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  • One of the best heads of all time, the STX Viper 2, is back. Updated, authentic STX design delivers the best combination of ball retention and catching ability. STX Forward Cant for quicker passing and shooting. Strategically placed stringing holes makes stringing the perfect pocket easy for even inexperienced stringers. Open scoop improves ground ball pick-ups.
The STX Viper was one of the most popular heads for midfielders when it was introduced. The Viper II offers the same great value with some new features, such as the Forward Cant, which allows for a faster release while shooting and passing. The Viper II is a monster when it comes to fielding ground balls, with its wide surface opening and advanced sidewalls. Overall, the Viper II gets our recommendation for any level of midfielder.
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(no subject) - 7/30/13 reply

I think its a pretty good lacrosse head. But not the best on face offs. I have to fogo(face off get off) with another kid.
Great head - 7/13/13 reply

I used it on defense. Solid design k for face offs
Fit - 3/23/13 reply

Will this fit the brine f22
Ok Head - 2/07/13 reply

Good head for beginners. Could be better for attack. For attack i would reccomend the stx proton power, surgeon, or stallion. Great for defense and mid though
(no subject) - 1/22/13 reply

good beginner head, use til soph yr in high school. max. much farther than that and it'll get wrecked.
(no subject) - 9/27/12 reply

awesome head!
Dont need to repeat - 6/13/12 reply

you guys dont need to repeat "this is bad for D" and "this warps at faceoff". It has already been said. If you guys realy want a stiff head just get a "proton u" for $50 but dont repeat what other people said
meh. - 6/12/12 reply

Good if you are just starting out, but it does tend to bend. Wouldn't recommend if you're a face off guy.
flex - 6/11/12 reply

does this have any flex to it? this or revolver?
Bad - 6/01/12 reply

Such a bad head mine broke in 3 games.
I have this head! - 4/30/12 reply

This head is a great starter head! i recommend it for beginners, but the head does tend to bend when you faceoff or when you try and scoop!
Review - 4/23/12 reply

Warps a bit on faceoffs, but its a good, cheap head that will perform for you, its perfect if you need a new head for a backup stick
good stringing - 11/12/11 reply

perfect sidewalls for stringing and great accuracy good head
Face-offs - 10/19/11 reply

Warps after faceoffs
(no subject) - 8/04/11 reply

is this and the gait db803 a good combo
(no subject) - 8/27/11 reply

thats what im doing-i think its good
Best Head Ever - 7/21/11 reply

Get this head it is probably the best head i have ever had used it for two years already
Favorite Head - 7/06/11 reply

I got this head halfway through the 2010 spring season and it has served me well.It was wide and stiff when i first got it but i gave it a quick bake in the oven and it was perfect. It's great for faceoffs after some use to make it flexy. I highly recommend this head.
review - 6/19/11 reply

Pretty light. Bad durability (breaks in cold, flimsy in the heat). A little wide but overall this is a good head and good for stringing
stx proton power - 6/11/11 reply

if u play attack get either the stx proton power or the stx deuce they are both very good for attack (I play attack and have both)
which one??? - 6/07/11 reply

which would be a better buy this or the blueprint?
Viper 2 - 7/22/11 reply

i have the v2 on my dpole and its rally nice
(no subject) - 6/02/11 reply

i used my v2 alot and after 2 games it just got really flimsy
Meh - 5/16/11 reply

i recently go this because i wanted a cheap head that would serve me well as a back up stick. its pretty wide but not bad. also I play attack and its not bad for that. this head is nothing special, but isn't bad.
(no subject) - 5/16/11 reply

this or brine blueprint
X - 5/15/11 reply

i play x attack should i get this or a revolver or something else?
(no subject) - 9/12/11 reply

ik this is late but revolver bro ive had mine for a season and a half and its soo amazing accurate as heck......40 yard shot aimed for bounce shot between his legs scored bueatifally accurate
(no subject) - 5/14/11 reply

Got this head a couple weeks ago...Strung it with carolina sidewall/crosslace, Carolina and black stirker and white striker shooting laces with a double arch...Broke it in over 18 hours...got an amazing mid to high pocket...shoots and passes perfectly..great for d cuz of the width and durability of the head...have it on a stx force scandium- its a little wobbley but a little bit of tape can fix that....overall its a pretty good head.
(no subject) - 5/14/11 reply

I just got this with a summit grip for a awsome 100$
(no subject) - 5/01/11 reply

ha this thing wasnt stiff enough for me on D personally cause i play point on s lide based D haha pokes to the gut DONT WORK with this head. but everything else was good.
(no subject) - 4/27/11 reply

Deuce or this?
Good D head - 4/26/11 reply

This is actually a good D head..it doesnt warp if you throw a right poke check idiots..poke checks are meant to hit the stick, and if you hit their shaft it wont warp..pretty solid, great throwing ability, and amazing gb.s
(no subject) - 4/24/11 reply

is this good
will it? - 4/19/11 reply

Will this fit on the warrior diamond?
NOT GOOD FOR D - 4/18/11 reply

No this stick is not good for D. attack and middie however are a different story.
f-off - 4/12/11 reply

If u take face offs this shit is AMAZING! if u dont take them dont bother
(no subject) - 4/09/11 reply

Good idea to pinch?
(no subject) - 3/26/11 reply

how da fck is this 4.4 for durablity?!?!? i warps everytime i pokecheck
d-pole - 3/25/11 reply

is this a good long stick head? PLEASE REPLY
bad dpole head - 3/26/11 reply

i have this head nd the only major bad part is that it is not durable at all! it warps everytime i pokecheck someone hard....
(no subject) - 3/22/11 reply

this head is a beast nothing better than this
this or stx deuce? - 3/20/11 reply

... - 3/21/11 reply

THIS! definitely this!
V2 - 3/16/11 reply

such a pearl head..until coach takes you from attack to face off midi.this is a great head.its easy to string, and throws great when strung right.but for face offs, its way too flimsy.great for attack.i chose this over my proton power
dpole? monster mesh? - 3/08/11 reply

im thinking about getting this head and getting it strung with monster or 6 diamond mesh? is this an idiotic combo?
great head - 3/09/11 reply

I have this head with diamond hard mesh and it is pretty good if u have a grat primary get this for a backup
(no subject) - 3/11/11 reply

get it's pretty ill with 6 diamond i have it
?? - 3/02/11 reply

Does this fit on the Blackfeet woody
(no subject) - 2/24/11 reply

thanks i was actually about to do it but now i won't
dont know wat 2 do - 2/23/11 reply

should i trade a clutch x for this
NOO - 2/23/11 reply

don't do this! Especially if you play face offs.. this head is rly bad for them..
(no subject) - 2/19/11 reply

i play defense would this be an okay head? if not,any suggestions?
(no subject) - 2/01/11 reply

this heads sick i just got in i have it on a wonder boy its in carolina blue with six diamond its pretty ill
(no subject) - 1/25/11 reply

this, revolver, evo pro 2 - 1/11/11 reply

this revolver evo pro2 or blueprint for intermediate attack???? ilike kinda stiff heads cuz im coming from using a bionic for 3 years soi kinda want it stiff and that just good for gaining catching and cradleing skills please help!!!!?
(no subject) - 1/09/11 reply

make a ncaa viper3
(no subject) - 12/30/10 reply

ive had this head for spring lax and summer lax after the summer it was warped its good for a little while
viper2 - 11/22/10 reply

its amazin, i play attack and it works for me pretty good. altho i'd prefer a clutch, but thisll do. also a good head if ur new to lax, took me bout 2 days to get used to it. sooo good =]
(no subject) - 11/20/10 reply

Would this head work for lsm/defense? I take alot of faceoffs as lsm so would this be good? I mostly play lsm, little defense, would this head be good?
reply - 12/28/10 reply

this head is pretty good but dont faceoff with it 4 lsm get a revo pro
I disagree - 12/30/10 reply

I had the viper 2 on my pole for LSM and i switched to a revo pro...I hated the revo and am now using a X10....viper 2 was a lot better than the revo pro in just about everything especially GB's
(no subject) - 2/09/11 reply

no my friend has it and he checked me and the thing bent up on him super flimsey
(no subject) - 11/08/10 reply

this head is perfect for tricks. so is the deuce and the Nike blur 10
(no subject) - 10/26/10 reply

would this head fit on a stx vanadium
(no subject) - 10/30/10 reply

yes that is my exact stick it is very lightweight. and i love it
Yes - 12/30/10 reply

It fits on the vanadium
(no subject) - 10/16/10 reply

yes but it is not the best combo go for vision or juice
help please! - 10/02/10 reply

will this fit a maverik wonderboy if so is it a good combo?
(no subject) - 10/03/10 reply

It would fit but its not a great combo. Go with the warrior revolution X. Its cheaper, better, lighter.
... - 3/01/11 reply

thanks bro! :D one more question to you or to the general public...what kind of pocket would you recommend on the head...
this or... - 9/27/10 reply

this or revolver?
GREAT HEAD - 9/26/10 reply

This is the best head I have had. This and the Katana is a dirty combination. So easy to string! Its flexible, great for Mid and Attack. All around amazing head.
(no subject) - 9/25/10 reply

it bends easy its great attack tho
(no subject) - 8/19/10 reply

how is this for faceoffs?
? - 8/06/10 reply

is this a good head for midi
flexible? - 7/26/10 reply

is it flexible?
After a While - 8/06/10 reply

I used it for one season and about halfway through it became pretty flexible but it didnt break....great durability
(no subject) - 7/26/10 reply

i heard this is good for faceoffs true?
yep - 7/28/10 reply

(no subject) - 7/23/10 reply

great head if its strung well
(no subject) - 7/13/10 reply

im tryin to decide, proton power, helix, or viper2. anyone feel like helpin out? thanks broskis
This or Revolver? - 7/13/10 reply

This or revolver for middie/ attack?
(no subject) - 7/13/10 reply

i have this and its amazing
(no subject) - 7/08/10 reply

Will i have to drill a new hole on the brine f-22 if i buy this head? PLEASE REPLY
drill new whole - 8/16/10 reply

well it totally depends what head you had on ur f22 b4 this ps. hope i helped
(no subject) - 6/28/10 reply

perfect d pole head, it never breaks. litterally impossible i even tried smashing it was a hammer, its a little bent but not cracked or anything
pretty good - 6/24/10 reply

This was my second head and it was a huge step up. it throws true so its not for beginners
GREAT - 6/23/10 reply

Awsome head with Vandium Grip
wow - 6/23/10 reply

all heads fit on all shafts, sometimes it just takes a little work
(no subject) - 6/16/10 reply

Um this shaft is decent.. was my first head great for learning how to play I now hav the clutch and its the sickest thing ever
Awsome Head - 6/12/10 reply

I have this head on the kryptolyte 9 its sooo light. I got this factory strung and it lasted like a month now i got it restrung and its even better!
(no subject) - 6/05/10 reply

i had this it is great for faceoffs, sort of flexible but good
help!!!!! - 6/03/10 reply

would this head fit on the kryptolyte
yes - 6/03/10 reply

yeah it will be ok you will need to drill a new hole AND i recomend taping a little because warrior shafts and slightly smaller than stx
help!!!! - 6/12/10 reply

Yes thats my exact stick setup this head V2 on the Kryptolyte 9
(no subject) - 6/03/10 reply

does this head fit on the kryptolyte reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz
help!!!!!! - 6/03/10 reply

would this head fit on a krytolyte
krptolyte - 6/03/10 reply

yo would this fit on a warrior kryptolyte( not a krypto.9 )
kryptolyte - 6/12/10 reply

all kryptos are the same so yea
(no subject) - 6/01/10 reply

is this head stiff i like stiff heads and not sure if it stiff i hear that it is and isnt all heads have some that arnt need to no if is asap going to a tornament and thay have crazy cheap heads!! need to no if stiff!!!
(no subject) - 5/31/10 reply

a friend on my team has this head with a vanadium and i like it but he plays middi and i play attack. i tried it for attack in a scrimmage and the ball kept falling out because the pinch isnt big enough. I went back to my brine answer on a python shaft and it was much better. The answer is a perfect head if your not looking to spend alot of money. the answer also works with the brine python shaft too. In my opinion get the brine answer instead unless you really love the viper 2
vanadium - 5/29/10 reply

would this fit on a stx vanadium
(no subject) - 5/31/10 reply

(no subject) - 10/10/10 reply

Yeah it does i have it on mine and it is an amazing stick
(no subject) - 5/27/10 reply

well if it so wide then pinch the head so it not as wide
(no subject) - 5/26/10 reply

i have this head and overall a GREAT head but its just kinda wide so if your a fast/crazy/power cradler then this might not be the head for you because i have a weird cradle before i shoot or throw and it falls out constantly. if anything i say get the Brine Clutch if you like more control, power,accuracy, and less of randomly dropping the ball that that's the head for you
d - 5/27/10 reply

this head is amazing for d me and this kid on my team were screwing around after practice and i used my friends d pole with this head and i poke checked the ball out of his stick and craidled up the feild without dropping the ball once the only thing that sucks is that it bends ALOT like my friend bent it below his screw without it breaking
(no subject) - 5/27/10 reply

thats crazy my friend on my team has the same head as me and he barely uses it and it is less stifff than mine its really wierd
thinking - 5/25/10 reply

im thinking of getting this wid hard mesh and a vanadium but am open for any other options
(no subject) - 6/24/10 reply

ive never tried a vanadium but this head is beast on stx axe since the shaft is light and the head throws true, just a suggestion
great - 5/24/10 reply

This head is greta for everything i am a middie that takes face-offs
YESSS!!!!!! - 5/18/10 reply

this head is great its like butter uh!
(no subject) - 5/15/10 reply

this head is not stiff at all i was playing defense and i poke checked him and now my head is always bent to the right
(no subject) - 5/15/10 reply

it says "strategically placed stringing holes" but dont listen to them. the string holes suck! every time i try to string this thing i string it in so many different ways but no matter what i do the thing throws straight down and catches on the same spot of the mesh every way i string it. this sucks it bends like crazy to and you can throw sidearm with it or it will just fly way to the right/left. please dont get this head you will be sory
AWESOME!!! - 5/14/10 reply

This is a really awesome head! I have this on a vanadium and it's great. I would definitely recommend this head for intermediate to good/experienced players. STX AND WARRIOR FTW!
not good for d - 5/14/10 reply

i used for half a year and put a hard poke into a kid and i bemt permenatly and broke at the top
proton power over v2 - 5/12/10 reply

this is good but proton power is way better
(no subject) - 5/11/10 reply

is this stiff
(no subject) - 5/26/10 reply

d fence - 5/11/10 reply

Would this be a good head for d fence . Is it stiff
(no subject) - 5/10/10 reply

Im a starting middie that'll sometimes takes faceoffs... should i get this, a gait torque, or a maverik bull??
(no subject) - 5/14/10 reply

get the torque
(no subject) - 5/26/10 reply

dude get a clutch. but if ur lookin stx yea get this or a proton power
(no subject) - 5/08/10 reply

this or the super power or proton power
(no subject) - 5/11/10 reply

I go this head a couple weeks ago and i love it, but my friend has the proton powere and ive been using it at practice and i have been doing pretty good with it. i say the proton power
(no subject) - 5/26/10 reply

proton power
(no subject) - 10/30/10 reply

i have this head its ok and i want a completly new stick with the P2 which i think u should get and an amazing setup is stx katana sc with the P2
(no subject) - 5/07/10 reply

get a wider head 4 dee cuzz its better fir poke check but have a good pocket
(no subject) - 5/07/10 reply

pretty good, a guy on my team has it on a d-pole and its surprisingly good for d
(no subject) - 5/07/10 reply

i had this head but then got the clutch and it is sooooooooooooooooooo much better
GET BIT! - 5/06/10 reply

(no subject) - 10/30/10 reply

i like that
nice - 5/04/10 reply

this head is mad good. ive had it for this season and last season
gyt6gyt6gyt6gyt6gyt6gyt6gyt6gy - 5/02/10 reply

i have this head and i love it
(no subject) - 5/02/10 reply

Yah fine
Please Respond... - 5/01/10 reply

I bought a used Vanadium for like 20 bucks in good condition and i want a head just to mess around with and use as my back up with maybe Six Diamond. Would this and the Vanadium be ok? Thanx
(no subject) - 5/04/10 reply

its ok, mine isnt that great, i suggest getting a cheaper head if you want just a back up. not a 60$ head to mess around with.
is this worth 75 dollars? - 4/27/10 reply

I just bought this head for 75 bucks.. hopefully its worth the money?
(no subject) - 4/30/10 reply

Yes it is definitely worth 75, but you should've bought it on lax.com seeing how it is $59 here and already strung is $69.
(no subject) - 4/26/10 reply

Not great for aggressive players, better for guys who hang out on the edge of ground ball fights waiting for it to be kicked out.
(no subject) - 5/31/10 reply

so basically this stick is for the pussies or benchwarmers
Alright - 4/26/10 reply

I have this head on a Warrior Platinum alloy. It's pretty light which I like. It's a little wide but can be strung so that doesn't matter. It is really bad for face offs though. I'm a middie/attack and whenever I take a face it bends extremely to a side and stays at a wacky 10 degree angle or so until I can get on the sidelines and bend it back again.
15-4 faceoffs with this - 4/25/10 reply

i loved this head so much, it was very flexible and picked corners all day, i won my faceoffs with any move
Good Head - 4/24/10 reply

This is a pretty solid head. Its good for offense and shots and passes well
DO NOT GET - 4/24/10 reply

This head if your a faceoff middie! it has a very wide throat but my friend has gotten two and they both broke within three faceoffs! it is not very flexible so its not godd for faceoffs!
(no subject) - 4/24/10 reply

my friend has this... its really wide
Defence? - 4/21/10 reply

Good for a d?
Defence? - 4/21/10 reply

decent - 4/18/10 reply

this is a decent heaqd but my problem with it is if you face off alot it will start to bend and if you are a really agressive player this head will become really flexible, i dont prefer flexible heads but thats just me
Great Head - 4/17/10 reply

Easy to catch with and ground balls. I play defense and I love this, the only bad thing is that it isn't NCAA legal.
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