Butler Drops Lacrosse

Butler Drops Lacrosse

Butler Drops Lacrosse

Butler Drops Lacrosse

In a decision with shocking timing, Butler has decided to axe their Division I Men's program. The school announced their 2007 schedule just two months ago, and the team has been practicing for the last two weeks.

Coach Stan Ross was still trying to digest the info when we spoke. Ross noted that Butler is a small Midwest school that carries twenty three sports, and so the administration opted to cut a sport entirely rather than peel away funds from all sports.

But Ross' concern wasn't for the program or himself, noting "It's the kids that I'm worried about, including all the recruits we have coming. I'll be alright. We've been practicing for two weeks and the semester has already started...it would be nearly impossible for the kids to transfer this semester."

The email from Butler AD Collier:

  • This afternoon I announced to the athletic department staff, that effective June 1, Butler will discontinue its intercollegiate men's swimming and lacrosse programs.

    I came to this decision after months of analyzing our athletic programs. This comprehensive review uncovered the need to redirect resources within the program to ensure greater stability for our remaining 19 sports.

    We will continue to honor the existing scholarship commitments of our lacrosse players.

    These players will continue to be a part of our community here at Hinkle, and will continue to have access to the same services available to other varsity athletes, including academic services and athletic training.

    However difficult this decision may have been, I believe it puts us in the best possible position to be successful in the future.

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    by (#136241) on 1/26/07 @5:56PM
This is ridiculous..
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    by (#136622) on 1/26/07 @9:30PM
This is title nines fault more then anything else, and its poor interpretation by ad's. notice MENS lacrosse and MENS swimming, i wish all those players luck this season, and where ever they choose to continue their careers
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    by (#152490) on 1/26/07 @10:54PM
This IS all Title IX's fault. When there was a movement by the administration to discontinue the women's gymnastics team from Brown years ago, they filed a suit and claimed inequality. Look at what your so called inequalities are doing now. Stats show it all. There are newspaper ads in school newspapers that read, "Looking for able-bodied, athletic, women to compete in Division 1 intercollegiate atheletics. No experience needed! Partial and full scholarships available."
This was in a University newspaper who decided to start a women's rowing team after their men's wrestling program was cut months prior. No experience? Women and men across the country strive to accomplish their goals of competing at the college level and yet you give full scholarships to people who have yet to attempt (or even compete) a sport at a serious level? THIS IS IN NO WAY MEANT TO TARGET WOMEN OR WOMENS' ATHELTICS; my purpose is to bring to light the unjust actions of AD's looking to keep a "politically correct" reputation while phasing out traditional men's sports. My condolences to all those lacrosse players at Butler and athletes alike who have been unfairly treated by bureaucratic motions and out-dated laws: this is something you do not deserve.
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i don't know where lax.com got their information,
    by (#152493) on 1/26/07 @11:59PM

I don't know where the writer of this article got his information, but he is inaccurate in saying that there was any kind of vote. The team will meet monday to decide on the upcoming season that still may be played.
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    by (#129810) on 1/27/07 @9:25AM
its kind of rediculous their football team last year was the absolute worst in D-1 AA last year why didnt they get rid of it instead.
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   (no subject) by 2/05/07 @3:37PM
    by (#152513) on 1/27/07 @1:07PM
When I initially heard that Butler had dropped lacrosse I was in shock. My good friend plays for the lax team their and this was the most upset I have seen him in a while. No, lacrosse and swimming dont fill the stands but can't the athletic administration cut funds from the already dismal football team. What are they going to get any worse? Im just here to say I am appauled at this decision and its a bunch of #*&$. Good luck for all the players and families this affects.
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    by (#144883) on 1/27/07 @2:32PM
thats gay that screws over everyone intentions now that have already signed and its now too late for them to sign someplace else
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    by (#133512) on 1/28/07 @2:48PM
Thisis the dummest thing that they could have done,lacrosse is a growing sport, and we need all of the support we can get they shouldn't have taken out their lax team they should have taken out their football team
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      Drop football dream on by 1/28/07 @9:22PM
Varsity lacrosse is going away
    by (#3709) on 1/29/07 @8:23PM
Letís face reality, there is soon not going to be varsity lacrosse. Boston College got dropped, University of New Hampshire got dropped and now Butler got dropped. Most schools have dropped lacrosse in more subtle ways by dropping JV programs witch gave lesser skilled players the chance to play. As long as there is title nine, sports like menís lacrosse, hockey and wrestling will be punished. So letís just accept that Varsity lacrosse will only be available to an elite few with great talent and connections. And eventually even those programs will be at risk.

But itís not all bad, because of the increased demand in lacrosse the USLIA has grown in leaps and bounds. Because of that league there is an incredible amount of schools that have a team for kids to play on that otherwise would not be there.

Just look at CollegeLax.net . Schools like Colorado State, BYU and Arizona and many more have fantastic programs where kids get a great experience competing in quality lacrosse.

The only catch with those programs is that they need an adult who can help the kids go in the right direction with things like fund raising and scheduling. If that is there, in many cases they can have an even better experience then the Varsity players due to the freedom they would have. Just ask the players at Michigan or Sonoma State, those kids seem are very happy.

However the problem is if you have teams who hire x-players who were great players but are terrible coaches and managers who do not understand how to operate a team in the USLIA, Those teams will always be in disarray such as the case with Stanford and USC. Where a group of kids hired coaches who were great players but clearly have no idea what they are doing with a USLIA team.

Simply said, the freedom these teams have leaves room for great things to happen, or total chaos.

In Summary, Varsity lacrosse is going away, but because of the love so many of us have for the sport. It will continue to grow and kids will still have the chance to play at all stages. It just will be taking on a different setting then what we have been used too and there will be growing pains we will have to bear.
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This is no good...
    by (#152903) on 1/31/07 @8:41AM
This is crap, their football team went 0 - 10. The only reason they keep football around is because of the revinue and that they had a guaranteed better season than last year's 0 - 11. My lacrosse team uses butler as our home field, and we have a lot of playoff games in their stadium, i really hope this doesnt affect our season this year...
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this sucks
    by (#143943) on 2/01/07 @10:54PM
It is just shocking and very saddening to think that a group or guys that put their blood, sweat, and tears into doing something they love could have that thing they love ripped away from them so quickly and suddenly. I am sure I speak for the lacrosse nation when I say that our hearts go out to them. hopefully they can recover as players and continue playing lacrosse at a high level.
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   (no subject) by 2/02/07 @7:32PM
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    by (#153850) on 2/16/07 @10:19AM
i dont know how you could have so much time on ur hands that you could fight over something as gay as this ur all little F@#%$*N Pu@@#$
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