Cottle Signs?

Cottle Signs?

Cottle Signs?

Cottle Signs?

Dave Cottle has left Loyola for good, is already in his office at College Park, and is even coaching tonight's fall ball practice at 6:30. In a bizarre series of events, Maryland AD brass Rob Mullens and Debbie Yow first offered the job to Tony Seaman, who declined because his salary demands couldn't be met. They then offered it to Cottle, who rejected a counter-offer from Loyola that included a $15,000 raise and a position in the athletic department. Gary Gait was not even taken seriously as a candidate despite earlier promises that the job would be his. All this occurred despite fierce opposition from Maryland players, parents, and alumni to Cottle. Those same groups fervently supported Gait. Press release inside.

10:30pm - The Maryland players boycotted practice tonight, with just their captains showing up to tell Cottle they would not be playing. And, while we are not 100% certain of it, we have it on good authority that Cottle has in fact not signed his contract yet (which is why we didn't post the original news until late in the day). An incomplete list of the Maryland players' grievances is inside, and it has very little to do with the fact that Gait was not chosen.

Reasons Terps Object to Cottle's Hiring:

1) The Athletic Department did not even give the slightest bit of respect to the player's views; less than 24 hours after Cottle interviewed for the job, he had the gig despite the players' well known objections.

2) During the pre-interview process, the players were asked by the search committee, "Is there any coach you won't play for?" Their resounding, singular response was Cottle. Although they would have been very happy with Gait, "All this would not be happening if Seaman had gotten hired. If we had wanted to play for Cottle, we would have gone to Loyola."

3) The 8 player subcommittee of the search panel was a feel-good farce; the coach evaluation forms that the sub-committee submitted were not even looked at by the athletic department. In fact, the player subcommittee did not even submit one for Cottle because they assumed the athletic department would actually pay attention to their request that Cottle literally be the only one not to get the job.

more coming later tomorrow...

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Dave Cottle, the third winningest active coach in lacrosse, was named the eighth head coach in the history of the Maryland men's lacrosse program on Wednesday. Cottle comes to Maryland after a 19-year stint as the head coach at Loyola College in Baltimore. He signed a four-year contract worth $85,000 per year.

Cottle, 46, replaces longtime, successful head coach Dick Edell, who retired on Sept. 3, 2001 after 18 years with the Terps.

"Coach Cottle's 19 years of Division I head coaching success was an important consideration for the selection committee," said Maryland athletics director Deborah A. Yow. "We believe that he will lead Maryland to its next national championship in men's lacrosse. We appreciated hearing from a number of the former players who spoke highly about their experience of playing under Coach Cottle. In addition, coaches of stature such as Bill Tierney of Princeton spoke glowingly of Coach Cottle's leadership and coaching skills. We look forward to the future of our program under his direction."

Cottle, who said the Maryland position was his "dream job," is also thrilled to join the Terrapins. "I'm excited to come into a program with such a rich history as Maryland's."

Cottle led the Greyhounds to two national semifinal appearances including an appearance in the 1990 championship game. He is currently the third winningest active coach in the sport of lacrosse, winning 72.1 percent of his games for a 181-70 record.

He has led his teams to top-10 finishes in each of the past 14 seasons. The Greyhounds have finished with a winning record for the past 16 years dating to 1984. Loyola has also played in the last 14 NCAA Tournaments, entering the 1998 and 1999 tournaments as the No. 1 seed.

The backbone of Cottle's success has been his emphasis on the following: a strong work ethic, intelligent recruiting, attention to detail, and a creative approach to the game. He also is a true believer in the concept of "student-athlete." In each of the last three years, his team's graduation rate has been 89 percent or higher. Three of Cottle's players earned Academic All-America honors.

A Baltimore native, Cottle took over a struggling Greyhound program in 1983. Since posting a first-year record of 5-9, his only losing season, Cottle's Loyola teams have reeled off 16 consecutive winning seasons. Last year's 13-2 campaign, which ended with a berth in the NCAA semifinals, saw Loyola reach a No. 1 national ranking, and the school's first No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

In 1988 the Greyhounds began their current run of 14 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. Loyola advanced to the national championship game in 1990, and it has made 10 NCAA quarterfinal appearances. In fact, Loyola has advanced to at least the national quarterfinals in seven of the past eight seasons.

The 1990 team, a potent mix of seasoned veterans and talented underclassmen, marched all the way to the NCAA championship game after making the school's first Final Four appearance. In the semifinals the Greyhounds staged an incredible comeback to beat Yale, 14-13, in overtime and advanced to the title contest against two-time defending champion Syracuse. The Orangemen ended Loyola's quest for the national title, but the Greyhounds' 1990 season always will be remembered.

In 1994 Cottle guided the Greyhounds to one of their best seasons ever. Loyola finished 11-2, recording wins against four teams that participated in the NCAA Tournament. The Greyhounds earned the nation's No. 1 ranking for only the second time in the program's history during that memorable campaign. Loyola concluded the regular season with a 17-15 victory over Johns Hopkins, the program's first victory ever against the Blue Jays. Ranked third in the final USILA poll, the Greyhounds earned a first-round bye into the NCAA Tournament before dropping a 14-13 overtime decision to Brown in the NCAA quarterfinals.

Cottle also guided his 1988 and 1989 teams to the postseason. The 1988 squad finished with a 12-2 record, earning Loyola's first NCAA Division I tournament berth. Loyola defeated Air Force for its first NCAA postseason victory before losing to Penn in an exciting quarterfinal. The Greyhounds concluded the campaign ranked fifth in the nation, and Cottle earned USILA Coach-of-the-Year honors, becoming the first coach in Loyola athletic history to receive a national award. Cottle was selected to coach the South team in the 1988 North-South All-Star Game.

The 1989 Greyhounds became the only Loyola lacrosse team to complete an undefeated regular season. The Greyhounds beat four nationally ranked teams en route to a perfect 10-0 mark. Loyola was ranked third in the final poll, behind eventual national champion Syracuse and Johns Hopkins. A quarterfinal loss to North Carolina ended Loyola's season, but the Greyhounds captured the attention of the lacrosse world with their best record ever.

Cottle came to Loyola in 1982 after leading Severn School to a 26-9 record and consecutive Maryland Scholastic Association championships. Prior to his success at Severn, Cottle served for two years as a graduate assistant coach, assistant varsity lacrosse coach and physical education instructor at his alma mater, Salisbury State University.

One of the finest players in Salisbury State history, Cottle was enshrined into the school's Athletic Hall of Fame in 1989. During his career he rewrote the NCAA record book, while earning All-America honors three times. He still holds many places in the Salisbury State record book, and was just the second player in collegiate lacrosse history to score over 100 points in a single season. The nation's leading scorer in 1975, he served as captain of the South team in the North-South All-Star Game.

Cottle received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education in 1978 and his Master of Education in 1980, both from Salisbury State. He was an assistant coach for Team USA 1994, which won the world championship in Manchester, England. Cottle has addressed many lacrosse gatherings across the country, including the USILA Coaches' Convention, and he serves as a member of the All-America Selection Committee. In February of 1998 he was inducted into the Baltimore Chapter of the Lacrosse Foundation's Hall of Fame.

A graduate of Baltimore's Northern High School, Cottle lives with his wife, Lynn, daughters, Taylor and Tory, and son, Sean, in Baldwin, Md.


Around the lacrosse world, Dave Cottle is a highly respected coach as demonstrated by the comments of fellow lacrosse coaches, former players and administrators.

"He did a wonderful job with the Loyola team for years. We scrimmaged them for years and it was actually so spirited that we dropped it because it was almost like playing another regular season game."
- Dick Edell, former Maryland head coach

"Dave Cottle has been a close friend and mentor for 17 years now. The University of Maryland is fortunate to have the premier offensive mind in the game as its new head coach. He is not only a tremendous coach but also a person of the highest character who will bring out the best in his players."
- Bill Tierney, Princeton head coach

"There's not another coach in the country that I respect more, on and off the field, than Dave Cottle. Maryland has not only made a great selection, but it has made the right selection."
- Tony Seaman, Towson head coach

"Dave Cottle is a very special person. As good as he is as a lacrosse coach, he's an even better person. What he has done at Loyola in almost 20 years is unsurpassed in college lacrosse. He's an extraordinary coach."
- Joe Boylan, Loyola Director of Athletics

"As an alum and former Terrapin lacrosse player, I'm excited that Maryland hired the very best candidate available. I'm confident that Dave Cottle will continue the great Maryland lacrosse tradition and bring home some national championships."
- John Lamon, former All-ACC lacrosse player at Maryland

"Dave Cottle is an outstanding coach whose record speaks for itself. He is a terrific teacher and an even better person. His players, current and former, have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. His commitment to them is not just for four years, but a lifetime. Maryland made a great choice."
- Skip Prosser, Wake Forest basketball coach and former Loyola basketball coach

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Really Bad Move
    by (#1383) on 9/26/01 @7:05PM
This will kill recruiting for Maryland. If guys like LaMonica are trying to get out from under Edell because they don't like all the workouts, what do you think is going to happen with Cottle at the helm? Nobody wants to endure full-time boot camp if they have a better option. Hiring Cottle just gave a recruiting boost to all other top 10 schools.
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Sure it will help other DI schools...
    by (#4903) on 9/26/01 @7:20PM
It will help the others recruit lazy nancy-boys. If you don't like to work your a-- off, you should play club ball somewhere.
Good hire.
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I agree
    by (#834) on 9/26/01 @8:40PM
I'm sick of hearing about all these little babbies crying about the workouts. If they happened to have forgotten this is a DI soprt. I'm willing to bet you don't hear about kids transfering from Nebraska to Michigan for football because the cornhuskers run too much. Some people need to get from behind their mother's skirts and just play some damn ball. Maryland is damn lucky to have Cottle.
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appears to be a little more...
    by (#16083) on 9/26/01 @8:50PM
It definately has much more to it then just a bunch of "little babbies crying about the workouts". Edell is one of the, if not the, toughest coaches in the history of lacrosse. Hard work was always his main priority and if these kids made it through seasons with him I think they could make it through Cottles. Obviously the players thoughts were not taken into consideration on this pick and that is causing the problem.
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Muchado's a wordsmith
    by (#5479) on 9/27/01 @11:36AM
"Lazy nancy-boys". Nice term.
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Gait Should Get The Job
    by (#16815) on 9/27/01 @7:18AM
If Gait got the position, there would be a new face in the coaching arena which would give some more excitement to the game.
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Great Point
    by (#11245) on 9/27/01 @11:16AM
And take away cash from Cottle and Tierneys camp 205 my ass......Top Get Your Money In Fast is more like it!
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It's about Yow and Gait, not Cottle
    by (#16832) on 9/27/01 @12:33PM
As I see it, the real question is what was Yow thinking when she didn't hire Gait. He's perfect, has 10 rings (SU and U-MD) and is "family" as the assistant of the women's program.

Frankly, the players are showing restraint in not going public with their grievances, trying to get the AD and Cottle to reconsider. Players should have some input into recruiting a new coach, but this should have been a simple decision. Walk down the hall and hire Gait. It was that simple.

Oh, and every kid in the country would love to play for Gait. A recruiting dream. We may never know why Gary wasn't selected, but we know several things. 1) Yow's leadership is horrible and you apparently have no chance at MD to be promoted from within even with two fists full of national championship rings. Imagine how the other assistant coaches in other sports must feel about their chances for succession at MD now. 2) The other D-1 coaches were more afraid of Gait getting the job than Cottle. Why else would they write glowing letters of support. Cottle's 14 NCAA appearances, no rings, that's why. Gait has a slightly better championship percentage as both coach and player. Cottle would have been a good choice if Gait hadn't been available and already in the MD family but it's a choice that should get Athletic Director Yow fired for her lack of vision, leadership and risk-taking. Yea, Gait would have been a bit of a risk, but a calculated risk with a potentially extraordinary high payoff. She blew it. She deserves to be fired.
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So many dumb comments so little space
    by (#14048) on 9/28/01 @9:57AM
I think Gary has proven to all of us just how smart Yow was in hiring Cottle. At a time when he could have had shown class, he could have made a statement to the team that they should respect the decision, and play for the great coach UM hired. Instead all he can do is run away, make a tough situation worse, and say he may leave the womens program. Cottle, as you would have expected, handled the situation very well. He understood that the kids have gone thru an emotional time. He didn't lash out at them... he listened and understood. Just what you would expect from someone with no HEAD coaching experience and from someone with 20 years of experience. Grow up think your the first one to loose a job you thought you had. And PS.... coaches would love to see Gait get a major job....just to watch him fumble thru LEARNING how to recruit.... Cottle got good rec's because he is a great coach
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Yow is destroying Athletics at MD
    by (#16385) on 10/02/01 @1:06PM
After seing MD AD Deborah Yow crush the school's spirit the last 2 years. First with Basketball and then with Football, she put a damper on which cheers that fans could spout. It doesn't surprise me at all that the "bull-dyke" has made another blunder in hiring Cottle. I am shocked that Gary Gait was not seriously considered. Sure, some may question his coaching abilities, but that is what assistants are for. Having Gait at the helm would attract the best talent in the country. The advantages would be far greater than the disadvantages. The players would love him and be completely loyal to him. Also, does anyone realize that Cottle is a jerk to his players and nobody likes the guy? The only people that have anything nice to say about him are other DI coaches. Coaches would never speak poorly about another DI coach. It appears that the Maryland Athletic Dept. have used only the testimony of other Coaches in their decision-making process and not the players. This will widen the chasm between the Athletic Department and the students. The best thing Cottle can do is go back to Loyola. WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!!!
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(no subject)
    by (#16815) on 9/26/01 @7:51PM
This is interesting. You have a team that doesn't want the coach, a coach that does a lot of mouthing off at the top of his lungs on and off the field, and a coach that was promised the job that did not get it. This all adds up to some interesting seasons to come. I think someone should be talking to the ADs at Maryland to find out what their thoughts were when they made this move.
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Yow's "thoughts"?
    by (#16833) on 9/27/01 @1:37PM
You're not such a durak. This is not the first time Yow has done something really off the wall. She has always had a serious disregard for advice. Gary would have been terrific and a VERY strong recruiting draw. Now I'm afraid the women's program will lose him thanks to this huge snub. UM's loss will be someone's gain (Loyola?).
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that's an interesting point
    by (#951) on 9/27/01 @2:07PM
i'd like to see Gait tell Maryland to F off and then go take over Loyola's mens program and lead them to a title. that would really make this Yow bitch look like a fool
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Is it really molly-cottling?
    by (#3319) on 9/27/01 @8:43AM
This move bodes well for the Terps. face it, the Terps have gotten into the tourney year after year and have failed to produce, much like the Greyhounds that Cottle formerly coached. The players should be happy with the fact that the "status quo" has not changed. Who is running the institution anyway at Maryland? The players or the admin? Give Cottle a chance. The worst he can do is bring the Terps to the tourney and lose in the first round to a team from the GWLL.
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You're all wrong.....
    by (#2443) on 9/27/01 @11:21AM
Gait, Cottle, Seaman, Corrigan, none of them deserve the job. Drunk Chuck from New Hampshire should get the job. An unfamiliar coach to most of the nation but truly a legend who would take the Terps to the promised land. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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We can't really understand.......
    by (#2443) on 9/27/01 @11:40AM
None of us play for Maryland so why should we feel it necessary to tell the players how they should feel. They made a choice to attend Maryland to play for Coach Edell. I'm sure many of the same players were recruited to play for Cottle at Loyola but choose not to. With this much of an uproar by the players maybe somebody should listen to what the kids have to say, and the reasons why they are so disturbed with the decision.
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Hold it...
    by (#4903) on 9/27/01 @12:39PM
Maryland players are mad that they didn't get a shot to voice their opinions.

Maryland players decided that Cottle was not a good candidate before he even interviewed.

Does anyone else see the irony/karma biting the crybabies, er..Terps, in the rear end right about now?
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you are really dumb muchado
    by (#17651) on 11/14/01 @6:42PM
maybe if you werent some dumbass who has probably just started playing lax like 2 weeks ago, then you would know that cottle is the biggest dickhead to walk the face of the earth. coaches like him because they see his success and personality WITH THEM, not with the players. its understandable that yow would hire him, im sure hes a charming guy, but step onto the field, and he is the biggest asshole ever. loyola never produced shit, no championships, why is that muchado? because cottle is a dickhead to his players who by the end of the season can't stand him anymore
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I agree. (nt)
    by (#16858) on 9/28/01 @11:30AM
(no text)
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I agree.
    by (#16858) on 9/28/01 @11:45AM
I hope Dave Cottle is the great guy that some folks report him to be. However, he definitely has more than his share of detractors, and I certainly hope this causes him to ask Why? I heard that when questioned about his reputation for being "verbally abusive" that all he did was deny the charges and say that he is a nice guy. Come on Dave, there has to be some truth to the many, many allegations, as there is truth to fact of your winning record. Don't you think you could be honest with your new players, admit, past mistakes, learn from them, and pledge to try to remedy them? Don't you think this would go alot further with the fellows that are being asked to play for a coach they didn't want?
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What are the facts?
    by (#15035) on 9/27/01 @12:43PM
Regardless of what has taken place the majority of this forum [including myself] probably don't know all of the facts. Gary Gait, although a great player and wonderful women's coach is not experienced enough to run such a 'tradition-laden' program. When you go up against a coach like cottle you have to have more credibility than winning championships as a player. In all reality cottle has proven that he can run a team. Plus, I know people who played for him and his workouts aren't that hard. Try playing for Jamie Munro at DU...
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pls stop writing denverfag,
    by (#6368) on 9/27/01 @4:15PM

i know for a fact that you have no idea what you are talking about.... you blab and blab about "your friends" when half of them dont even know what they are talking about. just because you own a lacrosse stick doesnt mean you know what its like to go up against Cottle in the playoffs. Debbie Yow is a total dickhead and Gary got fucked bigtime..... he will be a great coach soon as someone gives him the chance. and his players will absolutely LOVE playing for him... the man knows lacrosse, plain and simple.
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Gait was hosed
    by (#3155) on 9/27/01 @3:05PM
Why was Gait coaching the women at MD for the past years? To get the men's job at MD that he was obviously promised, or he would have been somewhere else coaching men's lax and that's for sure. These MD players all thought they were getting a player's coach, and instead they get the opposite. Having played under Cottle, I can attest that he degrades players and does work them hard. He does have decent knowledge of the x's & o's, but in turn he has no idea of how to treat his players on or off the field. His motivational techniques by negativity do not work and it is apparent by the tournament history. In short, end of the season burnout. Hopefully Gait is applying for the Loyola position, or I wouldn't mind seeing fellow hound Kevin Anderson get it. Go hounds!! Gary, you got hosed at MD bro.
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Gait should definitely go for Loyola job
    by (#10445) on 9/27/01 @4:23PM
If you are reading this Gary, go for the Loyola coaching job. You ain't getting any younger so you should think quick.
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gait and loyola
    by (#16815) on 9/27/01 @4:54PM
the perfect combo for success. Go gary!!!
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strong statement
    by (#3155) on 9/28/01 @2:00PM
You obviously don't know Gary Gait or UMD. I have had the pleasure of playing with him and he is a great mentor. That would not impact MD's decision anyway since their basketball coach is a big time boozer. Gary Williams frequents many of UM's finest establishments as well as many others in Baltimore.
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(no subject)
    by (#11245) on 9/28/01 @2:06PM
Not to mention Banging students! Williams is garbage.
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