Dirrigl Leaves Loyola

Dirrigl Leaves Loyola

Dirrigl Leaves Loyola

Dirrigl Leaves Loyola

BALTIMORE, Md. - Loyola College Athletics Director Joe Boylan has announced that Head Men's Lacrosse Coach Bill Dirrigl is taking a leave of absence for personal reasons.

Assistant coach Charley Toomey has assumed the duties of head coach. A 1990 graduate of Loyola, Toomey is in his ninth season as an assistant coach with the Greyhounds. He was a two-time All-America selection as a goalkeeper for Loyola, which advanced to the NCAA Tournament three times during his playing career.

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    by (#7572) on 11/23/05 @3:35PM
Personal reason, I hope nothing is seriously wrong.
Other than that Dirrgil is a terrible coach, and an even horrible person. I am sure anyone who ever played for him would agree.
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    by (#56647) on 11/23/05 @6:23PM
i dont think that if u have never played for him that you can personally say he is a bad coach and especially not a bad person.
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I played for him...
    by (#114016) on 11/23/05 @9:09PM
He is absolutly a terrible coach. Brought Loyola from 3rd in the nation in 02 and 15 straight playoff appearences to UNRANKED in 05. I know what his personal reasons are and am embarassed to have ever played for him. My only hope is that Charlie Toomey(one of the greatest coaches i've ever played under) can bring Loyola back to dominance.
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Are you insane
    by (#834) on 11/24/05 @2:04AM
There isn't a better person around the Coach D. Anyone that says differently without stating their name is a coward. End of story
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end of story...
    by (#114016) on 11/24/05 @1:13PM
he is not a horrible person but no better person is certainly pushing it. The point is that hes not cut out for a head coaching job at an elite division one school. This could not be more evident...deal with it laxdaddy.
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you made you author?
    by (#834) on 11/24/05 @6:50PM
I played for him too, and I bet you wouldn't have the nuts to say that to his face. He's a good coach and if you didn't work hard for him that's your own fault.
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Oh I See
    by (#7572) on 11/24/05 @8:34PM
So when did you play for him laxdaddy. The 5-8 season or the 4-8 season before that. Keep up the good work you should be breaking .500 in no time.
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your right laxdaddy...
    by (#114016) on 11/24/05 @10:50PM
I wouldnt say it to his face. I know your scarce on arguments but that is just stupid. But since graduating and having watched many games over the last few seasons, I see the same "coach dirg is gonna kill me if i mess up" mentality in every player. A scared lacrosse team is not a winning lacrosse team. The statistics speak for themselves.
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(no subject)
    by (#113017) on 11/28/05 @10:54PM
me and him use to scooba in southeast asia... im gonna miss him...
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    by (#118228) on 1/11/06 @12:45PM
He's not leaving to go somewhere else, I herd from a player on that team that he was smoking pot during practice
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