Cornell vs. Navy Video Highlights

Cornell vs. Navy Video Highlights

Cornell vs. Navy Video Highlights

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    by (#103144) on 2/26/08 @9:18PM
this video took forever to load and skipped all the time. i was just wondering if it happened to anyone else besides me?
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   worked fine for me... (nt) by 2/26/08 @9:34PM
      (no subject) by 3/24/08 @8:52PM
   Yeah by 2/26/08 @9:44PM
      (no subject) by 5/31/09 @5:33PM
   skips by 2/27/08 @12:24PM
      (no subject) by 2/27/08 @7:55PM
         . by 3/24/08 @4:41PM
         (no subject) by 5/31/09 @5:37PM
   (no subject) by 2/27/08 @5:34PM
   (no subject) by 3/01/08 @12:49PM
   nice by 3/02/08 @11:37AM
   (no subject) by 3/14/08 @4:25PM
   yeah mine took forever to load (nt) by 4/10/10 @11:56AM
    by (#169244) on 2/27/08 @6:21AM
keep those video highlights up! great video-quality and if you stop the video for 30 sec right at the beginning it runs fluently.
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Yes Skips ...... Same Old , Same Old
    by (#118477) on 2/27/08 @11:05AM
It skipped.
Same old Cornell tough and fast with a transition game. same old Navy tough D with a very active G, looked good.
Thanx to Neil for trying
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we'll solve the delivery issues...
    by (#2) on 2/27/08 @12:17PM
soon enough. working on it now -- this was the first time we subjected a vid to mass downloads so we have a little tweaking to do.
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   Mount St. Mary's Is Next For Navy! by 2/27/08 @12:24PM
   songs by 3/03/08 @6:37AM
These Two Teams Will Surprise People!
    by (#136419) on 2/27/08 @12:34PM
Although both Cornell and Navy were hit hard by graduation, they have good, young teams, and expect both to make the Big Dance come May.
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   Thanks for the video! by 2/27/08 @1:05PM
    by (#187097) on 2/27/08 @6:22PM
that was a good win! thanx neil kepp them comming
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   (no subject) by 2/27/08 @10:47PM
(no subject)
    by (#154774) on 2/28/08 @12:35PM
Honestly it seemed to me that cornell doesnt have what it takes. Give navy credit theyre a good team but all the poles said big red would be back this year for a title run. After watching this I dont think theyre near it
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   Agreed About Cornell by 2/28/08 @12:49PM
    by (#185818) on 2/28/08 @6:38PM
the video was pretty sick... a skip here and there, i cant really explain the whole greatness of my video because it was almost 100% perfect...anyways the Navy goalie was solid even though they lost...

but to more exciting things...they must have video highlights of this weekends face-off would be a huge step into making lax more watch able since some places cant catch and game or the highlights on any nation wide sport channel (foreshadowing ESPN pick it up please) anyways great highlights and more videos

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song title
    by (#188477) on 2/29/08 @6:51AM
seems like server cant handle the stream especially when there is high traffic, can someone please tell me the name of the second song on the video..thanks
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    by (#188022) on 2/29/08 @6:55AM
Loaded quickly and did not skip for me
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    by (#188022) on 2/29/08 @7:00AM
Loaded quickly and did not skip for me
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    by (#101472) on 3/05/08 @12:45AM
More video please. And the Navy Goalie was sick in this game.
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   Navy's offense by 2/14/09 @12:10AM