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Top Selling Stringing East Coast 15mm Stringing Lacrosse Stringing


East Coast Mesh is the greatest and latest mesh on the market. Water proof. Fast break in. Superior hold. Custom Stringing Six Diamond Lacrosse Stringing


This mesh is a little bit different than traditional hard mesh. True to its name, this mesh only has 6 diamonds per row. Bigger diamonds allow for better hold on the ball, resulting in a little bit more whip on shots and passes. We recommend this ...

13 colors Custom Stringing Hard Mesh Lacrosse Stringing


Hard mesh is the most popular mesh used on fields everywhere. Very little break-in time is needed and will hold a good pocket rain or shine. This mesh is great for all positions and ability levels. We recommend a low or mid pocket with two straight ...

13 colors Stringking M1 Pocket Lacrosse Stringing Stringking M1 Pocket

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StringKing M1 Pocket Stringking H1 Pocket Lacrosse Stringing Stringking H1 Pocket

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StringKing Lacrosse H1 Pocket Stringking L1 Pocket Lacrosse Stringing Stringking L1 Pocket

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StringKing L1 Pocket East Coast 20mm Custom Stringing Lacrosse Stringing


ECM 20MM mesh custom Custom Stringing Soft Mesh Lacrosse Stringing


This mesh is almost identical to traditional hard mesh. It is called soft mesh because it does not have a coating on it like that of hard mesh. This mesh style offers great hold on the ball and an excellent pocket feel when catching and handling the...

13 colors East Coast 12D Custom Stringing Lacrosse Stringing


East Coast 12D allows for easy Break-in, which is hard for goalies. Controls rebounds better then your regular 12D goalie hard mesh. Gonzo Lacrosse Stringing Gonzo

#10 Selling Stringing


Gonzo Mesh is a superior pre-formed mesh coated with a RUBBER compound. This mesh makes all other Traditional mesh pieces unusable for the serious athlete. The rubber coating has a longer life expectancy in comparison to wax mesh pieces. Wax mesh pi... Custom Stringing Goalie 12 Diamond Lacrosse Stringing


Monster mesh offers goalies a deep pocket and less rebound potential than hard mesh. The bigger diamonds help to absorb and disperse impact from the ball giving more control. We recommend this for a more advanced player with good stick skills. Outle...

14 colors Custom Stringing Goalie Hard Mesh Lacrosse Stringing


Hard mesh offers a consistent pocket for goalies. The pockets tent to be a bit more shallow than those sticks strung with 12 diamond mesh. You can expect better more accurate outlet passing from goalie hard mesh stringing.

13 colors East Coast 20D Goalie Lacrosse Stringing East Coast 20D Goalie

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Greatest and latest mesh on the market. Water proof. Fast break in. Superior hold.