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  • The Thompson i6 lacrosse head
    Sidewall inspired by the Iroquois Confederacy flag.
    The i6 scoop sits at the perfect angle.
The Thompson i6—which stands for Iroquois Six Nations—is an all-purpose head designed for all ages and skill levels, for both field and box lacrosse. The i6 features a sidewall inspired by the Iroquois Confederacy flag, which is based on the Hiawatha Wampum Belt created centuries ago to symbolize the unity of the Iroquois tribes. Emblematic of the five original tribes, the Iroquois flag has come to represent all of the Six Nations of the confederacy: Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Tuscarora.Thompson Lacrosse and the i6 head represent a collaboration between Mohawk lacrosse players from Akwesasne and some of the most experienced and knowledgeable stick stringers in the lacrosse industry. The i6 was designed with the understanding that every lacrosse head needs a great pocket for a player to perform at the highest level. Engineering the i6 began from a stringer’s perspective. It started at the scoop, with large strategically placed eyelets that allow mesh to be pulled tight and secure and recessed on the backside to protect top strings and leather from premature wear. The sidewall was optimized with 18 holes, carefully spaced to allow for tight channels in mesh and any pocket placement. Of course, the i6 also accommodates traditional and custom stringing thanks to proper hole size and placement, allowing easy stringing and ideal pocket placement. The i6 was built to be a stringer’s dream. Along with benefits for stringing, the i6 enhances player performance through several design features. The i6 scoop sits at the perfect angle, radius and with a leading edge to make the most difficult ground balls seem effortless. The scoop and sidewalls are designed with a firm flex to add power to to your shots. The firm flex also accommodates the tightest channels in mesh pockets without loosing flex or warping. The rigid throat in the i6 distributes power to the sidewalls and to the scoop.
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lower price - 3/19/15 reply

I found a lower price of $90
(no subject) - 1/29/15 reply

CEO or this
Help - 10/07/14 reply

I'm a middie who sometimes plays left attack I love to shoot and want a pinched head what do I get
(no subject) - 8/17/14 reply

wat brands is this head compatible with i no it has two screw holes but for wat brands?
Brands - 9/01/14 reply

If the head has 2 screw holes it will fit almost any shaft you can think of
(no subject) - 7/22/14 reply

I really want to try this out because it is supposed to be good for stringing but I'm worried it will be to wide. Should I go for it anyway?
(no subject) - 8/17/14 reply

It depends on how skilled of a stringer you are. If you are still using other people's pattern's to string, wait a bit till you get better and then try this head.
Defensive head - 7/17/14 reply

Is this a good d pole head
I6 - 6/18/14 reply

Is this head good for a faceoff midi ?
faceoff head? - 7/14/14 reply

if you boil it its alright but i would say no
(no subject) - 6/13/14 reply

Does this head fit all shafts or only certain shafts
Great head - 6/12/14 reply

This head is amazing I like hs spec because of a narrow throat but I had to get this one I couldn't wait. It's strong, light, and the string holes are great. I did a traditional weave n it's by far the easy stick I've ever weaved. You can't go wrong with this head. I can't wait for them to come out with a hs spec.
i6 lax head - 6/11/14 reply

I know Thomson's an attack but how would this head work for a midi? Is it stiff or flex?
(no subject) - 6/16/14 reply

We'll considering Lyle was a middie his freshman year and that their older brother Jeremy plays middie, im guessing it would do just fine
Trad stringing - 6/11/14 reply

The trad stringing shouldn't be this expensive, especially since the quality isn't gonna be very good because you can't tell them how you want it, I can string up trads for people that will be more customized kik me if u want VegasStrings.
70$ for what - 6/11/14 reply

They charge 70$ more for traditional stringing??!! Wtf. Send youe heads to me and I'll do it for 30$ and I guarantee it will be a better job then theirs.
ikr - 6/11/14 reply

I was looking at and said ohhhhhhhh hellllllll nahhhhh
(no subject) - 6/11/14 reply

think about cost of leathers and then getting it shipped... online leather stringing is very expensive bro
trad - 6/12/14 reply

Yeah I get that supplies for trad arent as cheap as mesh and its harder to string but $70 more is wat too much. Most stringers who do way more complicated trad (ex.rockit pocket, throne pocket) only clost $30-$40 for stringing
70$ is crazy - 7/16/14 reply

The reason it's 70$ is because its strung by Jerome Thompson(There Father) and he strings Miles stick's. And also they give you a guarantee of if anything rips during 1st 3 months you can get it restrung for free.
first - 6/11/14 reply

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