Brown Nips Princeton 6-5 For Share Of Ivy Title

Brown Nips Princeton 6-5 For Share Of Ivy Title

Brown Nips Princeton 6-5 For Share Of Ivy Title

Brown Nips Princeton 6-5 For Share Of Ivy Title

Providence, RI - Sophomore Thomas Muldoon and freshman Andrew Feinberg scored two goals each to lift Brown to a 6-5 victory over Princeton (7-6, 4-2 Ivy) and a share of the Ivy League Championship, its first Ivy title since 1995. The Bears won 10 of their last 11 regular season games to finish 11-3 overall and shared the Ivy League Championship with Cornell at 5-1 in the Ivy standings. The Big Red will earn the league's automatic bid into the NCAA Playoffs, while Brown awaits word on Sunday if they will receive an at-large bid into the NCAA Tournament.

A huge crowd of 2,913 enveloped Stevenson Field and erupted at the end as the Bears captured their seventh Ivy League Championship.

The game was tight until the final horn with Princeton possessing the ball in the Brown zone for the game's last 4:08. The Tigers were able to get three good shots at Brown junior goalie Jordan Burke, who denied the Tigers each time, his last save with 1:37 remaining, stopping a shot by the Tigers' Bob Schneider.

Princeton jumped out to a 2-0 first quarter lead on two goals by Tommy Davis, the second with one-second left in the quarter.

The Bears recovered with three straight goals to take the lead, one by sophomore Zach Caldwell and two by Muldoon to grab at 3-2 advantage with 5:14 left in the second quarter. Princeton's Schneider tied the game, 3-3, but Bears' junior attackman Kyle Hollingsworth scored an incredible goal while lying on the ground, sweeping the ball off the deck and into the net with 16 seconds left in the quarter to give Brown a 4-3 lead at the half.

Schneider tied the game one last time for the Tigers early in the third quarter, 4-4, scoring with 12:05 remaining.

Feinberg took over for the Bears, scoring with 8:33 left in the third quarter on a pretty feed from Hollingsworth to give Brown the lead for good, 5-4. Feinberg scored what proved to be the game-winning goal when he intercepted a Princeton pass in front of the Tigers goal and fired a shot past goalie Alex Hewit, to give the Bears a 6-4 advantage.

The fourth quarter didn't start off well for the Bears when Princeton won the face-off to open the quarter and threw it back to the goalie Hewitt on a clear attempt. Hewett went the length of the field to score and pull the Tigers to within one goal of the Bears, 6-5.

Brown's Burke provided the necessary backbone for the Bears in the fourth quarter, making five of his 13 saves to fend off the pesky Tigers. Hewit also finished with 13 saves for the Tigers.

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(no subject)
    by (#118964) on 5/03/08 @7:08PM
Even though they lost, if anyone in the Ivy deserves a bid at large its still Princeton Brown plays a relatively easy schedule.
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Princeton Losing Helps Navy!
    by (#136419) on 5/03/08 @7:33PM
Absolutely! Because Princeton's bubble may have burst with this loss, tough schedule or not. And Navy, who is also on the bubble, might get into the tournament after all. Navy has five losses, but all of them are to ranked teams, including Georgetown, Hopkins, and Cornell, which are all in the Top 10. And Colgate, who beat Navy in the Patriot League Semifinals, went on to beat Army for the title and then upset Syracuse today. So Colgate winning the Patriot League and Princeton losing may allow Navy to get into the tournament.
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Little correction
    by (#56843) on 5/03/08 @8:44PM
Colgate beat Navy to play Bucknell in the Patriot League Championship. It looks like there is only going to be one team from the ivy league in the tournament this year. I am a Princeton fan, but they don't deserve to make it this year when they had it all wrapped up but choked in the end.
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Yep, Colgate DID Beat Bucknell in the title game! (nt)
    by (#136419) on 5/03/08 @9:04PM
(no text)
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(no subject)
    by (#187708) on 5/03/08 @9:22PM
So is it impossible for Princeton to make the playoffs this year?
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Pretty Much Impossible, IMHO
    by (#136419) on 5/03/08 @10:19PM
Coming into this game, they were ranked well in the teens, and if they go anywhere after this game, it will be lower.
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Why Princeton Lacrosse Hasn't Been As Dominant?
    by (#136419) on 5/03/08 @10:53PM
For a period of 15 years, Princeton lacrosse probably had the best run a program has ever had. Here are their results:

1990-lost in the Quarterfinals to Yale
1991-lost in the Quarterfinals in OT to Towson
1992-beat Syracuse in 2OT for the National Title
1993-lost to eventual champs Syracuse in the Semifinals.
1994-beat UVA in OT for the National Title
1995-lost to eventual champs Syracuse in the Quarterfinals
1996-beat UVA in OT for the National Title
1997-beat Maryland for the National Title
1998-beat Maryland for the National Title
1999-lost to eventual runners-up Syracuse in the First Round
2000-lost to Syracuse in the Title Game
2001-beat Syracuse in OT in the Title Game
2002-lost to Syracuse in the Title Game
2003-lost to Syracuse in the Quarterfinals
2004-lost to Navy in the Semifinals

So, throughout that 15-year period, Princeton had:

6 National Titles
2 runner-up appearances
2 Semifinal appearances
4 Quarterfinal appearances
1 appearance where they lost in the First Round

That run was amazing, and we may NEVER see another one like it. All of those Princeton teams were famous for having methodical, ball-control offenses and awesome, smothering defenses. In so many games, their goal was to keep the score in single digits or low double digits with that type of offense and defense. Getting behind to them was dangerous, because they would take you out of your game and make you play THEIR game. The larger their lead got, the more methodical they would get on offense, and it was almost like they taunted the other team with it.

However, since 2005, Princeton Lacrosse hasn't nearly been the same:

2005-had a losing season and missed the tournament for the first time since 1989
2006-lost by a lot to Maryland in the Quarterfinals-In that game, they didn't look like Princeton much at all.
2007-lost to Georgetown in OT in the First Round-For years, Princeton dominated OT games.
2008-doesn't look like they will make the NCAA Tournament

So, now, let's get on to the main point in this thread. Why has Princeton Lacrosse been somewhat down since 2005? I have a couple of reasons. First of all, the admissions has really cracked down at Princeton, and they can't quite get the ballplayers they used to. Secondly, that style of play that Princeton was so famous for for many years:

ball control offense
smothering defense
doing their best to keep the scores in the single digits and low double digits

worked so well for many years, but the game has changed a lot. The players are much bigger, faster, and stronger, and run-and-gun style of play is more favorable than ever before.

So, although Princeton Lacrosse is a bit down, it would be a major mistake to say they won't be back. I think that, for them to be back, they will need to keep playing solid defense, but add a bit more run-and-gun to their offense. If they do that, watch out! Bill Tierney is still the best coach in the game and maybe the best ever.

And, it looks like, with the admissions having cracked down, Tierney is working harder at recruiting than ever. He has a fine class coming in for 2008. As far as I know, all of these players are coming to Princeton, along with some other good players. These players are all ranked in the Top 50 for 2008. Here is each player's ranking, name, position, and high school:

#2 Tyler Fiorito Goalie McDonogh(MD)
#4 Chad Wiedmaier Defense Delbarton(NJ)
#14 Mike Chanenchuk Midfield St. Anthony's(NY)
#30 Alex Capretta Midfield St. Ignatius Prep(CA)
#37 Cliff Larkin Attack St. Paul's(MD)
#45 Mark Feild Midfield Boys' Latin(MD)

This has the potential to be an awesome class!

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Something is definitely wrong at PU
    by (#197538) on 5/03/08 @11:16PM
Naptown fan, I disagree with you about the causes of what has been happening at PU in the last few yrs. You attribute the recent bad results to an admissions crackdown and consequent recruiting woes. I wish it was as simple as that.

Consider this statistic...

This year's PU team had SEVEN players that were ranked in the Inside Lacrosse top 10 in the year they were recruited (2004, 05, 06 & 07). Not just top 50...I'm talking about only those classified in the two highest categories (if you include top 50 the number is much much greater). I'm not talking about players near the bottom of the top 10 either. Coco & Hewit for ex were considered the top recruits at their positions in the entire nation the year they came up.

Do you know how many Inside Lacrosse top 10 recruits that Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn and Yale *COMBINED* got in that same 04-07 time period? Just one. ONE! All the rest of the Ivy teams combined!

The truth is that...relative to the recruiting success of the other Ivy teams...the recruiting gap in the last 4 yrs between PU and the other Ivy teams has been even greater than it was during PU's "glory years." And yet during that time PU's success vs. the other Ivy teams has dropped big-time. PU should have done much much better w/ this group compared to the Ivy competition.

I no longer think that quality recruits will solve the problem for PU...Something else is amiss. The whole is less than the sum of the parts. Meanwhile the other Ivy teams are doing much more with much less talent. That is not something that we could ever say about PU before in the Tierney era.

Next year's freshmen look really great...but I don't think recruiting has been the problem for PU lately.
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(no subject)
    by (#165751) on 5/04/08 @1:42PM
The problem is their offense. You can't score 5 goals a game and win...
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    by (#136419) on 5/04/08 @2:45PM
As I said, that is one of Princeton's problems. That methodically, ball-control offense worked well for years, but the game has changed. They need to run-and-gun quite a bit more if they want to do beter.
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Yup, it's the O
    by (#197538) on 5/04/08 @4:04PM
...and more specifically no matter how many top 10 recruits PU gets, they never ever ever seem to get good reliable left handed attack finishers except once in a blue moon. I swear it's like their recruiting blind spot. Just one would make such a difference.
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(no subject)
    by (#109750) on 5/04/08 @4:38PM
chris mcbribe is the truth just wait until next year
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Princeton's decline
    by (#191428) on 5/06/08 @7:56PM
The comments about PU's decline center around its methodical offense, recruiting woes and improved caliber of competition. All of these have value.

I've been folowing PU lax ( at the home games and a few away games ) since they ended Cornell's 21 game winning streak against the Tigers and see the critical factor to be the talent of the players and therefore, the recruiting process.

Princeton doesn't do the following things even moderately well: clear, hold the ball once in the attack zone, get a majority of faceoffs.

The championship teams rarely had turnovers and the current performance in that regard is disappointing to say the least.

While Coach Tierney adheres to a patterned offensive style I doubt that the Tigers could create any consistent unsettled situations which have always been the hallmark of a successful program.

Princeton's Admissions Dean has put significant effort into the women's programs and mens lax has been a victim of that process, along with basketball and football.

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