Crimson Marooned in Amherst

Crimson Marooned in Amherst

Crimson Marooned in Amherst

Crimson Marooned in Amherst

After being trounced this past weekend by the Princeton Tigers 18-4, the Crimson looked to rebound back to .500 against the Minutemen. UMass, fresh off a disappointing 11-9 loss to Yale, knew that today’s game was needed before Saturday’s do or die match-up with the Hoyas. This weekend's game will be, “The biggest game of our lives.,” said senior captain Dan Paccione. Today’s matchup only served as an appetizer for this weekend's battle for the ECAC. Last year, G’Town ranked #8, beat the Minutemen who were undefeated and ranked #3 by one goal. This season UMass looks to dethrone the undefeated Hoyas out of their #3 ranking. Looking forward to the rest of the season, it appears that UMass will have to win "THE" game to get into the tourney as AQ. The Minutemen put on a clinic in the scorching 92 degree heat on Garber field today by punishing Harvard 18-10.

The first quarter was all Minutemen. UMass controlled the ball on offense for the duration of the 1st quarter, and meticulously worked the ball around for open shots and mismatches. Chris Fiore was the first minuteman to tack one on the scoreboard for his 22nd of the season. Fiore took his man with pure speed straight to the hole before taking a hard bouncer off the turf past Jake McKenna. With Paccione and Conn controlling the face offs, UMass continously maintained possession on offense. Sophomore Neil Lundburg found himself on X posting up on a kid a foot shorter than him. The minuteman offense cleared out and let Neil take his d-man straight to the cage for the 2-0 lead. After the first two goals, UMass’ plan was clear: they were not going to give Harvard anything. The Crimson was unable to swing the ball up field as a result of the rabid attack rides from Morley, Paccione and Tundo. Fiore found the net again from up top, letting the ball rip the nylon. Seconds went by before UMass scored again. Don Little took his man on the run from the top of the restraining box right to the cooker. At this point, the Minuteman offense looked as if it was fresh off a tune up. Their offense set up was wide, the top middies were way out of the restraining box and Paccione was playing X. They continued get the looks they worked for, and Craig Conn found Paccione open for a 5-goal lead. Morley capped off the 1st quarter scoring by beating his defender behind the cage. As he came around the crease, McKenna stepped off his pipe and Morley stuck it near side.

The Crimson was off to the races, finally gaining possession of the ball for two minutes on offense. At 13.26, Jeff Gotschall put Harvard on the board by taking an open crank on a late slide. These were the only looks that the Crimson was getting all day. Either rebounds off outside shot, or a miscommunication on the 1 slide from the UMass D. A minute later, Harvard got their second goal when Jay Wich hurried around the cage. As he was being pushed away from cage, Fallon knocked Wich off balance. This was a nice move. As Wich was falling to the turf, he kept his head down and flicked a wrist shot past Schell.

After winning the face off, a frustrated Crimson D man was called for slashing and the Minutemen got a chance for their first EMO. As the offense began to swing the ball quickly around the horn, you could easily see that Harvard wasn’t keeping their head on a swivel. Kevin Leveille had an open look and took the keeper low for the 7-2 lead. Harvard soon scored 3 goals in seven minutes bringing them to within 2. James Christian, Mike McBride and Doug Logigian did the damage for the Crimson scoring on late slides. With three seconds remaining in the quarter, Leveille found Fiore who waltzed by his man with a face dodge and ripped in the lower left corner.

Forty-five seconds into the 2nd half, Kevin Leveille scored for the Minutemen on an EMO. At the 11:34 mark, Crimson freshman Mike McBride scored his second goal of the game. UMass answered back with a nice shot from Don little. Little had the ball 20 ft topside right of the cage. When his d-man came to play him, he dropped his shoulder to protect his stick. Don then hopped above his d-man to gain space and stuck it in the top left corner. At 7:22, it was still clearly evident that Umass was not letting up and still on top of their game. Paccione beat his man from X, got the 1 slide and found Gene Tundo open for his first goal of the game and a 5-goal lead. Harvard not giving up, quickly answered back and put two in the back of the net to bring them back within 3. Forty seconds later, the Minutemen found the net again from Paccione for his second of the game. The Minutemen owned the face-offs winning 19. After coming up with the face-off Craig Conn found Levielle open. Levielle pumped faked past one defender’s, face dodged low on the 2 slide then snagged the pipe in the lowerleft corner.

The fourth quarter belonged to the Minutemen scoring five goals to Harvard’s two and giving them the 18-10 win. Morley scored a hat trick in the 4th quarter all on looks 10 yards in and closer. "We needed to beat someone before G’Town.," said Paccione after the game. The team needed this win - even Marc Morley knew it was necessary. "It’s a moral builder after last weeks tough loss." Throughout the game you could sense the intensity of Umass' game and that they played to win with Georgetown on their minds. It appears that the Minutemen offense has finally got it together. The next step for them is to give the Hoyas a blemish on their undefeated season.

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    by (#25536) on 4/18/02 @9:28AM
Those crimson-cats endured some serious "cheek punishment." A thrashing to say the least.
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    by (#9072) on 4/18/02 @10:46AM
They absolutely have to beat Gtown to get in the tourney if not they are toast.
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    by (#25196) on 4/18/02 @10:58AM
Yeah, like that's going to happen. Can't wait to hear all the whining. Bunch of chicks.
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(no subject)
    by (#21469) on 4/18/02 @1:37PM

...chyx roool...

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you must be gay!
    by (#24277) on 4/19/02 @10:35PM
what the hell is wrong with chicks? i think chicks rule. And Umass with put down Gtown no problem, and they better not get screwed out of selection again!!!
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whatever, sister
    by (#25196) on 4/20/02 @7:52AM
as for uass, fat chance. canella is a punk.
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UMass to the Tourney
    by (#27829) on 4/20/02 @4:45PM
Take that !!!! Nothing more to say after the NCAA took it away last year --- no denying UMass this year!
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well umass just beat Gtown!!!
    by (#24522) on 4/20/02 @8:24PM
u said that umass wouldnt win but what was the score what i cant hear u 16-13 UMASS!!!!
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    by (#27935) on 4/21/02 @4:55PM
How's that crow taste, guys?

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(no subject)
    by (#21396) on 4/21/02 @6:28PM
The Zoo finally gets their "quality win". Funny how the boards here and Laxpower went real quiet after yesterday's win. I guess you can't knock these traditionalist jack**ses for not saying anything at all if they have nothing good to say. The crew lit up a great GT goalie for 8 goals in a matter of minutes in probably the most dominant offensive quarter of lax this season. Then they held tough the rest of the way and Schell had an astronomical 25 saves. Bottom line, the Minutemen wanted it more. Alot more than GT wanted it. And the best part of it all is that the team is a class act in that I think they could care less to say 'told ya so' to everyone because their play speaks for itself. Its funny that probably 3 teams (MD, UNC, among others) that should be in the tourney this year will get snubbed because of AQs from horsecrap conferences. The whole system is so messed up that the "quality wins" teams thought they had earlier in the season arent so "quality" now after those opponents lost a few games. Nothing will be acceptable until the tourney expands to 16 or even 24 teams so that a team who finishes the season ranked in the top 10 gets a berth when teams not even in the top 25 are getting automatic berths. And if people don't think UMass can beat Cuse this Friday, they are very wrong. That game was the most competitive single game of last season and could be once again. GO MASS!
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Weekend Coverage! (LAX.COM)!
    by (#8608) on 4/22/02 @2:54PM
Lax.Com, what happened to weekend coverage, with all the critical important games like: Princeton/Cornell, Umass/G'town, ACC etc. common guys get it together!. Go Umass
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