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  • The NOZ head is the lightest head in the world at 4.3 oz
    Warrior Exclusive, Gas Assist Molding Process injects the NOZ head with Nitrogen Gas
    Nitrogen gas creates air chamber inside the head that dramatically reduces weight / without sacrificing durability
Warrior brings back the original NOZ head. This super light weight head was the first head ever to feature Warrior lacrosse's patented nitrogen NOZ molding technique to lower the weight in a men's lacrosse head. The Noz weighs 4.3 oz. NOZ is still one of the lightest heads in lacrosse. It is perfect for offensive lacrosse players looking for a quick release, and increased hand speed.
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This Vs. NoNoz - 12/17/14 reply

For everyone asking the NoNoz is for if you don't face off, this head is a great head but will warp really quickly the NoNoz has similar specifications, but doesn't warp and is a worse face off head
faceoffs - 12/09/14 reply

this or ceo for faceoffs
This or NO NOZ - 12/04/14 reply

I can't decide if I want to go with the light weight noz x or if I want to take the slightly increased strength of the no noz with the slight extra weight. If you guys could reply that would be awesome. I play lacrosse in college and I've been using my friends noz but he wants it back and I'm not sure which one I want to get for myself. Thanks
This or Stallion U 500 - 11/30/14 reply

Whats better for offensive minded middies
this or blade pro hs - 11/30/14 reply

is this better than blade pro HS for faceoff?
is this good ? i play ref - 11/30/14 reply

this or the blade pro HS? i can use all specs.
Stringing - 11/11/14 reply

from second hole... tie down, skip, si, si, si, 1si, 2, 1, tie down
This - 11/09/14 reply

This or nonoz. I play face off and wing
(no subject) - 10/19/14 reply

Should I get this or the evo 4 (I mostly play midfield but some attack
(no subject) - 10/19/14 reply

Should I get this or the evo 4 (I mostly play midfield but some attack
should I get - 9/30/14 reply

This or Blade Pro??
this - 10/10/14 reply

The noz can be used for so much more than face offs, but it doesn't have as many stringing holes. If that isn't the issue, then the noz is the way to go
(no subject) - 10/11/14 reply

noz i think b/c its lighter and better for face-offs
Pinch - 9/28/14 reply

On a scale of one to ten how wide is this
Pinch - 9/28/14 reply

On a scale of one to ten how wide is this
Perfection - 9/25/14 reply

This head is possibly the best head warrior has made in awhile i fell in love with them and if you try to drill more stringing holes thats probably the dumbest thing you can do. Warrior made this head like this for a reason to be reliable and trustworthy
(no subject) - 8/26/14 reply

can you put a high pocket on this
Faceoffs - 8/09/14 reply

This or the blade x6???
Strignging holes - 7/26/14 reply

Would I be able to put more stringing holes in this head by drilling them or would it break
Stringing holes - 8/01/14 reply

It wouldn't be a good idea to try to drill extra stringing holes even if it doesn't crack while drilling them the head would be much weaker
Bruh - 8/30/14 reply

That's a horrible idea, use what they give you, it keeps the durability up
(no subject) - 7/26/14 reply

Is this head flexible
(no subject) - 7/11/14 reply

Are these ones nitrogen infused?
weight - 7/10/14 reply

tribe7 ghost7 is 3.6 oz. this is not the lightest
warrior noz - 6/04/14 reply

What's the difference between a noz and a noz x
Same thing - 6/27/14 reply

The noz and noz x are the same thing
U13 faceoff head? - 4/03/14 reply

I play U13 right now and I am really aggressive faceoff middie and just about snapped my nike vapor. Should I get this head?
Face off head - 5/20/14 reply

Get the rabil x or go to tribe 7 lacrosse and get a ghost it can be run over by a car it's so flexable
(no subject) - 6/23/14 reply

Probably a blade pro
Get this - 8/10/14 reply

Noz's are amazing at faceoffs. don't get a ghost, theyre wayyyy too flexy
(no subject) - 3/20/14 reply

this or the warrior vice x
nozx - 12/01/13 reply

this is the best head for ANY position. faceoffs too, its durable and doesnt warp
(no subject) - 5/10/11 reply

i have this on a gate 803 ice and it is the lightest stick you will ever find. nothing will even come close. its a little hard to string at first but what once you get it down you wont ever want another stick. get this
GAIT ICE - 5/06/14 reply

Put it on the ICE and you have a 10 oz stick with otter mesh…..and my friend that is the lightest possible combo…other than a ghost
(no subject) - 8/04/14 reply

um the tri kor sub 5 is under 5 ounces
(no subject) - 5/05/11 reply

great faceoff head
clutch - 5/01/11 reply

stringing - 4/27/11 reply

is the pre strung stringing good? i have a super warped cobra and i was wondering if it has a deep pocket like the pre strung cobra
(no subject) - 5/02/11 reply

just get another cobra dude
yes - 5/09/11 reply

(no subject) - 4/24/11 reply

this or clutch SL? i play middie and faceoff. need a durable/light head.
HELP - 4/22/11 reply

I play aggressive middi and do faceoffs i want a durable lightweight head and i am trying to choose between the Cobra X the Noz X or the Gospel.. if u have any of these heads can u reply with ur opion on them and if you wanna tell me which shaft to chose between the Brine Swizzle Scandium 2011, the Maverick wonderboy, or the Stx Katana.. I'd really appreciate if you guys can reply thanks
(no subject) - 5/08/11 reply

i would go with the cobra x and the swizzle scandium. The cobra is pretty good for faceoffs not too stiff but not too flimsy or flexible and the swizzle scandium is strong and has a nice grip, im probably getting the exact same setup
Setup - 5/09/11 reply

I have a Cobra x and a Swizzle scandium and the pair work great together. I'm able to shoot alot faster and more acurate with the cobra, while the swizzle has a great strength to weight ratio. The whole thing barely ways anything and shoots, catches, and passes like a champ
(no subject) - 4/18/11 reply

Noz X, Cobra X or Brine Gospel I play really aggressive Middi and i do faceoffs sometimes i want a head thats light and durable but not to flexible
(no subject) - 4/18/11 reply

great for D
(no subject) - 4/16/11 reply

face offs
heads - 4/16/11 reply

hey im in middle of a seson its alomst over its my fist. Im using my friends equitment hes cant play this year. He has a proton power and some krypoto 10. but icant copy him so what stuff should i get i play both middy n attack dont take facebook
clutch superlight or noz - 4/16/11 reply

Im deciding between the clutch and noz. I face-off but im looking for durability too. Which one?
cobra - 4/16/11 reply

This or cobra X, I paly attack and middy, sometimes i do faceoffs
(no subject) - 3/22/11 reply

For the best faceoff head i would say a bionic. I know its shocking but its sturdy and all around a good head. When played midi i used that head and won almost every face off. only down side its heavy and not a lot of hold.
(no subject) - 3/14/11 reply

whats the best faceoff head that you can buy today
(no subject) - 3/08/11 reply

i dont get why heads cost 100 $ when the companies only pay 20 cents to make them anyone agree!?
(no subject) - 3/18/11 reply

Look up the cost of a mold. Pretty pricey. Then they pay around 10 bucks to make it. Adding in paying factory workers, shipping, advertising, and tons of other variables. Plus it's a company not a charity so they have to make money. It's called capitalism, learn it my friend.
(no subject) - 5/09/11 reply

if its a headstrong then it is a charity
(no subject) - 2/28/11 reply

this or cobra x
(no subject) - 2/22/11 reply

good for defense
(no subject) - 2/21/11 reply

is this better than the surgeon
attack - 1/02/11 reply

is this a good head for attack?
(no subject) - 1/22/11 reply

its good for attack
(no subject) - 1/02/11 reply

is it good
very dyeable - 12/26/10 reply

i dyed this head and it worked
Defensive heads - 11/28/10 reply

what is the best head for d
Dye - 11/17/10 reply

Has any one tried to dye the "NOZ" filled heads?
(no subject) - 11/28/10 reply

ya i have it worked i dyed it brown
CLUTCH OR EVO PRO 4 ATTACK??? - 11/01/10 reply

weezylax93 - 11/01/10 reply

how did u get ur pocket that high and deep
(no subject) - 11/29/10 reply

double up on the mesh where you want the pocket to be, anything the is mesh (except soft). Use 8-10 sidewall strings.
please help!!! - 10/23/10 reply

Does it fit on a stx katana
yes - 10/27/10 reply

(no subject) - 9/25/10 reply

i hate how warrior sez its the lightest head EVER when the g22 is, almost all of the brine superlight (clutch, edge) heads are lighter and theres alot of other heads out there lighter than 4.3 oz
(no subject) - 10/10/10 reply

At the time they made this, it was the lightest.
the - 11/29/10 reply

evolyte is lighter too, one of their own heads
d-fence - 9/21/10 reply

is this good for defence
(no subject) - 10/24/10 reply

(no subject) - 9/19/10 reply

iz it wort da moneez
(no subject) - 8/21/10 reply

its a light flexible head i think it would eventually warp if used for faceoffs
Faceoffs? - 8/18/10 reply

Is this a good head for faceoffs?
(no subject) - 9/20/10 reply

I have this head and its not the best head for faceoffs. Its really flexy and can get warped on faceoffs. I would try something else for faceoffs. Hope this hepls
(no subject) - 8/12/10 reply

got it for free..its ok..wouldnt start it...but nice back up
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

lax points?
(no subject) - 8/10/10 reply

damn good head. i play attack mostly and sometimes mid. have it put on a db803 and its actually a pretty nice setup. i have the pocket way up top with alot of whip and its real easy to rip shots anywhere and accurate too.
(no subject) - 8/05/10 reply

this head is amazing. great for everything. i use it and it is the best head ive ever used
d-fence - 8/01/10 reply

is this good for defence
(no subject) - 8/03/10 reply

nooooo its really flexible get the x10.
(no subject) - 8/21/10 reply

actually it really stiff. you should get it
(no subject) - 8/01/10 reply

ok ima dodge n shoot midi who likes to dish it out a little too. i want a high pocket with lots of hold.whats a stringing pattern i can do for this super power to be high pocket n lots of hold. please gives details thanks
(no subject) - 8/04/10 reply

just double up higher bro
(no subject) - 7/29/10 reply

can u dye this
(no subject) - 7/29/10 reply

well very carfully,yes....but other wiz...no
yea - 7/30/10 reply

but dont cuz its cooler when it isnt and it adds a little more weight cuz its hollow. unless u need to for a club team then dont
(no subject) - 7/26/10 reply

didn't paul rabil use this head in the world games with a domilite shaft???
Nope - 8/06/10 reply

Nope, that was the Warrior Cobra. Its a more pinched design of the Warrior Noz. And It's also very light.
yeah - 1/19/11 reply

yes thats why im getting one
Sweeet head! - 7/24/10 reply

This head is soooo freakin light! I'm a middie and I face of and it's aight or facin off but it has bro hold and picks up gbs smooth. Get this!
(no subject) - 7/24/10 reply

whats the lightest head but i dont wonna spend all this money on this
(no subject) - 7/27/10 reply

the eviites
(no subject) - 8/16/10 reply

Nope it's this.
(no subject) - 8/23/10 reply

nope its the clutch x superlight
(no subject) - 12/26/10 reply

clutch x superlight
(no subject) - 7/23/10 reply

really light, brine is coming out with there own called the super light, its hallow to make it light but filled with nitrogen to make it durable
the people are a lie! - 7/23/10 reply

ok... heres the deal with this head ive used it, and i thought of it like any other head but its super light. now what every one keeps saying and i quote every idiotic 10 year old who hears hollow head "waste of money!!!breaks soooooooo easy!" thats false theres a video on youtube clearly showing it being whipped on a concrete post and not breaking then i checked with my local lax shop about it cause i bought one about its breakage, i was told in 2009 in the first shipment 6000 heads went out 6 came back if thats not an answer i dont know what is!
(no subject) - 7/16/10 reply

CAsue they are durable sugar daddys are terrible they rip so easily! k18 II are very heavy the palms rip!
(no subject) - 7/25/10 reply

false i have the k18 II and theyre lighter than most gloves ive had. and the palms havnt ripped and ive had them since about when they came out
SHAKE DOWNS! - 7/16/10 reply

GLOVES!!!! - 7/13/10 reply

K18 II's, Sugar Daddy's or Shakedowns. please give reasons thanks
QWERTY - 7/11/10 reply

should i get this if i can get it for $40
(no subject) - 7/12/10 reply

is that honestly even a question
yes - 7/12/10 reply

i forgot to put i play d and i didnt know if this is a good d head
(no subject) - 7/13/10 reply

get the edge or gospel
(no subject) - 7/14/10 reply

nah dude don't listen to possum both those heads are good, but the noz has this nitus infused plastic, the most sturdy head on the market, go to you tube and look it up, there's a vid. of someone slamming it against a concrete pole.
(no subject) - 7/11/10 reply

paul rabil used this at my camp and shot 111. but to tell the truth he does that with the worst stick in the world.
noz - 7/11/10 reply

this stick destroys i had it on a nike sprint with mark mesh n it was insane. until sum flamer stole it from me at a lax tournament. but this head is supr light and jst fricken wrecks everything i would rele advise getting it
@ LeGiTlAx - 7/09/10 reply

are u kidding me? this is my fav head aver... 1) its a great D head because its so wide 2) it has nothing to do with accuracy, thats the stringing 3) if it is $110 it can't be bad 4) I have this head and i have used it for a long time on my dpole and it didnt break
(no subject) - 7/10/10 reply

its not really that wide
(no subject) - 7/08/10 reply

this head is HORRIBLE! it has no hold or accuracy! it brakes easily to. the only thing it has going for it is its weight! and its 110 dollars for no reason
(no subject) - 7/12/10 reply

you obviously suck at stringing or the person who strung it for you does cause the type of head has nothing to do with the accuracy. now breaking easily might be true but it all depends on the stringing
sick - 7/06/10 reply

I met a kid w/ dis head on a dolomite. It KICKED!!! It wuz da lightest stick EVAR!!!!!
paul rabil - 7/09/10 reply

i think thats the combo paul rabil uses too...at least thats what he used in the MLL all star game
stiffness - 7/06/10 reply

is this head stiff or flexible
NOZ - 7/04/10 reply

(no subject) - 7/04/10 reply

how does it feel like 80 pounds when it's the lightest head on the market?
(no subject) - 7/02/10 reply

horrible head feels like it weights 80 pounds
(no subject) - 7/05/10 reply

haha ur so retarded its like the second lightest head there is smartass
(no subject) - 7/09/10 reply

what the hell are you talking about? you are such a tard
(no subject) - 7/02/10 reply

all the warrior 2011 heads will be injected with NOZ
(no subject) - 6/30/10 reply

Paul Rabil uses this head
(no subject) - 6/28/10 reply

whats a good overnight camp that u can get a free head at
Camp - 6/29/10 reply

Mark Millon International. I got this head free there and its a great camp
rabil - 6/27/10 reply

i believe paul rabil is using this in the mll this year
yo - 6/22/10 reply

im goin to millon PA lax camp, which head should i get, this or evox? why?
(no subject) - 6/24/10 reply

this cause this one is so much lighter than evox
(no subject) - 6/29/10 reply

you should get this cuz this head is really light and u have alot of ball control and when you shoot...it just feels amazing..idk if its how my amazing friend strung mine but its amaazin!
(no subject) - 6/17/10 reply

Get the Clutch X. it looks sick in flouresent green and its hands down the best head ive had in 9 years of playing. i love it
whats the most durable head?? - 6/15/10 reply

What is the most durable head for poke checks and gbs. I could care less about price, and pinch and shot speed and stuff like that. Ive broken 4 heads in the past season so i figured i should get the most durable head.
hey - 6/13/10 reply

spyne, noz, evo x, or clutch x? im going to get one for free at a camp im going to i play d which one?
head - 6/14/10 reply

im going to that camp too and im getting this
(no subject) - 6/15/10 reply

im gonna get the clutch x. which one are you going too?
(no subject) - 6/16/10 reply

massachusetts one
(no subject) - 6/18/10 reply

same here.
(no subject) - 6/21/10 reply

evo x
these numbers are fake - 6/11/10 reply

The numbers all have to do with the ability of the player not the head you retards
(no subject) - 6/10/10 reply

cousins number and he uses this so therefore it is awesome 69
millonlax camp - 6/10/10 reply

im goin to this lax camp and they give a free head . should i get the noz spyne clutch or evo x
evo x or noz - 6/09/10 reply

which one should i get and why?
blah blah - 6/08/10 reply

it is to light i like a strong stridy haed
warrior heads - 6/06/10 reply

warrior heads in general have really been slacking over the past few years. i'm going to be honest and say that i dont think warrior has released a solid head since the original evo pro several years ago. i feel like they just keep dishing out gimic after gimic. i mean dont get me wrong warrior is pretty solid. i use warrior shafts and gloves. but as far as heads go. brine, stx and even maverik are better.
noz - 6/07/10 reply

im not to sure about this headit seams great but i dont find it very accurate what do you guys think
true - 6/16/10 reply

yea i still have the evo pro which i bought like 6 years ago still a good head that can take abuse. but iv tried a couple of the new warrior heads and they just completely suck compared to my proton power and my evo pro that i use
defense - 6/06/10 reply

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