/12 reply

Surgeon 10 or Stallion?
(no subject) - 1/31/12 reply

(no subject) - 12/12/11 reply

look bud and youll see that the 10 is way less pinched
(no subject) - 12/10/11 reply

what is the difference between the surgeon and the surgeon 10
HELP!! - 11/25/11 reply

I am an atackmen and dont know which is better the surgeon10 or the warrior evo pro x6...??? Help please...and shafts do go with ?? Ideas?
choice - 12/09/11 reply

go with the surgeon 10 and a krypto pro diamond or an stx force scandium or sci-ti
(no subject) - 11/13/11 reply

this is such a legit head. it will not bend or snap in any weather
(no subject) - 11/10/11 reply

what is better this or the supper power
Super vs surgeon - 1/15/12 reply

I have both. The surgeon is better
(no subject) - 11/03/11 reply

would it matter if i used this in high school
(no subject) - 11/06/11 reply

Yes. Yes it would matter.
(no subject) - 10/27/11 reply

for a midfielder?
(no subject) - 10/13/11 reply

this or the professor..I play attack and like whip but not too much whip any suggestions?
Surgeon10 - 10/24/11 reply

Well they have the sane amount of stringing holes, so you could string either with as much whip as you like. But I would say surgeon10, because it's way stiffer, and will stay stiff with the ACP. Stiff = good for attack. In life, surgeons make mor money than professors In lax, surgeons score more goals than professors Hahaha. The second one isn't proven, but it makes my point clear. Hope this helped.
(no subject) - 9/20/11 reply

i want this
(no subject) - 9/09/11 reply

why isnt this legal youth and hs
(no subject) - 11/01/11 reply

6.0" inch scoop hs/youth needs AtLEAST a 6.5" scoop
is this a good attack head?? - 9/08/11 reply

Face off/midfielder - 7/20/11 reply

i need something that can face off but at the same time shoot really well and be light at the same time what would be the best head for me?
surgeon or super power? - 7/17/11 reply

Attack - 7/15/11 reply

This is a great head for an offensive player. The only problem I've had with it is that I faced off once for fun and it was horribly warped, and I've thrown a couple slap checks and it's cracked. Other than that, the best head I've ever had
help...PLEASE! - 7/13/11 reply

this or the stallion for defense...thanks
HELP!!!!! - 7/13/11 reply

this or the voice x6 4 and attack? need to know asap
(no subject) - 7/15/11 reply

HELP!!!!!!!! - 7/13/11 reply

Bros i need help! - 7/11/11 reply

Is this a good defensive head?
HEAD traits - 6/02/11 reply

swizz - 5/31/11 reply

get the swizzle scandium
(no subject) - 5/28/11 reply

i am stuck, i have the stx super power head and i am trying to find a great shaft with it. should i get the Warrior krypotlite pro diamond 10, the Brine swizzle scandium, or any other really nice head. which one should i get. i am a midi. my budget is $140 or less. which should i get
(no subject) - 5/24/11 reply

what is the weight
This or Super Power - 5/15/11 reply

Im attack and Im looking to get a head that will have good hold and is accurate when passing, this or Super Power?
(no subject) - 5/16/11 reply

i like this way more than the super power it is light and strong
(no subject) - 5/14/11 reply

What makes this head only NCAA legal?
scoop is only 6 in - 5/18/11 reply

for HS it has to be 6.5 in
(no subject) - 4/23/11 reply

I used this for like two games because my x10 broke and its great, throw a high pocket on it and its dirty for pole
(no subject) - 4/02/11 reply

How is this for LSM?
(no subject) - 3/28/11 reply

i have the dolomite diamond which is a decently light shaft however i have the razer x which isnt that light...does anyone have any suggestions??
I'm a midfielder - 3/27/11 reply

This or the super power?!?!
(no subject) - 5/14/11 reply

super power its ten times better specially for attack or middie
(no subject) - 3/14/11 reply

whats the best faceoff head thatyou can buy today
(no subject) - 3/08/11 reply

i dont get why heads cost 100 $ when the companies only pay 20 cents to make them anyone agree!?
i agree - 3/17/11 reply

yeah i know. i was just thinking that
oh god... - 3/25/11 reply

First, maybe the materials cost 20 cents but they aren't selling you a piece of plastic for 100 dollars. second, companies need to pay for the production, distribution, and marketing of the head while simultaneously making a profit. I'm not calling you unintelligent, just ignorant.
(no subject) - 4/29/11 reply

because they have to make a profit and there is shipping costs too but i see your point
dirty - 3/06/11 reply

Ive used this head for most of the season already and havent had an issue yet. I highly recomend it if you want a good solid head.
broke - 2/22/11 reply

had one for 2 weeks and it broke in a scrim vs rit was about 20 degrees out acp my a**
great - 2/21/11 reply

beast head
STIFFNESS???? - 2/16/11 reply

Is this head stiff?
(no subject) - 2/19/11 reply

GREAT - 2/11/11 reply

On scale from 1 to 10 "I'm Lovin It" Real 10 for 10
no go - 2/02/11 reply

guy i play college d and i got this and i went for a ground ball and the head bent backwards and it cracked the highest side wall hole. I got another and i warped really easily and then i blocked a shot but ball hit side wall and cracked it. get xcal or x10 ive had 1 ove each and i use both this is my 2nd year with them but getting new ones cuz they all scratched and i want a new 1
(no subject) - 2/15/11 reply

Thats cool except for the fact that the xcal isn't college legal. But the x10 is so don't know how much college lacrosse you play.
(no subject) - 1/31/11 reply

Is this any good for face offs?
Great Head - 12/25/10 reply

Just got this head, a real 10 out of 10!
(no subject) - 12/03/10 reply

anybody else think tht it bogus tht this head is for ncaa only?????
bro - 12/14/10 reply

its called the regular surgeon. you know, the one thats legal for HS?
(no subject) - 4/21/12 reply

Were I play u have to have a 6in. Scoop....and I play hs
HELP - 12/01/10 reply

Should i get this head or the cobra x?
cobra - 2/16/11 reply

is an amazing head, unfortunately 2 games worth of faceoff were enough to crack mine (they crack near the throat were they have the 3 slanted bars). im getting this as a replacement
some advice needed - 11/25/10 reply

So i have a professor now and i love it, but i need another head, so the question is go with the professor or the surgeon. Is it worth the 20 extra bucks?
SURGEON!! - 11/24/10 reply

bros the surgeon is just like the super power with its oin point accuracy accept its stiffer for all you fogos out ther. Best head
(no subject) - 11/16/10 reply

whats better the sugeon10 or the super power?
For Real - 11/10/10 reply

Is this head seriously that good?
(no subject) - 11/08/10 reply

Best head ever i think it is better than the regular surgeon what ever u do get this head
(no subject) - 10/21/10 reply

if im in high school what head should i go with the surgeon or surgeon 10
(no subject) - 10/21/10 reply

surgeon 10 high school has to go with 2010 rules....at least for D1
(no subject) - 11/04/10 reply

If you're in HS you should get the regular Surgeon. The Surgeon10 is NCAA only and right now the only places where HS follows NCAA rules are TX and the MIAA
(no subject) - 10/18/10 reply

this head is SICK
????????? - 10/13/10 reply

y cant i buy this head yet
???? - 9/29/10 reply

Is this just for a 10 degree crank or can you use it with a strait shaft such as a sci-ti pro
10 - 10/02/10 reply

The 10 just means that it is built to NCAA specs
Surgeon 10 info - 9/20/10 reply

Designed for advanced offensive players looking for a quick release and pin-point accuracy Featuring ACP (All Climate Performance) technology that maintains head shape and form regardless of climate Pointed and stiffer scoop provides quicker release and pin-point accuracy Longer, contoured throat for enhanced control when cradling Strategically placed stringing holes make stringing the desired pocket simple and effective STX Forward Cant
FIRST RATING!!!!!!! - 9/17/10 reply

(no subject) - 9/16/10 reply

1st comment on all assault gear and neew katana and both wurgeons, wwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaattttttttttssssssss ggggggooooooooooooooddddddddddd
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