Christman's Goal in OT Ends Colgate's Upset Bid of Irish

Christman's Goal in OT Ends Colgate's Upset Bid of Irish

Christman's Goal in  OT Ends Colgate's Upset Bid of Irish

Christman's Goal in OT Ends Colgate's Upset Bid of Irish

Peter Christman scored with 1:28 left in overtime to give the Fighting Irish an 8-7 victory over Colgate in the first round of the NCAA Tournament in the rain at Alumni Field. The Irish will most likely take on Syracuse, who is scheduled to face off against Canisius tonight.

Colgate came out hot with a goal from Matt Lalli in the first two minutes of the opening quarter. Ryan Hoff took a feed from Alex Wharton at 4:50 to tie the game, but the Raiders went ahead 3-1 in the last 1:32 of the first quarter to go up 3-1 on scores from Kevin Colleluori and Brandon Corp. In the beginning of the season when attackman Will Yeatman’s suspension was announced, many thought the Irish offense would be lackluster at best. Instead, it has turned into a consistent no-name offense, relying upon all its attackers and middies to consistently contribute and step up, one at a time. Today was no different as eight different players found the net for the Irish and they gave Notre dame its first NCAA tournament win since their glory year of 2001 when they made it tot he semifinals at Rutgers and were ousted by Syracuse.

Irish Coach Kevin Corrigan , was happy to walk with a win as he waxed after the game about survival, “ [Our] goal is to survive. I thought we could play well and brilliantly and all that, but when it mattered, we played hard and gutsy. We didn’t play that well, but we won.” The Irish had the odds on their side for they extended their home game winning streak with the victory to 19 games and 7 this year in the Bend.

In the second quarter, Dan Gibson fed Zach Brenneman for a goal to narrow the gap to 3-2, but Colgate had Joey Kemp’s ( 8 saves) number and utilized goals from Ian Murphy and Zack Craumer to lead 5-2 at halftime. The Irish again opened the quarter scoring as Grant Krebs and Adam Felicetti narrowed the deficit to 5-4 4:57 remaining in the third quarter. Colgate capitalized on an extra man opportunity to increase its lead to 6-4 with a goal from Josh Back at 2:25.

. Wharton scored when the Irish were man-up at 11:21 to narrow the gap to 6-5. The team traded possessions, with each team battling hard for ground balls and backing their opposing attackers to the outside until 4:23 when Colleluori gave the Raiders a 7-5 lead. Neal Hicks made a nice ground ball pickup on a pressured clear and scored to make it 7-6 at 3:45. Mike Podgajny found the net from the right side at 1:29 to tie the game.

Kemp came up with a big save in OT when Colgate was knocking on the Irish door, and Christman converted on a high shot that beat Colgate goalie Tim Harrington. The Irish had peppered Harrington all day with 40 shots and he made 18 saves, while Colgate threw 23 times at Kemp.

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Congrats To Both Teams!
    by (#136419) on 5/11/08 @4:51PM
Congratulations to Notre Dame for not quitting, fighting back, and getting this huge win. Congratulations to them also for having really come together as a team after losing their star, Yeatman, prior to the season. Congratulations to Colgate on a huge breakthrough season. Colgate won the Patriot League Tournament, upset Syracuse, and gave a very solid Notre Dame team all they could handle.

Now, Notre Dame will meet the winner of Syracuse and Canisius.
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ND v. Cuse
    by (#185818) on 5/11/08 @5:34PM
next weeks game isn't going to be fair when Cuse plays ND...i know its a week away and Cuse hasn't played Canisius yet, but lets be serious, Desko won't let Cuse look past Canisius, look for it to be like Cuse is Canisius and vise versa, Cuse is going to try to play a flawless game...then when they play agaisnt ND that NY style is just going to be too much for ND...

As for ND way to go 2-3 from the GWLL it shows that the GWLL is a serious conference and that they deserve to be in the tourney...they beat a good Colgate team that didnt lose in April (if im not mistaken)and beat Cuse last week...but ND was just a little bit to much for Gate to handle down the stretch and that fighting style just wore Gate down...lets hope Cuse wins so i won't have to eat my words LOL

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(no subject)
    by (#167651) on 5/11/08 @7:55PM
I thought it was a great game. Killer overtime goal by Christman. Looked to me like he had a pretty bad angle and still managed to pick the upper-farside corner. Any closer to the corner and it would've hit the pipe. Great playing by both teams.
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man o man
    by (#140423) on 5/14/08 @10:14PM
not takin it away from the schnipa from notre dame or anything but colgate is the better team...great fight and game from the dame tho gotta show them love for that comeback

should be a good one sunday against SU @cornell
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